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Updated on 26 March 2024.
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Evaluation, Rating and Critical Review of Restilen


Product name : Restilen


Responsible : Key Player Ltd.

Official Website :

Language : English

Tiny description : Anti-stress nutritional supplement.

Price : $49.00

Format : Bottle of 60 capsules

Delivery : 3-5 business days.

Guarantee : /

Description of Restilen :

“Restilen” is a food supplement specially designed to fight against anxiety and nervousness in order to moderate the impact of stress on the human body.

Review of Restilen :

“Restilen” is a product designed for people seeking relief from stress, anxiety or nervousness. It contains several natural ingredients well known for their beneficial effects on psychological health, but is it really effective?

Here is a more detailed overview of the product so you can form a better opinion.

What exactly is it about?

“Restilen” has been designed to increase your resistance to stress, one of the scourges of modern times. More exactly, it is presented as the solution to various psychological disorders. It is a dietary supplement designed to moderate the impact of stress on the human body and to increase the body’s ability to manage all types of anxiety.

It is, according to users, a proven source of well-being that acts effectively on agitation and anxiety.

It can therefore help you keep your good mood. It also has the power to limit fatigue and exhaustion and optimize vitality.

Represented by Key Player Limited, this product is manufactured in compliance with the regulations in force in the European Union. It owes its virtues to the active ingredients which compose it. Its formula is moreover based on natural ingredients selected with care.

This anti-stress supplement is offered in capsule form and is sold in a bottle containing 60 capsules.

Functioning of “Restilen”:

Stress is a problem that affects everyone. On the other hand, its intensity and impact are different for each individual. But in general, stress is harmful to well-being and health and this is where “restilen” can have a role to play.

Indeed, this food supplement provides the body with several active ingredients whose mission is to act positively on the nervous system. These will promote the release of neurotransmitters which will, in turn, help the body to provide an adequate response to stress. Thanks to this support to the nervous system, the product can relieve certain symptoms such as insomnia and constant fatigue.

“Restilen” also contains active ingredients with adaptogenic properties. They serve to reduce the body’s sensitivity to stress.

Finally, it has been designed to support and boost the immune system. This helps to reduce or avoid unwanted oxidative processes, which cause the various stress-related ailments.

The ingredients of the formula:

“Restilen” brings together high quality ingredients. Their effectiveness in combating stress and its harmful effects on the body is scientifically proven.

Each component is of natural origin and has been chosen for its favorable effects on stressful and anxiety-provoking situations.

Here is the list of the main ingredients that make up the formula of this anti-stress pill:

 – Serenzo

This is the main ingredient of “restilen”. It is composed of sweet orange peel with 20% limonene. Serenzo’s mission is to regulate the activity of A2A receptors such as adenosine and thus block the D2 receptor response to stress. In other words, it reduces the devastating effects of stress.

The effectiveness of this active ingredient was tested in a clinical trial with 40 people aged 18 to 60 years for 12 weeks. The results of the experiment were satisfactory. Indeed, normative psychological questionnaires and observation of physiological markers revealed that Serenzo is effective in reducing stress symptoms.

 – Panthothenic Acid

Pantothenic Acid was chosen for its ability to maintain mental fitness. It can also contribute to the proper functioning of energy metabolism and is effective in reducing the feeling of fatigue.

 – Vitamins B12 and B6, Niacin, Aneurin and Riboflavin

These ingredients have the same effects and they are all present in the manufacture of the product. Firstly, they contribute to the proper functioning of the nervous system. They thus allow an improvement of the psychological functions. Secondly, they have the capacity to stimulate the immune system and to optimize its functioning. Not to mention that, since they stimulate the energy metabolism, these ingredients are also effective in reducing the feeling of fatigue and exhaustion.

 – Magnesium-Aquamin MG

This is an ingredient obtained from the crystal clear waters of the Irish coast. It enhances the actions of the previously mentioned ingredients. Magnesium-Aquamin also provides a good electrolyte balance.

 – Cantaloupe-Sod B Extramel melon juice concentrate

This ingredient from an exotic fruit was chosen for its ability to reduce the feeling of stress. It is a good ally to fight against fatigue. Moreover, it can improve the quality of sleep and promote well-being. Its power to stimulate the endogenous antioxidant defense system should be included on the list of its assets.

 – Saffron Stigma extract

The beneficial effects of Saffron on health are no longer unknown. This is the reason why the manufacturer of “Restilen” has chosen to integrate this ingredient into the formula for the manufacture of the food supplement. The extract of Saffron will have for mission to improve the quality and the duration of the sleep. It also has the function of reducing stress symptoms and maintaining a good emotional balance.

 – Chinese tea leaf extract

Comprising 98% L-Theanine, this plant extract will allow the anti-stress capsule to provide more vitality to consumers. It can also boost concentration and learning ability, and optimize alertness.

 – Ashwagandha root extract

This is an extract of an adaptogenic plant, a good ally for optimizing the body’s resistance to stress. Containing 5% Withanolides, this ingredient offers valuable help to the body during the period of stress. It will regulate the level of cortisol and also reduce the markers of stress. Not to be forgotten is its ability to reduce snacking cravings related to anxiety and frustration.

Mode of use and results:

In order to enjoy the beneficial effects of “Restilen”, simply take 2 capsules per day, the first in the morning and the second in the evening. To facilitate the absorption of the active ingredients by the body, it is advisable to swallow the capsule with a large glass of water.

It should be remembered that each box contains 60 capsules and is thus intended for a one-month treatment. But it is possible to extend the cure if needed.

 – What about the results?

A significant decrease in stress symptoms is guaranteed if you take the medication regularly. Indeed, you will be free from gastrointestinal disorders, insomnia, tension and anxiety. You can also maintain your intellectual capacity and you will be in a better mood.

The benefits of “Restilen”:

“Restilen” is a 100% natural product that can provide valuable help to people who are exposed to stressful and irritating situations in daily life. Its main function is to increase the body’s and nervous system’s ability to handle anxiety and adapt to such stress.

The supplement is also effective in reducing and relieving the symptoms of stress. In other words, the dietary supplement can protect you from stress-related disorders such as low mood, depression, insomnia, high blood pressure and obesity.

Finally, it is a completely safe product, made of well-chosen natural components including adaptogenic plants. Its effectiveness is scientifically confirmed.

Additional Information:

Restilen“Restilen” is a gluten-free anti-stress nutritional supplement. It is suitable for a vegetarian diet.

The anti-stress nutritional supplement is mainly available on the official website of the manufacturer. The purchase is done online. Once the order is placed and validated, it will be processed quickly. The shipment of the package will be done within 2 to 5 working days.

All payments are protected by SSL data encryption to ensure the security of communications of sensitive information on the Internet.

The payment methods authorized on the site are credit cards or payment on delivery.

Customer support is available on the official website via an online contact form.

Disadvantage of Restilen :

It is important to remember that “Restilen” is a food supplement. Therefore, it is important to maintain a healthy lifestyle during the entire treatment.

In addition, this cure is not indicated to prevent, treat or cure any disease!

 – Precaution for use

Do not use as a substitute for medical treatment.

Do not exceed the recommended dosage.

Do not consume if you are allergic to any component of the product.

This product should be stored in a dry place away from light and at room temperature in a tightly closed container.

Keep out of reach of children.

 – Contraindications

According to the manufacturer, side effects should not exist if the prescribed dosage is followed. Therefore, it is very important to heed the precautions for use provided with the product.

Moreover, “Restilen” is not intended for children and pregnant or breastfeeding women.

It is also advised to people under medication to consult their doctor before consuming any food supplement.

Reputation of Restilen :

There are many testimonials on the internet and very few of them are negative. In addition, Key Player Limited, the company behind this supplement, has a good reputation in the wellness, health and beauty market.

“Restilen” has an excellent reputation!

Conclusion for Restilen :

It seems, according to consumers, that “Restilen” is an effective solution to fight against stress and anxiety. It is a natural and quality anti-stress supplement that should give you good results.

Official Website :

Go to the official website: Restilen

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