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Complément Minceur

About Sylvie Martin and Complément Minceur

Who is Sylvie Martin?

Complément MinceurCreated at the end of 2016, Complément Minceur was an independent review site primarily based on women’s well-being and health and, more specifically, beauty and slimming.

Sylvie Martin, responsible for editing the Complément Minceur site throughout its existence, has over 10 years’ experience in creating and editing articles. Mainly interested in subjects relating to women’s health, she specializes in health, weight loss and fitness.

In the four years of Complément Minceur’s existence, she and her team have produced over 200 articles! Each article has been carefully crafted. To this end, serious research has always been carried out beforehand, to ensure the quality, clarity and detail of each article. It’s true that Complé’s main motivation was to offer Internet users interesting articles with verified information.

But, despite its promising beginnings and all these efforts, the site’s survival was not possible. And, rather than simply close the site and let all that work fall into oblivion, the Complément Minceur site’s Responsible looked for a buyer. That’s how he came to contact us, to see if we might be interested. And of course, after a few discussions, we agreed.

So we’re very proud to announce that Complé has been fully imported into! This means that all the tests, analyses and articles will be taken over by SOR in order to maintain the maintenance of the articles and the follow-up of the comments.

All articles on the “Complément Minceur” blog have been reviewed following the SOR review guide before being published.

So you can expect the same seriousness and quality of work as with Scam or Reliable articles.

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Last updated on 1 February 2024.