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Updated on 27 March 2024.
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Evaluation, Rating and Critical Review of MyHeritage


Product name : MyHeritage

Responsible : MyHeritage Ltd.

Official Website :

Language : English

Tiny description : Online genealogy platform.

Price : from €0.00 to €329.00/year

Format : Online, Software and Mobile Application

Delivery : Direct access

Guarantee : 30 day money back guarantee.

Description of MyHeritage :

“MyHeritage” is a genealogy platform that has very effective tools to facilitate family tree research and make interesting discoveries about your ancestors!

Review of MyHeritage :

“MyHeritage” is an online platform, software and mobile application dedicated to helping people discover their past and their origin. It was created in 2003 and has a particularly rich database and state-of-the-art tools. The platform also allocates a wide range of services to its subscribers.

So, without further ado, here is “My Heritage” and all its offerings in a little more detail!

Site to discover the family history :

“MyHeritage” is first and foremost a company founded in 2003 by Gilad Japhet. At that time, it was a start-up company headquartered in a family farm in Bnei Atarot, Israel. Today, it is a global company that is considered one of the leading sites to discover and explore its family history. With 420 employees and luxurious offices in Israel, Europe and North America, it has already helped countless people make startling discoveries about their origins.

The genealogy site, which now has millions of users worldwide, has as its main function to provide genealogical information and help its users discover their family history.

At first, the platform’s features were quite simple. With an international database, it provided only genealogical information. But over time, the platform has evolved significantly. It is now equipped with a genealogy software as well as a mobile application that allows an efficient and accurate research.

To discover your ancestors, regardless of the reason, place of life or origins, “My Heritage” promises its users a unique discovery experience.

My Heritage” services:

To meet the needs of its members, “MyHeritage” offers various products and services.

 – The online database

“MyHeritage has 9 billion pieces of historical data. This includes birth, death and marriage records, census records, immigration records and historical newspapers.

The website has a search tool called ‘SuperSearch’. This means that to access the data and discover information about a potential relative, users can simply use it. They are also allowed to upload photos to put on their family trees.

 – Matching Technologies

Several matching technologies are available to users of “My Heritage”. First of all, there is ‘Smart Matching’ which allows users of the site to find their ancestors or relatives and to contact other users. There is also ‘Record Matching’, a feature that allows automatic matches between people and historical information stored on the site.

The ‘Instant Discoveries’ allows the creation of a new branch in the family tree with a single click. There is also the ‘SuperSearch’ search engine already mentioned above which simplifies the search for historical information and the ‘Record Detective’ which allows an automatic link between documents and family trees.

In addition, there is the ‘Global Name Translation’. This technology was designed to facilitate the matching of names by translating genealogical and historical information into any language. Finally, there is the ‘Search Connect’, a feature of the site available since November 2015. This one allows, when several users search for the same ancestors or relatives, to automatically connect them.

 – The Family Tree Builder

This is a powerful genealogy software that “MyHeritage” users can download for free. With the Family Tree Builder, they can create their family trees, import or upload photos and perform many other actions such as displaying statistics or historical documents…

 – MyHeritage DNA

Since the year 2016, the genetic testing service ‘MyHeritage DNA’ is available to all users of the platform. The latter can request a test kit that is easy to handle since it does not require blood sampling. Thanks to this service, you can easily find your family members. The matches will be based on the genetic profile.

The test allows the users of the site to know their ethnic origins. Note that the samples are sent to an analysis laboratory of the company “MyHeritage”. The results are sent to the family home of the subscriber concerned within 3 to 4 weeks. Confidentiality and security of the data are guaranteed by “MyHeritage”.

 – MyHeritage Health DNA Kit

MyHeritage” subscribers can also have access to a health-related test kit. Customers will receive a personalized scientific expertise based on serious scientific research and a genetic health report that gives the possible risks for hereditary diseases such as breast cancer, type 2 diabetes, heart disease, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, Crohn’s,…

Use the genealogy site :

How to take advantage of “MyHeritage” offers? To discover your family history on this genealogy site, you must first register. Registration will allow you to create a family site for free. Each new member is also entitled to a free trial. This means that once you register, you can download the Family Tree Builder software and create a family tree of up to 250 people.
As previously mentioned, it is possible to add photos and various documents to the tree. This makes it easier to match historical data. The ‘Basic’ and free package does not give access to the other features of the site. To take advantage of the other offers of “MyHeritage”, you have to choose between four other subscription offers namely: ‘Premium’, ‘Premium Plus’, ‘Data’, ‘Ultimate package’.

The price and features of these four paid packages range from €129.00 to €329.00 per year depending on the subscription package chosen. Subscribers of the ‘Full’ or ‘Ultimate Package’ can enjoy all the services and products of “MyHeritage”.

It is important to mention that the mobile application of “MyHeritage” has almost the same functionality as the website. It is available in iOS and Android versions. Through the app, users can access the platform at any time.

Benefits of “MyHeritage”:

“MyHeritage” presents itself as the first platform that offers genetic information on a global level. The site promises security of use and confidentiality of data to all its users. It also guarantees them an enriching discovery about their past, their family history and their origins but also about their health from a genetic point of view. The data acquired through this site allows users to go back in time to learn more about their family lineage but also to face the future with more serenity.

Disadvantage of MyHeritage :

No major drawbacks about this online genealogy platform.


DNA health tests that offer predictions for genetic diseases are not as accurate and reliable as one might think and should be taken with caution! On this point, keep in mind that only a specialized health professional will be able to enlighten you correctly.

Reputation of MyHeritage :

The reputation of “My Heritage” is really good, even if there are some negative testimonies, the vast majority of testimonies are positive and speak of an efficient and quick solution to make real discoveries about one’s ethnic origins and family history.

Conclusion for MyHeritage :

It seems, according to the vast majority of testimonies on the Internet, that “MyHeritage” offers an efficient and serious service to research the various branches of the same family and thus build an ancestral family tree!

That said, there are more and more reviews on the Internet referring to an annual subscription of over 100 euros that would be taken out with the purchase of the DNA Kit!

So, if you’re thinking of using the “MyHeritage” DNA Kit, be careful and make sure you select the kit without the ’30-day free trial’, otherwise a subscription will automatically be taken out and debited at maturity!

Official Website :

Go to the official website: MyHeritage

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