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Updated on 28 June 2023.
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Evaluation, Rating and Critical Review of Treated


Product name : Treated

Brand : Treated

Responsible : HR Healthcare Ltd.

Official Website :

Language : English

Tiny description : Internet pharmacy.

Price : /

Format : Medicaments

Delivery : UPS

Guarantee : /

Description of Treated :

“Treated” is an online pharmacy that offers a safe, fast and efficient health service!

Review of Treated :

“Treated” is an Internet clinic that respects an irreproachable line of conduct to guarantee us reliable treatments and brand name drugs in the best possible conditions!

It is also an intuitive site with a simplified system to allow us to find the best treatments very quickly from the first visit!

The drug cards are complete and give all the details about each drug in a clear and precise way and the ordering process is simple even if you are not used to online shopping!

However, some drugs are not over the counter and therefore require a medical prescription validated by a doctor, in which case you will have to fill out a medical questionnaire to ensure that you are safe with the treatment you have chosen.

All medical consultations on “” are performed by licensed doctors registered with the UK Medical Council!

Deliveries are made very quickly as with “Treated” you will receive your package within 1 to 2 working days!

All deliveries are done securely and discreetly via UPS carrier with package tracking!

What are the benefits of “Treated” online pharmacy:

 – A serious and secure pharmacy!
 – Brand name medications!
 – A wide range of medicines!
 – Very competitive prices!
 – A simple and intuitive site!
 – A delivery within 1 to 2 days with follow-up!
 – Reliability and discretion without fail!
 – A reactive and friendly customer service!

The pharmacy “Treated France” is one of the best sites for selling drugs on the Internet.

Disadvantage of Treated :

“Treated” is a serious site that offers a quality service but an infallible medical control is not possible when you order your medical treatment on the internet and, for more security, it is always better to deal directly with your doctor.

In addition, electronic medical consultations are prohibited in some countries, so it is important to find out about the legislation of your country before ordering prescription drugs in order not to be outlawed!

Reputation of Treated :

It was difficult for us to find negative reviews during our search on “” and these, which usually refer to problems of late delivery, are quickly resolved and remain rare exceptions!

The reputation of the online pharmacy “Treated” is really excellent!

Conclusion for Treated :

When you look at the customer testimonials and patient reviews on the various discussion forums about “”, you immediately notice how serious and efficient this online pharmacy is!

It is certainly one of the best online drug sales sites!

Official Website :

Go to the official website: Treated

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