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Updated on 24 October 2023.
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PHALLOSAN is an evocative name! The phallus has always been at the heart of male preoccupation.

SpecialHomme takes a closer look at this product and presents you with an analysis of this penis extender that stands out from the crowd.

What’s it like? We’ll be looking at that together shortly: stay tuned and read on!

Here’s a device that promises many things:

  • Penis lengthening ;
  • Correction of penis deviation ;
  • Erectile enhancement;
  • Post-treatment after prostate surgery.

Now that’s heavy stuff! But does Phallosan Forte actually deliver on these promises? Could it be THE penis device of the moment?

Right away, we lay bare all the features of Phallosan Forte!

Why is Phallosan Forte so different from other penis extenders?

Phallosan Forte is a penis enlargement device. It’s a unique combination of a penis-stretching device and a pump to help you control blood flow.
This combination, the fruit of serious medical research, promises to help you achieve results beyond your expectations, and so get back the sex life you’ve been dreaming of! Let’s find out how.
Contenu Phallosan

Phallosan Forte: how does it work?

By the way, the manufacturer of Phallosan Forte defines it as an orthopedic belt unique in the world.

It’s an innovative innovative vacuum protection.

Unlike other extensor systems that “push” the glans penis from behind, this new extensor “pulls” the glans penis in the opposite direction, guaranteeing a dual enlargement effect: on the shaft of the penis and on the glans penis itself, which grows considerably.

It’s easy to see why Phallosan Forte is different. This belt concept makes Phallosan Forte a rather flexible that can be worn without discomfort for more than ten hours, the period recommended for reliable results.

The glans is contained in a specific latex accessory that captures it perfectly (thanks to the vacuum system) and protects it while gently stretching it in the opposite direction to the testicles.

The belt is adjustable to provide just the right amount of pressure.

Phallosan Forte joins its competitors in offering a traction concept that promotes the progressive multiplication of penis cells under the impact of the traction exerted.

To view Phallosan, visit the manufacturer’s official website.

Phallosan Forte: promises

What does the manufacturer promise about its penis enlargement device?

  • Increased penis length ;
  • Enlargement of the penis in general, and the glans in particular;
  • Significant reduction in penis curvature for better erections;
  • Firmer, more powerful erections;
  • A reduction in erectile dysfunction;
  • Greater self-confidence.

Phallosan Forte: the big advantage

Because it’s more like an orthopedic belt, Phallosan Forte is completely and practically pain-free.
It can therefore be worn overnight because it’s so comfortable to use.

It’s also invisible under clothing: Phallosan Forte is very discreet no one will even notice you’re using it.

Phallosan Forte: a quality product

The materials used to manufacture this device are biocompatible, guaranteeing its smooth operation.
Phallosan Forte complies with European Council Directive 93/42/EEC, and proudly bears the CE mark.
It also complies with EN ISO 14971, EN 980 and EN ISO 10993-1 standards.

The belt is made of stretch textile material and is washable at a certain temperature.

The suction bells are transparent, so you can see your penis without having to remove them.

To guarantee even greater effectiveness, the bells can be combined with various non-allergenic silicone condoms (nothing to do with latex).

All in all, we can deduce from this little technical test that the manufacturer has gone to great lengths in terms of materials to ensure that its product has the blessing of the European Council, which is no mean feat!

Phallosan comment ça marche

Phallosan Forte drawbacks

Once again, as with all innovative and revolutionary products, we can’t think of a single drawback, apart from the price!
At first glance, it seems rather high, but… because there’s always a but!

Although the price of Phallosan Forte may seem high, you have to calculate the investment you’ll have to make over the medium and long term.
Whereas a treatment based on pills is likely to cost even more as you progress through the treatment (you’ll need to replenish your supply each time until you’ve achieved your desired results), buying Phallosan Forte is a one-off purchase: you only pay this amount once, and there are no additional costs afterwards. It’s up to you and the choice you’ve made to enlarge your penis. Think about it for a moment.

Here at ArnaqueOuFiable, we’d still like to take a look around to help you do the right thing.

To recap, if your purse (we’re talking portfolio 😄) is fairly modest, opt for this type of investment, which you’ll make all at once and once and for all. Pills work, but they don’t give permanent results! As for surgery, not to mention the fact that it’s very invasive and painful, it’s also very expensive!

Phallosan Forte side effects

Phallosan is a Class 1 medical device, which means it meets stringent European health standards.
The materials used to manufacture the product are biocompatible.
The textile belt used with Phallosan Forte is formaldehyde-free (just search the Internet to see the dangers of formaldehyde!).
The condoms used are made of high-quality silicone, to avoid any risk of allergy.

Using this product is totally painless. Over time, you won’t even feel that you’re wearing something under your clothes. And for perfect hygiene, all parts are washable.

So, what about those side effects?

Well, this device is 100% safe, with no side effects whatsoever!

Where can I buy Phallosan Forte?

Apart from the product’s official website, you won’t find Phallosan Forte anywhere else.
If, by any chance, you find it in your local blind or on any other surface, notify its manufacturer directly on its official website: they can guarantee you won’t be ripped off.

Your sexual health is at stake: not to be taken lightly!

If you decide to buy it anyway from anywhere other than the manufacturer’s official website, you do so at your own risk!

With this in mind, each delivery is made in a neutral, discreet package: no mention of the package’s contents is visible, so as to protect your privacy: no one needs to know that you’re using a penis extension device.

What’s more, on your invoices and delivery notes, Phallosan Forte goes unnoticed too!

And… there’s even more good news! The package contains more than just the extension belt. You’ll also receive..:

  • An elastic belt, which fits around the waist, with a foam ring, into which the penis is inserted to its base.
    This belt contains a sliding buckle for length adjustment and an adapter for connecting the belt to the suction bell;
  • An L-size suction bell with an L-sleeve condom;
  • A suction bell, size M, with a condom with an M sleeve and integrated pull tab;
  • A suction bell, size S, with a condom with an S sleeve;
  • A glans protection cap, to protect the glans in the event of too intense a traction setting;
  • A pull tab with spring-loaded adjuster for adjusting the pull force in the suction system, with belt adapter
  • Suction pump with 3-way valve;
  • Phallosan forte DVD;
  • Instructions for use document;
  • Measuring template.

Phallosan Forte is available over the counter from the manufacturer’s official website at a price of €279.

To avoid becoming a victim of a counterfeit product and to benefit from the manufacturer’s Guarantee, we recommend that you place your order directly on the official website.

What about the Phallosan Forte Guarantee?

You benefit from a 2-year Guarantee on all parts (except vacuum condom and protective cap).

You’re also entitled to a full refund if you change your mind about your purchase.
For this, the official Phallosan Forte website offers a right of withdrawal form that you can fill in and return for a full refund.

For more details on this type of document, ArnaqueOuFiable invites you to consult the official Phallosan Forte website.

Phallosan Forte: the talk of the town…

Phallosan Forte has made several appearances on television and in the digital press. For example, the device was featured and tested by Men’s Health in June 2009, and unlike other processes, no negative reviews were written about the product.

Phallosan Forte was also tested on the Vox channel, and positive testimonials were recorded from users.

The television program Brisant recently devoted a report to this product. The Medical Tribune also published an article featuring Phallosan Forte.

Media coverage like this reassures us and reinforces the idea that this is a device that works! At least, that’s the opinion of users and doctors involved in clinical research.

So, does Phallosan Forte really work?

Let’s be clear: the only device that can compete with Phallosan Forte is Size Genetics. Number 1 in our ranking, Size Genetics delivers slightly greater enlargement in slightly less time.

However, Phallosan Forte is an excellent product, the fruit of years of research in this field. It can help men increase their penis size by up to 5 centimetres in a perfectly natural way.

Comfortable, it can be worn for hours on end without causing discomfort.

All in all, this is a very good product when it comes to penis extenders. We recommend it!

Phallosan Forte Site Officiel

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