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Special Homme

About Jean-Marie Besnard and Special Homme

Who is Jean-Marie Besnard?

Special HommeCreated in 2010, Special Homme was a specialized information site for men, relating more specifically to virility and male sexuality in general.

A sexologist with over 20 years’ experience and a specialization in the treatment of erectile dysfunction, Jean-Marie Besnard and his team of experts have produced several hundred tests and reviews of products designed for men’s sexuality.

Each creation has followed a strict procedure that includes extensive Internet research and product testing, to deliver quality products you can trust.

Throughout these years, SpecialHomme’s main aim has been to provide its readers with clear, reliable and verified information to help them make the best possible online purchasing decision.

Which, it’s fair to say, we’ve taken very seriously!

Unfortunately, the time came to retire, with no one to take up the torch.

The person in charge of the site contacted us to offer to take over the entire site, which consists of product tests and analyses, as well as numerous blog articles.

We are therefore delighted to announce that has taken over the entire site! We’ll be continuing to update our articles, not forgetting our comments.

All “Special Homme” articles are of course reviewed following the AOF review guide before publication.

So you can expect the same seriousness and quality of work as with Arnaque Ou Fiable articles.

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Last updated on 9 March 2024.