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Updated on 27 October 2023.
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Evaluation, Rating and Critical Review of Bathmate


Product name : Bathmate


Responsible : DX PRODUCTS LLC.

Official Website :

Language : English

Tiny description : Water pump for penis enlargement.

Price : from $109.99 to $349.99

Format : Penis Pump

Delivery : Fast and discreet (packaging without indication)

Guarantee : 60 days (100% money back if not satisfied)

Review of Bathmate :

BathmateToday this site is looking at a latest generation penis extender! So, we always say that the size is not important, that it’s better to have a small working one than a big tired one, but the truth is that the size counts. If only for its owner, its ego and its self-confidence!

In short, if you are part of those who seek to enlarge their penis, here is a tool that should fully satisfy you. Its name: BathMate, it would be, according to its designer, a device that would not only be able to lengthen and enlarge the penis but also to improve the erections themselves!

So is it really? Without waiting, here are all the answers :

Bathmate, what is it exactly?

Bathmate is a penis extender of last generation. The principle is simple, instead of focusing on traction (As with all extenders) to increase the volume of the penis, Bathmate bases its action on an effective and powerful suction.

Unlike many of the products available on the market that could cause unpleasant sensations, Bathmate combines the force of suction with the force of water to give you a quality increase.

Bathmate has been scientifically proven to provide effective augmentation without causing injury or other damage.

Advantages and benefits of Bathmate

Here is a list that includes the top 8 benefits of this penis extender:

  1. Lengthens your penis in length;
  2. stretches your penis in width;
  3. rapidly increases your volume;
  4. increase your self-confidence;
  5. reduce the curve of your penis;
  6. stimulates and allows to increase the volume of the glans;
  7. combats erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation;
  8. fast and discreet delivery.

Bathmate, how does it work?

BathMateThe effects of Bathmate are increased tenfold when used during a shower or bath or in an environment where there is water.

The device is placed at the penis to allow the latex seal to come in contact with the user’s groin. When Bathmate is turned on, it pumps your penis up and down which evacuates the air present and places the penis in gravity. This vacuum allows for easier blood flow to the cavernous muscles.

Used occasionally, the Bathmate pump will allow the user to achieve longer erections, both in terms of size and time.

The device can just as easily be used for occasional use as for daily use.

Will my penis grow permanently?

By using the Bathmate device on a daily basis, you will achieve a permanent increase in the size and volume of your penis.

To achieve this, it is recommended that you use the pump for approximately 20 minutes per day.

The Bathmate range: products, packages and prices

Bathmate is available in several packages, designed to meet all goals and budgets.

1 – The PLATINUM PACK: This pack includes everything you will need to enlarge your penis.

  • Bathmate Hercules or Hydromax:
  • monkey Spanker vibrator;
  • gunOil h2o;
  • cleaning kit;
  • and Shower strap;

These components will be listed in detail at the bottom.


2 – BATHMATE HERCULES: Available in three colors: blue, red or transparent, priced at 78.99€.

We have already talked about the benefits and how the Bathmate Hercules pump works in the following paragraphs.


3 – HYDROMAX: More comfort, ease of use and extreme power. Available in three colors: blue, red and transparent, priced at 118.99€.

Hydromax offers 35% pumping power and a 360° swivel angle for greater comfort.

The new model has a soft seal, a comfort ring to allow reduced pressure and greater comfort around the base of the penis and testicle area.

Thanks to its removability, it’s easily washable.

And with its new swivel feature, Hydromax allows you to change angles easily, giving you better visibility of the chamber when used in the bath or shower.

Its new pressure ring provides intense pleasure. And its new valve system makes it easy to fill by hand.
The metric scale helps guide you for better grip and control.

The number of internal bellows has been increased and the number of coils reduced, allowing you to gain more expansion and diameter.

It should be noted that the valve present on Hydromax is more difficult to use than the one present in the Bathmate Hercules or Bathmate Goliath pump. The manufacturer invites customers who have never used its products to opt for the latter two products.


4 – HYDROMAX XTREM: The latest model from Hydromax. Having an exclusive patented design, Hydromax xtrem is a pump that acts on another level after your hydrotherapy workout.

It is a pump that works in water offering an extreme pumping sensation, and maximum gains while offering absolute comfort and control.

This pack contains:

  • Hydro pump carrying case Hydromax xtrem;
  • measurement gauge;
  • cleaning sponge;
  • hand pump;
  • comfort insertion pad;
  • attachment hose;
  • lubricating pump;
  • safety key;
  • shower strap;


5 – BATHMATE + CLEANING KIT: The Bathmate Hercules pump, in addition to a cleaning kit that includes: a sturdy carrying case, two super-absorbent cloth terry towels, 1 cleaning wrist brush, two cleaning brush heads.


6 – HYDROMAX X40: Larger than the Hydromax X30 and smaller than the Bathmate Goliath. Available in three colors, blue, red and clear.


7 – BATHMATE CLEANING KIT: Recommended to keep the Bathmate penis enlargement kit in good working condition.


8 – BATHMATE GOLIATH: Specially designed product for the adult with a penis length of at least 20cm when erect.
Comes with a free carrying case, shower strap and growth gauge.

This is a larger version than the Bathmate hercules pump.
The Bathmate Goliath is 30% larger. The differences are in:

  • Weight: 250g for bathmate hercules and 330g for bathmate goliath;
  • width: Ø24min/Ø84max for bathmate hercules and Ø24min/Ø115max for goliath;
  • length: 296mm for hercules and 350mm for goliath;
  • maximum penis circumference: Ø48mm for hercules and Ø65mm for goliath;
  • maximum penis length: 210mm for hercules and 260mm for goliath.


9 – BATHMATE SHOWER STRAP: For extra support in the shower.


10 – MONKEY SPANKER VIBRO: A vibrator to use after your Bathmate session, gives better results by minimizing swelling, and increasing pleasure.
Used in combination with the fortified aloe verra contained in GunOil, it gives your penis a beautiful appearance as well as a soft touch.


11 – BATHMATE PACKAGE ESSENTIAL: Contains Monkey spanker vibro, a lubricant to make going back and forth easier.


Where can I buy Bathmate?

Bathmate is available in very few physical adult stores abroad!
However, the best place to get Bathmate is through their official website! It’s direct and more discreet!

In Conclusion,

The Bathmate is an excellent product that will know how to give back to your penis, an unequalled stiffness.
The suction generated is powerful, and used correctly, it can increase the volume of your penis even if only a few centimeters.

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