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Updated on 25 March 2024.
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Complete Analysis of Dentolan


Product name : Dentolan


Responsible : Key Player Limited

Official Website :

Language : English

Tiny description : Bad breath solution.

Price : €49.99

Format : Bottle of 60 capsules

Delivery : La Poste

Guarantee : 14-day right of withdrawal.

Description of Dentolan:

“Dentolan” is a natural food solution that relieves bad breath from the inside out to promote digestion, soothe the throat and vocal cords, and balance gastric pH. It ensures fresh breath in just a few days of use.

Review of Dentolan:

Let’s discover a natural approach to overcoming bad breath with a dietary supplement specifically designed to act deep down.

In this article, we’ll explore a solution that goes beyond simple oral hygiene practices: “Dentolan”, a product designed to soothe the throat, support digestion and maintain gastric balance. This supplement offers a fresh perspective on the treatment of bad breath.

Let’s dive into the details of its exclusive formula and see how this product could make a difference,

Ready to discover if “Dentolan” can change your daily life? Can it really offer you a complete, natural approach to fresh breath?

Read on to find out more about this unconventional solution to bad breath.


“Dentolan”, presented as a novel dietary supplement, stands out as a complete solution to the inconvenience of bad breath. By acting internally, this product goes beyond conventional oral hygiene practices by directly targeting the root of the problem.

Featuring an exclusive formula, this dietary supplement aims to soothe the throat, effectively support digestion and maintain an optimal gastric pH balance. Designed to provide a comprehensive, natural response to halitosis, it promises tangible results in just a few days.

Made with natural ingredients and claiming to be free from side effects, this product stands out for its ability to tackle bad breath in a thorough way, offering a fresh, pragmatic approach to restoring fresh, long-lasting breath.

Manufactured in full compliance with European safety and hygiene standards, this is a premium, easy-to-use product that has been laboratory-tested to guarantee its effectiveness!

How it works

The way “Dentolan” works, as described in its specifications, lies in its innovative angle of attack, acting deep down to treat bad breath. In this way, unlike conventional oral hygiene solutions, the supplement directly addresses the underlying causes.

The product’s unique formula combines digestive enzymes that promote the breakdown of food macromolecules, with probiotic bacteria, acting to normalize the bacterial flora of the digestive system. Natural plant extracts and plant enzymes help soothe digestive system discomforts, promote toxin elimination and strengthen immune mechanisms. Thanks to this combination of ingredients, this supplement aims to effectively eliminate bad breath linked to gastric problems, inadequate diet, or other disorders, offering a comprehensive approach for long-lasting freshness results.

Formula composition

“Dentolan” combines a series of high-quality ingredients specially selected to treat all the reasons that can lead to bad breath.

 – DigeZyme®

  • Digestive enzyme complex including alpha-amylase, neutral protease, cellulase, lactase, lipase.
  • Promotes efficient digestion by breaking down food macromolecules into smaller blocks.
  • Enhances digestive comfort, reduces toxin levels and improves overall digestive system function.

 – LactoSpore® MTCC 5856 probiotic bacteria

  • Unique probiotic containing Bacillus coagulans bacteria.
  • Normalizes the bacterial flora of the digestive system.
  • Reduces digestive discomfort, gas and flatulence, and helps regulate bowel movements.

 – Peppermint leaf extract

  • Helps with indigestion, flatulence and abdominal cramps.
  • Supports the immune system.
  • Antibacterial and spasmolytic properties.

 – Artichoke leaf extract [2.5% cynarine].

  • Hepatoprotective and antimicrobial properties.
  • Promotes bile flow through the bile ducts.
  • Supports elimination of toxins from the body.

 – Fennel fruit extract

  • Soothes digestive system complaints.
  • Relieves indigestion.
  • Anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties.

 – Fenugreek seed extract [25% saponins].

  • Anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties.
  • Facilitates food digestion and nutrient absorption.
  • Reinforces the body’s immune mechanisms.

 – Bromelain from edible pineapple fruit

  • Improves protein digestion.
  • Anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties.
  • Supports immune system function.

 – Papain from papaya

  • Improves macronutrient digestion.
  • Supports immune system functions.
  • Antibacterial and antifungal properties.

The union of these natural components acts internally to provide support for digestion, throat and vocal cords, while helping to maintain gastric pH balance, thus guaranteeing healthy breath within a few days, with no side effects.

Directions for use

Taking “Dentolan” is simple and practical, to ensure optimal use. We recommend taking two capsules a day, preferably during a meal, with a glass of water. This dosing regimen has been designed to ensure an appropriate dose of all the product’s active ingredients, so as to optimize its overall benefits.

Time of action

DentolanAccording to the official website, regular use of “Dentolan” promises rapid and significant results for those seeking to overcome bad breath problems. Thanks to its mode of action, this dietary supplement works deep down to eliminate the source of halitosis in less than 10 to 12 days.

Expected benefits include long-lasting fresh breath, even after discontinuing use of the product. What’s more, by effectively targeting the causes of bad breath linked to gastric problems, inadequate diet, or other disorders, this product offers a comprehensive solution that would go beyond simple oral hygiene practices. Users should also notice a noticeable improvement in digestive comfort, a reduction in toxin levels, and an overall strengthening of the immune system.

Key benefits

By offering a balanced approach to overcoming bad breath problems, “Dentolan” offers several advantages.

Its targeted internal action acts effectively against the root causes of halitosis, going far beyond oral hygiene practices, by treating gastric problems, inadequate diet, and other disorders associated with bad breath. Digestive enzymes such as those contained in DigeZyme® complex promote optimal digestion, providing enhanced digestive comfort and reducing toxin levels in the body. LactoSpore® MTCC 5856 probiotic bacteria help normalize the bacterial flora of the digestive system, promoting better intestinal health. Natural extracts of peppermint, artichoke, fennel and fenugreek offer additional benefits, such as relief from digestive discomfort, immune system support and anti-inflammatory properties.

Questions / Answers :

This chapter will help you answer the most frequently asked questions about “Dentolan”.

What is “Dentolan”?

“Dentolan” is an innovative dietary supplement specially designed for people with bad breath. Its unique formula works from the inside out to eliminate the underlying causes of halitosis, offering a complete solution.

How does “Dentolan” work?

“Dentolan” works deep down thanks to its rich, diversified formula. Digestive enzymes such as DigeZyme® promote optimal digestion, while LactoSpore® MTCC 5856 probiotic bacteria help normalize the bacterial flora of the digestive system. Natural extracts of peppermint, artichoke, fennel and fenugreek provide additional benefits for oral and digestive health.

What are the benefits of “Dentolan”?

“Dentolan” offers a balanced solution without overpricing, effectively treating bad breath while improving digestive comfort. Its benefits include long-lasting fresh breath, optimal digestion, and an overall strengthening of health.

When can I expect to see results?

The results of “Dentolan” are generally visible after just a few days of regular use. However, effects may vary from person to person.

What is the recommended dosage?

We recommend taking two “Dentolan” capsules a day, preferably during a meal, with a glass of water. It’s important to follow this recommendation to ensure optimal absorption of the active ingredients.

Are there any side effects with “Dentolan”?

No, “dentolan” is made from tested, safe, natural ingredients. No side effects have been reported when used as recommended.

Where can I buy “Dentolan”?

“Dentolan” is available for purchase on the Brand’s official website. Different offers are available depending on the duration of supply, offering flexibility to users.

Is “Dentolan” shipped abroad?

Yes, “Dentolan” can be shipped abroad to meet the needs of international users.

Is there any risk of subscription or hidden charges with the purchase of “Dentolan”?

No, the manufacturer of this product is very serious. No hidden fees, recurring subscriptions, data resale or other known dubious practices are used on this product’s official website.

Additional information

Dentolan“Dentolan” offers a simplified and advantageous purchasing experience to meet the varied needs of its users. Offers are given in 3 ways; the purchase of 3+3 free for a total of 149.97€ for 6 vials, the purchase of 2+1 free for a total of 99.98€ for 3 vials and the purchase of a single vial for 49.99€. Each bottle is agreed for a one-month supply.

The security of your purchase is ensured by secure online transactions complying with international standards, offering peace of mind regarding the confidentiality of your data.

Once an order has been placed, shipments are dispatched quickly, ensuring prompt receipt of the product at the specified address within a few working days. The International Delivery option extends the reach of the product, enabling a global audience to enjoy its benefits.

Customer support is friendly and reliable. Users can ask questions, request additional information or share concerns via an online form.

Disadvantage of Dentolan:

“Dentolan is by no means a miracle solution for halitosis! Used without adopting a healthy, balanced oral lifestyle, it will not provide the results hoped for. In fact, taking this dietary supplement without brushing your teeth 2 or 3 times a day won’t do much good!

 – Precautions for use

Follow the recommended dosage, and do not exceed the prescribed dose. If you forget to take it, avoid doubling the dose the next day.

Avoid consumption if you are allergic to any component of the product. Swallow the capsule whole, without chewing or crunching.

Store the product in a dry, dark place at room temperature, ensuring that the container is tightly closed. Keep out of reach of children.

Maintain healthy, balanced oral hygiene for optimum results.

 – Recommendations

It is essential to strictly follow the instructions for use provided on the packaging or in the leaflet accompanying the product.

This supplement, designed to promote fresh breath, is not recommended for minors, pregnant or breast-feeding women.

If you suffer from a chronic condition or are undergoing medical treatment, we recommend that you consult your doctor to ensure that the product is adapted to your specific health situation.

 – Side effects

As a dietary supplement made exclusively from natural ingredients, “Dentolan” has no known side effects when used as recommended. It is essential to strictly adhere to the dosage instructions on the packaging.

If you are known to be allergic to any of the ingredients, you must refrain from using it.

In the event of any side effects following use of this product, it is advisable to discontinue the treatment. If symptoms persist, it is strongly recommended that you consult your GP for advice tailored to your individual situation.

Reputation of Dentolan:

The reputation of “Dentolan” is really good, making this product a solution appreciated by its users. Many consumers see it as an effective answer to bad breath.

What’s more, this product is marketed by “Key Player Limited”, a company with a solid reputation, offering quality products as well as serious customer service.

Conclusion for Dentolan:

Based on this survey, it appears that “Dentolan” is positioned as an effective bad breath solution that is likely to meet the expectations of a large number of users.

Official Website :

Go to the official website : Dentolan

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