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René Ronse

About René Ronse

Who is René Ronse?

Mr. René Ronse is of Belgian nationality born in Brussels in 1972.

He completed all his studies in Belgium and quickly developed a passion for the Internet from his beginnings in 1994. He became professional webmaster in 1999.

He currently lives in Templeuve in the Hainaut in Belgium, you can contact him here.

Why Scam Or Reliable:

It was after falling victim to several Internet scams in the 2000s that he set out to learn about the various ways to protect himself from all sorts of online scams.

Wanting to learn more and more about the subject, he has acquired, over the years, a great deal of experience in the field and decided in 2012 to create the site Arnaque Ou Reliable in French initially followed by Scam Or Reliable in English and Estafa O Confiable in Spanish thereafter.

Objective of Scam Or Reliable:

Its main objective was to cut the grass under the feet to unscrupulous people or companies by putting online product reviews in order to allow Internet users to check the reliability of a particular product.

The beginnings were difficult but thanks to hard work and obstinacy, in three years, the site managed to obtain a certain success.

But it was in 2016 that the site experienced its greatest success and was finally able to reach a wider audience and really get things done.

Since that day, we continue to work in this direction in order to always provide Internet users with more quality articles with relevant information that can help them form a more precise opinion on a particular product.

Now, René has surrounded himself with a competent and passionate team and has developed a powerful research protocol with the sole objective of providing fair information for all.

“Just for everyone”, these three words are the first line of action for Scam Or Reliable.

And it is for this reason that on this site, comments are not censored, that we always strive to give a fair and reliable answer to the questions asked, that each email we receive is treated with seriousness and speed and that, as far as we can, we do everything in our power to help those who request it and to the best of our ability without ever asking for anything in return.

Last updated on 18 October 2021.