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Review Guide

Review guidelines

Our goal is to provide you with highly researched, quality reviews and articles so you can form a better opinion about the product you’re lusting after.
To do this, we carry out reviews on a wide range of products, programs, services or topics related to a wide variety of subjects such as beauty, health, food, sports, wellness, weight loss, computers, love, pets, fashion, DIY, music,….

Since our launch in 2012, we’ve written and published over 1,800 product reviews. Our main aim is to provide a free and fair blog for everyone. Indeed, our reputation, that of our partners as well as that of the sellers depends on it.

We never get paid for writing a product review or any other service provided on this site – everything is offered completely free of charge. We invest our personal time and money to provide a quality service to our visitors. Our revenue comes from affiliate marketing and advertising. For more information about this, see our advertising disclosure section.

Our goal

We aim to inform our readers about:

– A wide variety of new and existing programs, products or services for love, pets, cars, beauty, wellness, DIY, cooking, entertainment, divination, economics, making money, web hosts, computers, games, languages, marketing, medicine, fashion, music, psychology, dieting, health, safety, sports, work, practical living and travel….

– The various aspects of a program, product or service, specifying, depending on the product evaluated, its background, history, features, functionalities, ingredients, advantages, disadvantages, quality according to testimonials, reputation and instructions for use…

– Other products similar to those they’re interested in…

– Any legal actions, scams, fraudulent activity, product recalls or regulatory activity associated with a program or product.

We provide all this information by reviewing dozens, hundreds and sometimes thousands of testimonials related to the program, product or service in question.

Evaluation criteria

Below is a guide outlining the criteria by which we write, edit and publish content. This is only a set of guidelines, which may vary depending on the research method, type, program or product studied and its writing style…

The technical data sheet
The “Product Data Sheet” section provides basic information about a program, product or service. This generally includes: the name of the product, the name of the company, the name of the author or person responsible for the product, the product’s website, the language(s) available for the product, a brief description of the product in a few words, the price of the product, the format in which the product is available, the delivery method and the guarantees offered.

Product description
The “Product description” section gives you a more detailed description of the program, product or service, usually consisting of a sentence or two maximum.

Product evaluation
The “Product evaluation” section summarizes the most important points about the program, product or service. It is based on information found on the product’s official website, and generally includes the history of the company offering the product, a detailed description of the product, its functionalities or properties, its use or dosage, and its benefits. Depending on the type of product, you may also find information on delivery service, technical support, payment methods, promotional codes, etc.

The “Product disadvantages” section lists the major disadvantages (those most frequently mentioned on the Internet) mentioned in the testimonials we received during our research.
This section also lists contraindications and side effects.

Product reputation
The “Product reputation” section summarizes the experience of customers and users, based on the testimonials we have gathered on the Internet.

Product conclusion
The “Product conclusion” section provides a summary of all the elements we were able to find during our research, without taking into account our personal opinion. A color code is generally used to make it easier to understand consumers’ general opinions. It looks like this:

Color Code Green : Product Recommended!

Code Color Yellow : Calling Your Attention!

Code Color Red : Product Not Recommended!

Search criteria

On Scam Or Reliable, articles are produced by a dynamic and passionate team capable of providing information on subjects including, but not limited to, IT, marketing, economics, work, safety, well-being, health, weight loss, sport, sexuality, animals, music, leisure,….

Our research is conducted according to a strict and serious protocol in order to do everything possible to obtain a well-established idea of the product’s reliability, such as, to name only the most obvious:

– Take into account only testimonials from verified customers or users, and set aside those that are unverifiable or abusive.
– Do not take our personal opinions into account.
– Do not take information provided by the product company or its partners at face value.
– Check the percentage of returns and refunds.
– …

At this stage, completed articles are usually submitted for proofreading to one of our consultants related to the theme of the document before being reviewed one last time by René Ronse for approval before publication.

Commentary review guidelines

On SOR, the purpose of any testimonial is to help consumers make good purchasing choices. In fact, we want to create a positive consumer community. And, to achieve this, our guidelines for reviews are clear: we want honest, helpful testimonials that provide clear information on the subject at hand.

We do not tolerate any form of hate speech, defamation, plagiarism, self-promotion or misrepresentation. In addition, we reserve the right to request an order number when submitting a review to enable us to check and confirm that the reviewer is a legitimate customer.

We understand the anger that can be generated by an unresolved problem, but we are not an outlet for settling scores, so we will only accept messages that are courteous and fair.

If the testimonial does not match the product, is unnecessary or contains sensitive personal information, we reserve the right to edit or delete it.

And, in order to maintain an acceptable level of reading comfort for our visitors, reviews must be understandable and written according to certain basic criteria. That’s why any review written in a language other than English, in SMS format, in capital letters only or with too many spelling mistakes will not be accepted.

To ensure that they contribute to the community in a meaningful way, all reviews we receive are manually inspected before being published; if they fail to meet any of the above criteria, we reserve the right to edit or remove them without notice.

Although we do our utmost to prevent such testimonials from being published, it is still possible that some may slip through the net. If you come across an inappropriate message in any form, please let us know via our contact form so that we can correct the error.

Also, to avoid overload and prioritize the clarity of the comment thread, from the moment an article approaches 50 comments, we reserve the right not to accept testimonials that make no serious request, are redundant or add no value to the comment thread.

Note: Most comment edits are for spelling, grammar, formatting, profanity, hate speech and anything that violates our terms of service. Please know, however, that we never change the deeper meaning of a review or the star rating.
All this takes a lot of time, which is why we are unable to offer you more than one review a week.

We strive to provide clear, detailed and quality product reviews. Please note, however, that all opinions expressed on our website are purely for information purposes. For more information on this subject, see our liability disclaimers.

Last updated on 26 March 2024.