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Updated on 4 July 2024.
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Complete Analysis of Erexol


Product name : Erexol

Brand : EREXOL

Responsible : Summer Alliance Ltd.

Official Website :

Language : English

Tiny description : Solution for prostate problems

Price : €39.00

Format : Pack of 10 capsules

Delivery : 5 to 7 working days

Guarantee : 14-day right of withdrawal.

Description of Erexol:

“Erexol” is a solution for prostate-related problems and impotence, featuring a formula including natural ingredients.

Review of Erexol:

In today’s world, health and well-being are fundamental concerns, and the search for natural solutions to various health problems has become an essential quest. It’s in this context that “Erexol”, a dietary supplement that claims to act by offering answers to prostate and impotence-related concerns, has arrived on the market.

In the following article, we take a closer look at this solution, highlighting its composition and the claims surrounding its efficacy.

Let’s find out…


“Erexol” presents itself as an answer to prostate disorders and impotence, highlighting a unique, natural formula.

This product claims to offer a rapid solution to the symptoms of chronic prostatitis and prostate adenoma from the very first days of use!

Its exclusive blend of fruit, leaf and root extracts aims to reduce prostate inflammation, improve urination and spermatogenesis, increase libido, relieve stress and pain associated with urination and defecation, as well as stimulating testosterone production and activating metabolic processes.

How it works

According to the sales site, “Erexol” acts in a targeted way on prostate disorders and impotence by exploiting an exclusive combination of natural extracts. With a formula composed of natural ingredients selected according to their respective powers, this product is designed to reduce prostate inflammation, improve sperm generation, increase sexual desire, relieve tension and suffering associated with bladder emptying and fecal expulsion, as well as promoting testosterone production and boosting metabolic mechanisms.

By rapidly treating the symptoms of chronic prostatitis and prostate adenoma within the first few days of use, this supplement helps prevent these conditions from developing into erectile dysfunction.


 – Palmetto Fruit Extract

Helps reduce inflammation of the prostate gland, helping to alleviate the symptoms of chronic prostatitis.

 – Small-flowered Kipreya leaf extract

Helps improve micturition and spermatogenesis, positively affecting prostate function.

 – Peruvian Maca extract

Known to increase libido, this ingredient seeks to restore adequate blood circulation in the prostate, contributing to sexual health.

 – Nettle Root Extract

Effective in relieving stress and pain associated with urination and defecation, this component aims to improve daily comfort.

 – Ginseng Root Extract

Stimulates testosterone production and activates metabolic processes, offering potential support for erectile function.

This combination of ingredients in “Erexol” aims to offer a comprehensive approach to treating prostate disorders and impotence, acting on different aspects of male sexual health.


Taking “Erexol” follows a simple regimen. To optimize its efficacy, it is recommended to follow a defined course of treatment to enable beneficial action on the symptoms of chronic prostatitis and prostate adenoma. The recommended dosage is 1 capsule a day before a meal. Users are encouraged to carefully follow the instructions supplied with the product, taking care not to exceed the recommended dose. Regular use seems to be the key to fully benefiting from the allegedly curative properties of this product.

Its effects

Regular use of “Erexol” is claimed to bring positive results for people facing prostate and impotence problems. According to information on the official website, this product claims to act quickly, relieving symptoms of chronic prostatitis and prostate adenoma within the first few days of use. In addition, it aims to prevent symptoms from worsening, offering a comprehensive solution to male sexual health disorders.

Carefully selected natural extracts, such as palm kernel fruit, small-flowered Kipreya leaves, Peruvian maca, nettle root, and ginseng root, work in tandem to reduce inflammation, improve urination, increase libido, relieve stress and pain, stimulate testosterone production, and activate metabolic processes.

Its benefits

Erexol“Erexol” offers a range of potential benefits thanks to its exclusive formula of carefully selected natural extracts.

Firstly, its anti-inflammatory action, attributed to palmetto fruit, promises to reduce prostate inflammation, providing rapid relief from symptoms associated with chronic prostatitis.

Secondly, extracts of small-flowered Kipreya leaves aim to improve micturition and spermatogenesis, thus contributing to overall prostate health.

Thirdly, the presence of Peruvian maca extract in the formula is thought to increase libido and restore adequate blood circulation to the prostate, potentially improving erectile function.

Fourthly, another benefit lies in nettle root extract, which, by effectively relieving the stress and pain caused by daily toilet appointments, seeks to improve daily well-being.

Finally, ginseng root extract, by stimulating testosterone production and activating metabolic processes, offers potential support for male sexual health.

While these benefits are promising, it’s crucial to stress that the actual efficacy of “erexol” may vary from individual to individual.

Questions / Answers :

This chapter will help you answer the most frequently asked questions about “Erexol”.

How does “Erexol” work to treat prostate problems and impotence?

“Erexol” works thanks to a unique formula made up of natural extracts such as palm kernel fruit, small-flowered Kipreya leaves, Peruvian maca, nettle root and ginseng root. These ingredients aim to reduce prostate inflammation, improve urination, increase libido, relieve stress and pain, stimulate testosterone production, and activate metabolic processes.

What benefits can I expect from using “Erexol”?

Potential benefits include rapid relief of chronic prostatitis symptoms, improved prostate function, increased libido, and support for male sexual health. However, it’s important to note that results may vary from person to person.

What is the recommended dosage for “Erexol”?

The specific dosage is not clearly defined in the text, but it is essential to carefully follow the instructions provided with the product. Regular use seems to be crucial for optimum results.

How long does it take to see results with “Erexol”?

“Erexol” claims to offer rapid relief, but the speed of results can vary according to the individual reaction of each user. Patience and consistency of use are generally recommended.

Is “Erexol” safe to use?

“Erexol” is presented as safe and easy to use, but safety may vary from person to person. It is strongly recommended that you consult a healthcare professional before starting any treatment, especially if you have specific health concerns.

Does “Erexol” have side effects?

The text does not explicitly mention side effects. However, as with any supplement, it is recommended that you consult a healthcare professional before starting any new treatment.

Is there any risk of subscription or hidden charges with the purchase of “Erexol”?

No, no hidden fees, recurring subscriptions, data resale or other known dubious practices are used on this product’s official website.

Additional information

Erexol“Erexol” is available for purchase on the manufacturer’s official website. To purchase this product, simply complete the online form; a member of our team will then contact you to finalize your order. If you have any questions, the online representative will be happy to answer them.

Payment can be made at reception, either in cash or by credit card.

Delivery is worldwide, covering all countries. Delivery time is generally estimated at 5 to 7 working days.

For any assistance, customer service is accessible only via a form available on the official website.

Disadvantage of Erexol:

 – “Erexol is by no means a miracle solution! It is not a treatment capable of treating or curing all disorders linked to prostate problems. It must be used in conjunction with a healthy, balanced lifestyle. Moreover, results may vary from one person to another. Its use does not guarantee a significant result!

 – The need for a personalized post-purchase consultation can very quickly be perceived as a forced sales tactic rather than a genuine approach focused on customer well-being.

 – Details of specific guarantees or measures taken to ensure the integrity of the product during transport are rather superficial. The promise of fast, reliable delivery is also rather vague.

 – A more transparent and detailed approach would be necessary to reinforce the credibility of the claims made on the sales site and to build consumer confidence.

 – the sale price is also very high, with a pack of 10 capsules sold for 39 euros, i.e. 117 euros for a month’s treatment!

 – Testimonials on the Internet

Generally speaking, the testimonials collected on the Internet about products sold by “Summer Alliance Ltd”, the company responsible for this product, are negative. They generally refer to ineffective products, long delivery delays and unreliable customer support…

 – Precautions for use

Do not exceed recommended dose.

If you forget to take it, do not double the dose the next day.

Do not use if you are allergic to any component of the product.

Do not chew or crunch; swallow the tablet whole.

Store this product in a dry place, away from light and at room temperature, in a hermetically sealed container.

Keep out of reach of children.

Maintain a healthy, balanced lifestyle.

 – Recommendations

It is imperative to scrupulously observe the instructions for use given on the packaging or in the product instructions.

The use of this supplement is not recommended for people under 18, nor for women.

People suffering from chronic disorders or undergoing medical treatment should seek the advice of their doctor before taking “Erexol”.

 – Side effects

As a dietary supplement made exclusively from natural ingredients, the manufacturer states that there are no known side effects when “Erexol” is used as recommended. However, it is imperative to scrupulously follow the recommended dosage indicated on the packaging.

If you are aware of an allergy to any component of the product, it is essential to avoid its use.

If you experience any adverse effects after taking this product, we recommend that you discontinue the treatment. If symptoms persist, consult your doctor.

Reputation of Erexol :

The reputation of “Erexol” is not well established, and the limited information available on the Internet makes it difficult to form a clear-cut opinion.

That said, the lack of transparency on the sales site doesn’t really encourage confidence. What’s more, the representation of this product by “SUMMER ALLIANCE LTD”, although the company can be considered reliable, is marred by concerns about product quality and customer service credibility.

Conclusion for Erexol:

The results of our research suggest that “Erexol” does not appear to be the ideal solution to help you in the treatment of chronic prostatitis and prostate adenoma.

This product is not recommended!


For those looking for an alternative, perhaps the product Performer 8 may be of interest to you.

It’s a highly effective libido-boosting dietary supplement designed to support men’s health, targeting libido with a unique formula combining natural ingredients to boost testosterone production, nitric oxide and promote prostate health and mental wellbeing! It also comes with a lifetime money-back guarantee!

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