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Updated on 27 March 2024.
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Evaluation, Rating and Critical Review of Brain Actives

Brain Actives

Product name : Brain Actives


Responsible : Key Player Limited.

Official Website :

Language : English

Tiny description : Energetic and neuro-protective food supplement.

Price : $59.00

Format : Bottle of 60 capsules.

Delivery : The post office

Guarantee : Right of withdrawal of 14 days.

Description of Brain Actives :

“Brain Actives” is a neuro-protective dietary supplement designed to stimulate brain function and boost energy and stamina levels to improve attention and focus, increase cognitive function and enhance learning ability!

Review of Brain Actives :

Currently, most people no longer find time to rest and recharge. They are plagued by stress on a daily basis. Yet, this could deteriorate the functioning of the brain and generate various cognitive problems such as lack of concentration and memory loss.

“Brain Actives” is a dietary supplement designed to prevent and treat cognitive problems related to stress, pressure or accumulated fatigue.

It is a revolutionary formula based on the combination of natural ingredients known to prevent cognitive decline.

Here’s what you need to know about how “Brain Actives” works.

About “Brain Actives”

“Brain Actives” is a cognitive enhancement dietary supplement specifically designed to promote creativity, increase alertness, boost stamina and improve memory.

The product itself comes in capsule form, it is made from high quality natural ingredients in compliance with current European standards.

It is a nootropic product which, thanks to the diversity of its active components, ensures several stimulating actions on the body. These are mainly active ingredients capable of boosting energy levels as well as human brain performance

Users of this mental performance enhancement supplement can not only boost the cognitive abilities of the brain, but also improve the physical abilities of the body, allowing them to perform several tasks without getting too tired. Therefore, they should be able to perform activities that require great effort and energy more easily.

Intended for everyone, it is particularly suitable for people with a demanding professional activity, gamers, sports enthusiasts,… In short, you will have understood, it is suitable for any individual wishing to improve their intellectual faculties!

Mode of action

The main function of “Brain Actives” is to stimulate brain performance The nutritional supplement includes active ingredients that work at different levels.

  • First, the product optimizes concentration, mental stamina and attention. Thus, even after several hours of work and even if the situation is stressful, the user will still be able to focus on the task at hand and be attentive to his environment.
  • It also has the power to optimize physical endurance A valuable asset for amateur or professional athletes who want to practice their sport in the best possible conditions.
  • Thirdly, it allows users to improve their intellectual functions and to think faster. Thus, they will be able to understand things faster and react in a split second if necessary.
  • This nootropic supplement will optimize memory. Therefore, it will be able to increase the learning ability of those who use it.
  • Finally, it has been designed to keep you awake even when you are tired and to help you fight stress.

That’s why, taking this nutritional supplement can for example be of great help for students who usually need to have an elephant memory, overworked employees, gamers who need to improve their reflexes as well as members of the military for whom alertness is paramount.

The components of “Brain Actives”

“Brain Actives” is a multi-ingredient product whose components are of natural origin. Each ingredient that makes up the product’s formula provides its own beneficial effect

Let’s discover the ingredients and their benefits in more detail.

 – TeaCrine

The theacrine is a molecule found in various plants. It has the same effects as caffeine, which means it is a stimulant. It has the power to increase your energy level, optimize your motivation and improve your concentration.

Clinical studies have also shown that this molecule is a real ally in reducing physical fatigue and increasing mental capacity.

Associated with caffeine, it gains in effectiveness. It can also eliminate the side effects of caffeine such as nervousness or irritation.

 – KSM-66

This is an extract of Ashwagandha, a medicinal plant known as Indian ginseng. This active ingredient is included in the product’s components because it has many beneficial effects on the brain.

Its major asset is its ability to improve and facilitate the acquisition and assimilation of new knowledge. It also has the power to support the cognitive capacity. We must include on the list of its assets its anti-stress property.

 – Bacopin

It is an extract of aquatic fatty plant highly valued for its medicinal properties. The manufacturer of “brain actives” is banking on its ability to act positively on all cognitive functions. Indeed, this ingredient can stimulate memory, accelerate the absorption of knowledge and boost concentration

 – Centellin

The benefits of this active ingredient are well proven scientifically. It can revitalize the brain and boost the efficiency of the nervous system, optimize attention span, and improve memory over the long term.

 – BioPerine

This black pepper fruit extract is well known for facilitating and accelerating the absorption of the product’s other components in order to optimize all of its effects.

 – Natural anhydrous caffeine

Thanks to the presence of this ingredient, this nootropic supplement is able to reduce the brain’s response time to different situations. At the same time, it improves reflexes. It also becomes a source of energy, which allows users to resist fatigue and have more physical endurance. Finally, it can increase alertness.

 – Vitamin B Complex

It is a combination of vitamins B6 and B12 that gives the formula its many benefits. It increases mental performance, helps improve energy metabolism and reduces drowsiness.

 – Aquamin Mg

This magnesium produced from seawater rounds out the list of components. It is the ingredient that gives the dietary supplement the power to keep you physically and mentally fit. It is effective in overcoming fatigue and boosting energy. This seawater derivative is also able to support the functioning of the nervous system.

Using “Brain Actives”

Brain ActivesAs a reminder, “Brain Actives” is a nutritional supplement intended for any individual who wants to have an increased physical and psychological performance. It comes in the form of capsules.

To enjoy its benefits, you need to take two capsules per day, preferably one capsule in the morning at breakfast and another one at noon during lunch. Each tablet should be swallowed with a large glass of water.

The food supplement is presented in a bottle containing 60 capsules. It thus enables you to follow a one month treatment. If needed, it is allowed to extend the treatment up to 6 months.


“Brain Actives” works quickly since, according to the manufacturer, users can feel the first effects of the product about 30 minutes after swallowing the first tablet.

The benefits:

To put it simply, using “Brain actives” allows you to have an efficient and effective brain. This is because all the active ingredients that make up the product have been chosen to improve your cognitive functions and boost the functioning of your nervous system

Therefore, you should have the ability to think faster and react very quickly, no matter what problem or situation arises.

Since it contains active ingredients with an energizing and stimulating effect, it is also a good ally to fight against physical and psychological fatigue. These pills will therefore be able to keep you awake and focused despite fatigue and stress.

“Brain Actives” is also a safe product, as it is only composed of quality natural ingredients. Moreover, it has been clinically tested to guarantee its effectiveness.

To top it off, this product can improve your overall well-being.


This chapter will help you answer the most common questions about “Brain Actives”.

Who is “Brain Actives” for?

“Brain Actives” is for anyone who wants to increase their cognitive and physical abilities.

How fast does “Brain Actives” work?

The first effects are felt in just 30 minutes.

What are the requirements to purchase “Brain Actives”?

Payment is secure. It is done online by credit card or PayPal. A sliding scale price is offered for orders of 2 or more bottles.

Is “Brain Actives” hazardous to your health?

No, this is a natural product that does not contain any harmful components to your health. When used according to the manufacturer’s instructions, it should not cause any side effects.

How is the delivery of “Brain Actives”?

Shipping is within 24 business hours and should arrive at your door within 7 business days.

Is there a risk of subscription or hidden fees with the purchase of “Brain Actives”?

No, The manufacturer of this product is all business. No hidden fees, recurring subscriptions, data reselling or other known questionable practices are used on the official website of this product.

Additional Information:

Brain ActivesThe online payment system is secure via SSL data encryption.

For the payment of the invoice, you will have the choice between most credit cards and PayPal.

The manufacturer of “Brain Actives” offers various deals to buyers that allow you to get promotions by purchasing two or more items.

A whole professional team is at your disposal if you need help or more detailed information about the product or the ordering process.

The package is shipped the next business day after the order is placed. Delivery is made by local post and arrives at destination within +/- 7 business days.

Disadvantage of Brain Actives :

According to what one can read on the internet, there are no major drawbacks to using “Brain Actives”.

 – Precautions for use

Do not exceed the recommended dosage.

Do not consume with other products containing caffeine or other ingredients with similar effects.

Do not consume if you are allergic to any component of the product.

This product should be stored in a dry place away from light and at room temperature in a tightly closed container.

Keep out of reach of children.

 – Contraindications

According to the manufacturer, there is no danger in using this nootropic. It is just important to heed the precautions for use that come with the product. An overdose can indeed have serious consequences.

Furthermore, this product is not intended for children, pregnant or nursing women as well as individuals who are allergic to any of its components.

It should also be noted that this product contains caffeine. It is therefore not recommended for people with a sensitivity to this component.

If you are under medication or if you have any doubt, it is important to take advice from your family doctor.

 – Side effects

“Brain Actives” is a natural product that you can use without worrying about side effects. However, it is essential to follow the dosage found on the package.

If despite everything you experience side effects, it is essential to stop the treatment and contact your family doctor if the symptoms persist.

Reputation of Brain Actives :

The reputation of “Brain Actives” is favorable for the product. It is represented on the internet as a solution that lends assistance to cognitive processes and enhances energy levels

This nootropic product is furthermore represented by Key Player Limited, a company with a reliable reputation that offers quality products as well as serious customer service.

Conclusion for Brain Actives :

“Brain Actives” seems, according to the reviews on the net, to be an effective, reliable and natural solution capable of giving a boost of energy and providing good concentration to boost cognitive abilities as well as promoting better learning!

Official Website :

Go to the official website: Brain Actives

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