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WordPress Specialized Hosting

Updated on 23 October 2023.

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hebergeur-wordpressYour web host is one of the most important factors for your blog.

Your hosting company influences the speed, SEO ranking, reliability and reputation of your WordPress site!

In addition to listing some specialized hosts for WordPress, we’ll show you some easy-to-use online tools you can use to test your current host.

Specialized WordPress hosting to improve the speed of WordPress blogs.

Give your current host the WordPress test!

Test 1: Overcrowding:

This little test is the most important you can do.

You need to know that overcrowding can devalue a WordPress site in many ways.
Overcrowded hosts generally have restriction settings that can “stifle” a WordPress site.
If a host has several hundred sites on the same IP address, your reputation can be affected by each of these sites.

How many websites does your current hosting provider run on a single server?

We’re going to use a handy tool available at to find out.

Click on the following link:

Enter your domain name without the http://, for example: “” if your site is

Click on the “Check” button and wait for the test to finish.

If you find more than 100 websites hosted on the same IP as you, then you should probably consider finding a new host.

I’d also like to draw your attention to the fact that if you see a red frame with English text, this warns you that there is adult content hosted on the same IP address as your website.
Needless to say, this can seriously damage your reputation and should be avoided at all costs.

Test 2: Speed:

Testing the speed of your WordPress sites is easy, but most people make the mistake of using speed testing programs like Gtmetrix and YSlow to quickly test their WordPress site.
Unfortunately, these tools, which are not optimized for WordPress, only do part of the test and do not detect most WordPress blog speed issues.

Typically, WordPress site speed problems are due to slow database queries, unoptimized PHP / MySQL configuration, or overcrowded web servers.

To test the speed of your WordPress blog in depth, click on the following link:

Enter your domain name without the http://, for example: “” if your site is

Click on “TEST NOW” and wait for the test to finish.

Look only at the first line of the results and ignore the rest.
The first line represents your pre-rendering time, i.e. how long it takes your server to process your WordPress site and display a page.

Anything over 1-2 seconds is considered slow, so if you’re seeing results that exceed 1-2 seconds, it may be time to consider a new web host.

So, if your site doesn’t pass at least one of the two tests above, you should seriously consider changing host.

Who do we recommend?

There are a few Internet hosts that have specific plans optimized for WordPress, among the best, we’ve singled out 2 for you for their very good value for money:


Kinsta was brought to market in 2013 by a WordPress engineer and a small group of WordPress experts.
Since then, it has quickly become a quality solution for managed WordPress hosting for corporate sites, online business websites and high-traffic web portals.
Some of their customers include Ubisoft, AdEspresso, Mint, ASOS, …
They’ve achieved premium status with many review websites and have also been named as the strongest WordPress hosting organization.
Kinsta is our 1st choice!

Click here to see KINSTA’s optimized WordPress hosting plan!


Here’s a web host that really specializes in WordPress solutions!
Their basic offer at $29 per month or roughly 22 euros includes optimization, backup and everything you need to get started.
WP Engine offers specialized hosting for your WordPress blog that’s very fast and reliable, so you don’t have to worry about configuring your installation or backup, compatibility with the latest version of WordPress or installing cache extensions, they can even take care of transferring your existing sites!

Click here to see WP ENGINE’s optimized WordPress hosting plan!


If you don’t really need a top-notch hosting company like WP Engine and want to save a little on the price of your hosting provider without penalizing your WordPress blog too much, we recommend A2 Hosting, which provides quality, WordPress-optimized hosting.
It’s a shared hosting service that, unlike its competitors, doesn’t overload its servers!
A2 Hosting is our 3rd choice!

Click here to see A2 HOSTING’s WordPress-optimized hosting plan!


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