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Updated on 22 May 2024.
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Complete Analysis of Blackwolf


Product name : Blackwolf Pre-Workout

Responsible : Muscle Club Ltd.

Official Website :

Language : English

Tiny description : Sports nutrition supplements.

Price : €44.99

Format : 450gr tin.

Delivery : Secure and free with partride 2 jars.

Guarantee : 14-day right of withdrawal.

Description by Blackwolf:

“Blackwolf Pre-Workout is an all-in-one sports nutritional supplement range that combines energy, focus and performance, it has everything you need for your training and doesn’t provide all the nasty side effects that often accompany products of this kind.

Review of Blackwolf:

“Blackwolf Pre-Workout is a range of workout supplements designed to be the one and only intake your body will need for your workouts.

They’re all-in-one supplements specially designed to maximize gains while eliminating multiple intakes of pills and various powders!

In fact, “Blackwolf Pre-Workout” has been formulated with a series of balanced blends of active ingredients dedicated to fueling your body optimally to deliver the best results in terms of power and endurance.

It’s a supplement that gives you all the energy, focus and performance you need for your training without all the unpleasant side effects often generated by this type of supplement.

This product is the fruit of serious, hard work. It offers a formula backed by scientific studies and trusted by fitness professionals.

What ingredients does “Blackwolf Pre-Workout” contain?

Blackwolf” products contain numerous active ingredients with powerful growth factors to give you maximum energy and optimized results!

Here’s the list of ingredients:

 – L-Arginine Alpha-Ketoglutarate (AAKG) 1000mg

A non-essential amino acid, AAKG stimulates the production of nitric oxide. Studies have shown that higher levels of nitric oxide translate into greater physical strength and power.

Nitric oxide widens your blood vessels so that more blood, oxygen and nutrients reach your muscles. This means your muscles don’t tire as quickly.

 – Betaine Anhydrous 2000mg

Experts believe that betaine’s many performance-enhancing effects stem from its role in the formation of the amino acid methionine, which is essential for muscle protein synthesis.

Betaine has also been shown to lower lactic acid levels, delay muscle fatigue and reduce feelings of soreness and exhaustion.

 – Beta-Alanine 3200mg

Beta-alanine increases the amount of carnosine in your muscles and helps block lactic acid build-up. This delays the onset of muscle fatigue, so you can keep pushing your body harder for longer.

Whether it’s doing more reps, pedaling longer or running a little farther, beta-alanine gets you past the point where you’d normally stop.

 – BioPerine 5mg

BioPerine has been clinically tested and proven to dramatically increase the bioavailability of other supplemented nutrients. This means your body absorbs the ingredients in “Blackwolf” faster and more easily, ensuring you get the most out of each one.

 – L-Citrulline Malate 6000mg

L-citrulline increases blood flow and boosts your nitric oxide levels. This means more oxygen and nutrients for your muscles and, as a result, greater strength, power and endurance.

So you can train harder for longer.

 – Coconut Water Powder 300mg

Coconut water is packed with electrolytes to keep you well hydrated during your sweat sessions. As you sweat through tough workouts, electrolytes are released through your pores. If they aren’t replaced, you can suffer from dizziness, headaches, fatigue and muscle cramps.

 – Creatine Monohydrate 3000mg

Hundreds of studies have shown that creatine improves strength, power, muscular endurance and resistance to fatigue through its direct role in ATP energy production.

It is also a powerful muscle builder, with numerous studies proving it to be the most effective supplement for lean muscle growth.

“BlackWolf” uses 200 mesh micronized creatine, which is better absorbed and prevents the side effects usually caused by other forms of creatine.

 – Dynamine 125mg

Dynamine is one of the most powerful natural stimulants available. It works quickly, giving you fast, clean energy and concentration without stress or nervousness.

 – L-Tyrosine 600mg

L-tyrosine delays the depletion of important neurotransmitters that increase mental cognition so you can more easily stay focused on your training.

 – Taurine 1000mg
Studies have shown that taurine supplementation enables muscles to contract with greater strength, reduces fatigue and enhances recovery.

Taurine’s antioxidant properties mean it helps combat oxidative stress – a major contributor to exercise-induced muscle damage and soreness.

And, as one of your brain’s most abundant amino acids, taurine also helps boost your focus and concentration.

 – Cafeine Anhydrous 200mg * Only in green apple and blue raspberry flavours.

Caffeine has very impressive effects on physical performance. Clinical tests have shown that it increases mental alertness, reduces fatigue, improves muscle strength, power and endurance, enhances cardiovascular endurance and much more.

 – DMAE 150mg and Huperzine 10mg * Fruit Punch flavour only

DMAE (produced naturally in the body) increases acetylcholine production and huperzine (derived from club moss, Lycopodiopsida) slows acetylcholine degradation.

Acetylcholine is a chemical messenger that sends information between the body’s nerve cells. In the brain, it can improve cognitive performance, particularly concentration and alertness. And as an essential neurotransmitter for muscle transactions, it is essential for muscle movement.

“BlackWolf” Pre-Training comes in 3 different variations:

 1. Green Apple:
Blackwolf Track
“Blackwolf Pre-Workout Green Apple” is the sports pre-workout supplement for men and women in green apple flavour.

This formula contains caffeine.


 2. Blue Raspberry:
Blackwolf Trail
“Blackwolf Pre-Workout Blue Raspberry” is the blue raspberry-flavoured pre-workout sports formula.

Designed for both men and women, this version of the product also contains caffeine.


 3. Fruit Punch:
Blackwolf Hunt
“Blackwolf Pre-Workout Fruit Punch is the fruity-tasting pre-workout formula for men and women.

And it’s caffeine-free!


What are the benefits of the product?

“Blackwolf Pre-Workout” is a solution for boosting your sports training and maximizing your results that comes with a whole host of benefits!

Here are the main benefits of this sports supplement:

 – Gender-neutral

This product is accessible without discrimination, offering the same powerful boost to both men and women!

 – Large number of servings

One jar contains just over 400 grams of product, so you can boost more than 20 training sessions!

 – Caffeine-free

Caffeine can significantly affect some people, so “BlackWolf” offers an option for caffeine haters that contains DMAE and huperzine to improve concentration!

 – The flavours

Because we should never have to choose between performance and flavour, “Blackwolf” has made no mistakes when it comes to taste. In fact, with its three delicious flavors, your workout has never tasted so good!

 – Clinical study

“Blackwolf” is packed with ingredients scientifically proven to enhance physical performance. Each ingredient is used at clinically effective dosages to guarantee top performance every time!

 – Lipid concentration

“Blackwolf puts your training in optimum condition. No worries, no surprises. Just long-lasting energy and concentration for a totally liberated workout!

 – Maximum endurance

In addition to concentration and raw power, “Blackwolf” will also increase physical endurance so you can not only increase the intensity of your workouts, but also the duration of your training sessions!

“BlackWolf” is an extremely advanced Brand when it comes to fitness. It targets men and women equally at all fitness levels, regardless of the sport or exercise involved!

Disadvantage of Blackwolf :

“Blackwolf” is not suitable for children under 18, pregnant or breastfeeding women, and if you suffer from any medical condition or are undergoing medical treatment, it’s best to consult your doctor before consuming this product.

Reputation of Blackwolf:

“Blackwolf Pre-Workout” is a new training supplement Brand available on the dedicated sports nutrition market, and although testimonials are still quite scarce, they are encouraging!

“Muscle Club Limited”, producer of this Brand, enjoys an excellent reputation on the Internet.

Conclusion for Blackwolf :

Based on the few testimonials currently available on the web and this company’s good reputation, everything seems to indicate that “Blackwolf Pre-Workout” offers effective, good-quality workout supplements!

Official Website :

Go to the official website : Blackwolf

Unfortunately, this product is only available in the following countries : United States, Canada & United Kingdom.

However, you can find an equally effective alternative available worldwide below!

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