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List of ScamOrReliable consultants

On this page you will find the complete list of volunteer consultants working to make our website more serious and safe in order to always provide you with fair and relevant articles!

Isabelle Boutiau: administration – beauty specialist

About Isabelle Boutiau

Photo of Isabelle BoutiauIsabelle Boutiau is a Belgian national born in Mouscron in 1988.

A successful entrepreneur, Isabelle Boutiau has set up her own company providing administrative assistance to individuals and the self-employed.

But in addition to helping people with their administrative needs, she has always been a woman of taste, with a passion for fashion and aesthetics. In fact, all those who know her do not hesitate to seek her advice on all matters relating to women’s beauty!

Always ready to help, ScamOrReliable can count on her many skills when needed.

Mourad Djebouri: Specialist in philosophy and psychology

About Mourad Djebouri

Photo by Mourad DjebouriMourad Djebouri is a French national born in Lille in 1978.

He teaches philosophy at the Ministry of Education and Youth in Lille.

A true wellspring of science, Mourad Djebouri impresses with his intellectual faculties and his inexhaustible knowledge. No matter what subject you ask him about, he always has a relevant answer to give you.

As a teacher, sharing his knowledge comes naturally to him. That’s why he’s always more than happy to help when we get in touch with him.

Nathalie Bertrand : animal specialist

About Nathalie Bertrand

Photo by Nathalie BertrandNathalie Bertrand is a Belgian national born in Mouscron in 1966.

Passionate about animals of all kinds, Nathalie Bertrand has always lived surrounded by balls of fur, feathers and scales!

Very concerned about animal welfare, and a dog trainer herself, she is never stingy with tips and advice for those around her.

In fact, she never hesitates to offer her services free of charge on our website when it comes to reviewing an animal publication on SOR.

Nathalie Deruyck: botanical specialist

About Nathalie Deruyck

Photo by Nathalie DeruyckNathalie Deruyck is a Belgian national born in Charleroi in 1967.

A botanical enthusiast whose knowledge would make many a professional botanist swoon, Nathalie Deruyck knows what she’s talking about when it comes to plants.

To give you an idea, those around her often compare her, not without a certain sense of humor, to a veritable encyclopedia on legs!

She’s a person who has her heart on her sleeve, and she proves it by always answering our questions free of charge.

Sébastien Delattre: Marketing and investment specialist

About Sébastien Delattre

Photo by Sébastien DelattreSébastien Delattre is a Belgian national born in Tournai in 1976.

A marketing graduate, he worked for 18 years in Luxembourg with the CACEIS banking group. He has extensive experience in fund administration and capital management.

Professional, courageous and serious are the adjectives one immediately thinks of when working with this person. He is a marketing and investment professional.

A workaholic who never sleeps more than 5-6 hours a night, he graciously lends his expertise whenever needed.

Sylvie Hochepied: Health and well-being specialist

About Sylvie Hochepied

Photo by Sylvie HochepiedSylvie Hochepied is a Belgian national born in Tournai in 1972.

A qualified nurse, she has been working at the CHWAPI hospital in Tournai for over 20 years.

Passionate about her work, she nurtures a need for perfection. With this in mind, she never hesitates to follow training courses to perfect her skills in the medical field.

Unable to stand reading more and more nonsense and idiocy on numerous websites, she helps us, as a volunteer consultant, with the proofreading and correction of certain articles.

Thierry Carette: Electrical specialist – buying / selling

About Thierry Carette

Photo by Thierry CaretteThierry Carette is a Belgian national born in Kortrijk in 1972.

With a degree in electricity and electronics, automation and control, he has been working at Technord for over 25 years. The first 15 years as Production Manager and now as Purchasing Manager.

A scrupulous perfectionist, Thierry Carette is a committed professional who never hesitates to take further training to deepen his knowledge.

He is a serious person on whom our site can count as a volunteer consultant when proofreading documents related to his business.




All our consultants operate on a totally voluntary and occasional basis, they are not consulted for each article and can in no way be held responsible in any way for any comments or assertions published on

Last updated on 29 February 2024.