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Updated on 28 May 2024.
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SemEnhanceOral sex enthusiasts, this article is for you! If swallowing semen during lovemaking is one of the fun activities you like to indulge in with your partner, then you’ve come to the right place! SemEnhance is a product that could well interest you…

Do you have any idea what your semen tastes like? Maybe you do, but that’s a question for your partner to answer…

Today, SpecialHomme brings you a test of this product designed to give your sexual relations a taste of their own – in the truest sense of the word…

SemEnhance, to improve sperm…

SemEnhance womanIf you like your partner to give you a good blow job and go all the way by swallowing your semen, you’d certainly understand that not all partners enjoy it!

Indeed, the taste of semen is rather bitter with a pronounced acid aftertaste (although the PH of semen is rather alkaline). Its odor also tends to be rather strong. This is usually the main reason why your partner doesn’t want to follow your desires and fantasies. Although many women want to satisfy their lovers at all costs, they come up against this taste barrier.

Some think of tricks, like sucking a strawberry candy during fellatio, or applying any kind of sweet, flavored food to the penis to intensify play, but above all to hide the taste and smell of semen. Good news: the solution exists…

A natural way to change the taste of semen

Fellation BananeIt’s a well-known fact that most (if not all) of the bodily fluids we release on a daily basis are affected by what we eat. Eating a very spicy dish, for example, is enough to produce a very strong sweat with the smell of one of those spices. Urine also changes color and smell (and certainly taste…) when influenced by specific foods. You’ve certainly experienced that strong smell in the toilet during a course of antibiotics, reminiscent of the smell you get in hospitals.

Eat too many beet and you’re in for a horrifying vision of red urine coming out of your butt! I had the unfortunate experience when I was very young and it nearly traumatized me… Anyway…

The makers of Semenhance have taken the same principle and come up with a natural supplement that goes straight to the reproductive glands and injects taste… and not just any taste!

SemEnhance ingredients

Vitamin C, bee pollen, pineapple, kiwi, strawberry and banana.

All good natural ingredients to give your semen a taste worthy of a refreshing tropical drink.

Vitamin C, in our opinion, is a good choice on the part of the manufacturer. This makes Semenhance a very useful pill, as it provides an interesting nutritional contribution, as well as adding taste.

Bee pollen is a 100% natural ingredient known for its body-enhancing properties. Although pollen differs from hive to hive (depending on the bees’ harvest), it is a food with extraordinary properties that contains:SemEnhance flacon

  • Antibiotics ;
  • Antioxidants ;
  • Enzymes ;
  • Carbohydrates ;
  • Lipids;
  • Probiotics ;
  • Minerals: calcium, iron, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, selenium, … ;
  • Proteins ;
  • Essential amino acids ;
  • Vitamins from groups A, B (B1, B2, B3, B5 , B6, and B9 or folic acid) C, and E, …

In short, a veritable treasure trove of essential foods and micro-nutrients beneficial to the body. It’s even recommended to eat a teaspoon of pollen every day.

SemEnhance Saveur Fruits Tropicaux

The promises of SemEnhance

In view of the composition of Semenhance pills, its manufacturer promises to :

  • Give your sperm a fruity flavor;
  • Boost your immune system;
  • Intensify your orgasms;
  • A better nutritional intake to improve your general and particularly sexual health.

We believe that this composition is similar to many dietary supplements (vitamins, minerals, etc.) which aim to boost the body.

How to use SemEnhance SemEnhance?

SemEnhance comes in capsule form, to be taken 2 times a day (1 capsule each time) with a large glass of water, morning and evening. However, it is contraindicated to exceed a dose of 4 pills for 24 continuous hours. If you experience allergicstop treatment immediately and consult a doctor.

SemEnhance side effects

Such a 100% natural formula is not expected to cause any side effects in the user, as no chemical components are on the menu. However, a warning However, a word of caution is in order: since bee pollen is included in the composition, we strongly recommend that you be tested for possible pollen allergy.

Purchase SemEnhance

Many online pharmacies offer SemEnhance at varying prices. Following our investigation, we have identified the official SemEnhance sales site, which offers it at the original price and also guarantees its authenticity (risk of counterfeiting).

Accédez Au Site Officiel Du Produit

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