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Updated on 28 June 2023.
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Evaluation, Rating and Critical Review of RoboForm


Product name : RoboForm

Brand : Siber Systems

Responsible : Siber Systems, Inc.

Official Website :

Language : English

Tiny description : Password managers.

Price : Free

Format : App

Delivery : Instant download

Guarantee : 30 days (100% money back if not satisfied)

Description of RoboForm :

“RoboForm” is, according to the feedback from those who use it, an inexpensive and convenient tool that offers all the options you need to effectively manage all your passwords!

Review of RoboForm :

“RoboForm” is a powerful tool that is among the leaders in the international password manager market.

It is an inexpensive and effective device that offers a multitude of convenient options to securely manage all your passwords.

Features and usage:

“RoboForm” has a lot of options and offers all the features that a good password manager should have!

The browser extension gives a quick overview of your password list, it is mainly used for auto-filling and password capture.

The program’s main method of adding passwords is by capturing them when you log in to sites, but the application has a full suite of import options.
So you can easily import passwords from the major browsers, from other password managers or even from a .csv file.

The capture and storage of passwords is done in a fluid and autonomous way as you surf the web without the need to enter them manually into the program.

And, once the password capture is done, the password manager will suggest the right password for the site you are visiting so that you can log in with a click of the mouse.

This password manager comes with a storage space, although this is not recommended, you can opt for local storage only, this opens up the possibility of offline access to your “roboform” data which will be protected by your master password and synchronized on all devices at each new connection.

Apart from password storage, the application stores credit cards, notes, identities, contacts, bookmarks and non-browser applications.

You’ll also have a password generator at your disposal that you can configure over and over again to generate secure passwords that are extremely difficult to hack.

It allows you to define emergency contacts that can access your account in case of problems. You set a time limit between 12 hours and 30 days of inactivity, after which your account will be opened to the recipients you select.

With Roboform Everywhere’s secure cloud, all your passwords are always in sync, no matter what browser or device you use!

“RoboForm” has apps for Windows, Mac, Linux and even Chrome OS. Mobile versions are also available for Android and iOS with full and automatic synchronization of multiple devices. It also works on all major browsers like Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft Edge and Opera…


RoboFormIts strong point is that it works optimally in the background!

The auto-fill and browser capture are excellent. “RoboForm” never misses a form and never makes an error when you enter your password, and for added usability, it is possible to customize the display of notifications in the settings.

Autofill for forms and applications also works perfectly!

You’ll be spoilt for choice when it comes to customization with a large number of options that you can, for a better experience, configure to your preferences!


This password manager is not left out in terms of security and is among the most secure password managers available on the market today!

The application uses standard AES-256 encryption for your data.
They are encrypted locally on your device, then sent to “RoboForm” via a TLS / SSL channel that is almost impossible to intercept and decrypt.

The data also goes through a PBKDF2 hash algorithm, an algorithm (SHA-256) that generates encryption keys that help protect the data from brute force, dictionary and other attacks.

All encryption is done locally, so Roboform never sees what you store.
Since “Roboform” will never know your master password, it will never be able to read your personal data.
It is therefore important to never forget your master password or you will not be able to unlock your account!

In the desktop interface, a ‘Security Center’ tab allows you to see an analysis of your passwords.
There you will find out the overall strength of your passwords, reused passwords and duplicate accounts.

Technical Support

“Roboform” has an English-only help center that is presented in three sections:

1/ “RoboForm” Help Center

Help center that groups all the questions answered, point by point!

2/ “RoboForm” Manual

The manual for the application to read online or download as a PDF!

3/ Online Support System

A contact form for the rare questions that are not answered in the two previous sections!


“RoboForm” offers a full range of plans covering individuals and businesses. In addition to the free version the prices offered are cheap and are reviewed down with a multi-year commitment!

“RoboForm Free” :
Free lifetime version for a single user on a single device!

“RoboForm Everywhere” :
$23.88 per year for a single user on an unlimited number of devices!

“RoboForm Family” :
$47.75 per year for up to five users on an unlimited number of devices!

“RoboForm Business” :
$34.95 per year per user – Employee accounts!

Disadvantage of RoboForm :

Even though the interface is up to date and there are no glaring design errors, there are too many options that don’t concern the majority of users.

Another negative point is that the support is only available in English!
Now, with the online translators, this shouldn’t be too much of a problem.

Reputation of RoboForm :

“Roboform” is a password manager developed by Siber Systems Inc.
It was first released in 2000 and, whether in security, functionality or reliability, has been going strong ever since!
At the time of writing this article it is available in version 8+ and is translated into more than 30 different languages!

The reputation of “Roboform” is excellent, most testimonials refer to a convenient, efficient and secure password manager!

Conclusion for RoboForm :

“RoboForm” is a powerful choice for a password manager, its competitive price, features as well as the level of security it offers make it a great value!

That being said, an overabundance of options can sometimes be a drawback for some users!

That’s why I only recommend it to people who aren’t afraid to do a little customization and who are looking for a complete and efficient solution for password management.

Official Website :

Go to the official website: RoboForm

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