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Article by René Ronse

Ecosia, the Green Search Engine

Updated on 23 October 2023.

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EcosiaLike most people, you probably use Google, Bing or Yahoo as your default search engine, but you should know that there are other alternatives like “ECOSIA” which, in my opinion, deserves more recognition.

“Ecosia is a search engine that uses part of its profits to plant trees.

The company donates 80% of the profits generated by searches to support projects around the world and has already, at the time of writing, planted over 27,000,000 trees!

“ECOSIA, the search engine that saves the planet!

Choose your search engine!

In addition to being good for the planet, this search engine, unlike most of its competitors, respects your privacy. It doesn’t sell any data to advertisers and doesn’t let third parties track your activity!

The company is also totally transparent financially and provides a monthly financial report on its site, for example :

For February 2018 “Ecosia” generated nearly €793,636 in revenue.

– 411,269 € of this (51.8%) went to tree planting
– 208,797 € (26.3%) was used for salary costs, taxes, servers, offices, etc.
– 104,013 (13.1%) was set aside for future investments and/or contingencies.
– 69,557 (8.8%) was used for site advertising.

That’s all very well, but what about the search engine itself? Planting trees is great, but if you’re going to get disappointing search results and waste your time, you might as well find another way to preserve our planet.

Don’t panic, “Ecosia” has nothing to envy its competitors, in fact it uses an algorithm that combines Bing and Yahoo search results to offer optimized search results!

So, knowing that everything is of course free and helps preserve the planet, are you ready to test this search engine and plant some trees?

If so, go to!


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