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Updated on 27 March 2024.
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Evaluation, Rating and Critical Review of Keto Actives

Keto Actives

Product name : Keto Actives

Brand : Keto Actives

Responsible : Key Player Limited.

Official Website :

Language : English

Tiny description : Ketogenic food supplement.

Price : $59.00

Format : Bottle of 60 capsules

Delivery : 3-5 working days

Guarantee : 90 days (100% money back if not satisfied)

Description of Keto Actives :

“Keto Actives” is an anti-obesity dietary supplement designed to reduce body fat and increase energy levels on a ketogenic diet!

Review of Keto Actives :

“Keto Actives” is a dietary supplement designed to accompany a ketogenic (high fat, low carb) diet.

Get into ketosis quickly and burn fat faster than ever before, that’s what this dietary supplement was designed for!

But, is it really a Keto pill that facilitates and accelerates the access to the state of ketosis in order to increase fat burning?

Let’s take a look at this immediately.

“Keto Actives” in details:

“Keto Actives” is a dynamic and powerful ketogenic dietary supplement for men and women. It is a safe, natural dietary supplement that comes in edible capsules suitable for vegetarians.

Designed to promote the metabolic state of ketosis, the product is only to be used in conjunction with a ketogenic diet!

For those of you who don’t know, a ketogenic diet is actually a diet that is very low in sugars and high in fats (lipids). The fats, once metabolized, will create a state of nutritional ketosis. This state is characterized by using fat as the main fuel to provide the daily energy that the body needs. The weight loss that follows is then rapid and significant!

It doesn’t stop there, since in addition to promoting fat burning, relying on the ingredients that make up its formula, “Keto actives” should also be able to reduce appetite, support digestion and improve sleep quality.

Not to mention that the improved fat burning provides the body with a boost of energy that can in turn be used to increase physical activity to further boost weight loss.

In short, so far, this weight loss supplement has it all!

What are the ingredients that make up the “Keto Actives” formula?

“Keto Actives” contains only 100% natural and safe quality ingredients :

 – ForsLean: Indian nettle root extract, which contains 10% of a body fat reducing compound known as forskolin. It is a powerful stimulator of non-adrenergic adenylate cyclase. It promotes the reduction of body fat and the increase of lean body mass.

 – Clarinol CLA: Clarinol CLA is very rich in omega-6 fatty acids. It has significant appetite suppressant and fat burning properties. It reduces the waist to hip ratio and promotes the slimming of the legs.

 – Caffeine anhydrous: The role of this natural ingredient is to boost endurance and concentration. It also increases energy levels to boost workout results and minimize fatigue after a workout.

 – Bitter Orange Extract: This natural plant extract supports proper digestive system function and weight control. It also promotes fat metabolism and appetite suppression.

 – Black pepper extract: black pepper extract gives positive results in the regulation of intestinal transit. It promotes the secretion of digestive juices and absorption of nutrients while stimulating the metabolism.

 – Ashwagandha root extract: The role of ashwagandha root extract in this supplement is to support weight loss and promote the melting of belly fat. It also helps your body system to control stress and anxiety levels and would also improve sleep quality.

 – Pepper fruit extract: This bell pepper fruit extract helps in weight management. It also cultivates a perfect balance for the digestive system.

 – Chromium: chromium actively controls blood glucose levels and supports macronutrient metabolism. It also reduces appetite and decreases periods of hunger.

How “Keto Actives” works

As announced above, this dietary supplement is taken in conjunction with a ketogenic diet (keto diet)!

The keto diet, common among vegetarians, removes sugars and carbohydrates from the equation, forcing the body to initiate the process of ketosis.

When the body is in ketosis, stored fat is converted to energy while the ketones generated are used as energy for the muscles and brain.

“Keto Actives promotes this process by improving our body’s ability to burn fat. It also helps with dieting by supporting appetite control and reducing cravings naturally. It boosts endurance while improving mood and sleep!

Here’s how it works:

 – Boosting energy levels.

Bitter orange and caffeine extracts are responsible for improving overall body energy, alertness and focus. The higher the energy levels and the more focused you are, the better your stamina and performance during different physical activities.

 – Appetite reduction.

Chromium, bitter orange extract and Clarinol CLA trick the body into feeling full, reducing your cravings for snacks and food. This translates into less snacking, reduced intake of unnecessary calories and better weight loss results.

 – Improved digestion.

Bell pepper fruit extract will also contribute its part in promoting good intestinal health.

 – Decreasing Stress

Ashwagandha root extract is going to allow for a stronger control of stress and anxiety as well as a noticeable improvement in rest periods.

All of this makes it easier to follow the ketogenic diet and speeds up the results!

How should the supplement be taken?

Simply take two tablets a day before your main meal with a large glass of water.

To get good results, it is imperative to follow a proper diet and have a balanced lifestyle!

Informations Complémentaires :

Keto ActivesThe online payment system is secured by SSL data encryption. The accepted means of payment are credit cards or, for an additional 15 €, payment on delivery.

This food supplement is suitable for vegetarians and vegans.

Customer support is available on the official website via an online contact form.

A 90 day money back guarantee accompanies all purchases!

Disadvantage of Keto Actives :

“Keto Actives is not a miracle weight loss capsule! An adapted diet is necessary to obtain good results.

Even if this natural food supplement should not logically cause any side effects, some ingredients contained in the formula of the product can nevertheless cause undesirable effects!

 – Bitter orange can cause cardiac complications.
 – Nettle root can cause stomach ache and diarrhea.
 – Caffeine can cause sleep problems.

In case of adverse effects, you should stop taking the product and consult a doctor.

“KetoActives” is not recommended for pregnant or breastfeeding women and people under the age of 18.

In addition, it is advised to consult a doctor before using the product if you have any health problem, if you are undergoing treatment or if you have any doubt.

    Important information about the ketogenic diet

 – A ketogenic diet is sometimes accompanied by side effects commonly referred to as ‘ketogenic flu’. This can include headaches, a feeling of hunger, a drop in energy or even concentration problems… However, these problems usually disappear after two weeks.

 – Ketogenic diets are not recommended for pregnant or breastfeeding women, people under 18 years of age and people suffering from depression, diabetes, liver problems or kidney disease.

 – High fat intake can make cardiovascular health problems worse!

 – If you have any health concerns or doubts, it is important to consult a physician before starting a ketogenic diet.

Reputation of Keto Actives :

Unfortunately, there are not a huge number of consumer reviews about “Keto Actives”. Even if the positive outweighs the negative, the information available at the time of creation of the article does not allow one to know if the weight loss supplement is 100% effective or not.

The company that sells this product online, Key Player Limited, is growing and has a fairly good reputation so far.

Conclusion for Keto Actives :

Overall, according to our research, “Keto Actives” seems to have many interesting aspects. However, the lack of testimonials does not allow us to say with certainty how effective the product is. But, based on the effectiveness of the ingredients combined with a proper diet, the product should indeed provide some benefit.

What we can say for now without taking too much risk is that it is not a scam. No overcharging or hidden subscriptions with this product!

Official Website :

Go to the official website: Keto Actives

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