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Our top 10 homemade natural drinks for weight loss

Updated on 24 February 2024.

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Natural, homemade drinks for weight lossIt’s not just solid foods that count when it comes to reducing your body weight. In fact, you need to look at what you’re drinking too.

There are weight-loss drinks and weight-gain drinks!

While you may think that fruit juices and energy drinks are healthy for you, you should be aware that many of them contain sugars and other additives that can significantly affect your weight loss plan.

Here’s a selection of weight-loss drinks reputed to be effective in helping you stay fit and healthy.

1. Vegetable juice, one of the most popular weight-loss drinks

the-most-popular-weight-loss-beverage-is-vegetable-juiceVegetable juice is one of the most popular weight-loss drinks. [1].

Eating raw vegetables, especially those rich in fiber, helps you lose weight.

But by consuming vegetable juices, you’ll get all the necessary fiber and nutrients contained in vegetables that are essential for your body to function properly.

Regular consumption of fibre-rich fresh vegetable juices reduces food cravings.

2. Grape juice

Grape juice is considered a natural ingredient rich in vitamin C. It increases and accelerates the body’s metabolism.

It’s a powerful detoxifier that proves highly effective for liver health. The acidic taste of sweet grapes in liquid form will help you shed unwanted pounds. [2].

To prepare it, simply take a small bunch of black grapes, wash them properly, then blend the grapes in a blender to extract the juice.

3. Green tea

One of the most effective weight-loss drinks you should turn to when it comes to reducing excess weight is green tea [3].

It’s rich in antioxidants and also acts as a metabolism booster. Green tea is a highly effective natural ingredient for weight loss.

You can drink your green tea hot or iced, whichever you prefer. Just make sure you don’t add any sugar.

4. Yogurt smoothies

Calcium-rich yoghurt is very effective for reducing weight. Yogurt has fat-burning properties. It’s also an ideal food to help the body reduce fat production. [4].

Add about half a pot of yoghurt to your favorite smoothie and blend in a blender.

Drink this kind of yoghurt smoothie once or twice a day to reduce fat deposits in your body.

A smoothie made this way is one of the best drinks for weight loss.

5. Water, an often underestimated weight-loss drink

Water is a natural beverage that is essential to life and to the proper functioning of the body. It’s also one of the best-known weight-loss drinks among slimming enthusiasts.

It’s important to drink between 8 and 12 glasses of water every day. This habit will enable your body to get rid of all the toxins accumulated in your body and evacuate them in the form of urine.

Many specialists confirm that drinking cold or iced water burns more calories.

The addition of other natural substances, such as lemon or honey, reinforces its effect and boosts the burning of body fat.

Warm or hot water is also considered a highly effective weight-loss drink for burning fat deposits in the body.

6. Whey protein

Several studies have revealed that whey protein is an effective ingredient that helps reduce body fat in women and therefore promotes weight loss.

Whey protein is rich in protein and low in carbohydrates. Its composition stimulates the body’s basic metabolism.

Regular consumption of whey protein helps curb the urge to eat in both men and women. It also helps control appetite for more than two hours after consumption.

7. Coconut water

Among the most natural and energizing weight-loss drinks is tender coconut water. This drink stimulates the metabolism thanks to its rich electrolyte composition.

Drinking one to two glasses of coconut water every day will provide your body with all the energy it needs to cover an entire day.

This natural water helps speed up your metabolism and also helps eliminate toxins present in your body.

8. Black coffee is also a weight-loss drink

Black coffee is also considered a highly effective weight-loss drink, helping to significantly reduce body weight.

It’s a drink that stimulates your body’s metabolism, as it easily raises body temperature. Black coffee helps reduce hunger, even eliminating it for a long period.

Drinking two cups of black coffee every day without adding sugar can help reduce excess weight after a few weeks.

9. Skimmed milk

Skimmed milk is an excellent drink to consider if you’re looking to reduce your body weight.

You need to choose skimmed milk with less than 1% fat for maximum weight reduction.

Calcium-enriched skim milk helps increase the rate at which body fat is broken down.

10. The last of our weight-loss drinks, cranberry juice

cranberry-juice-one-of-our-weight-loss-beveragesFresh cranberry juice is one of the best weight-loss drinks around.

Cranberry juice is rich in antioxidants. Antioxidants that serve, if need be, to eliminate the free radicals in our bodies that cause cell damage and accelerate aging.

This juice also has diuretic properties that prevent water retention. The organic acids present in cranberry juice help dissolve fats and flush them out of the body.

For best results, opt for sugar-free cranberry juice. Preferably freshly prepared at home.

In conclusion…

If you’re feeling overweight and want to get rid of the excess fat that’s accumulated in your body, it’s easy to start by consuming natural, easy-to-make weight-loss drinks.

Choose from those mentioned above.

And if you want fast, lasting results, remember to combine their consumption with a proper training program and a healthy diet.

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