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Updated on 27 June 2023.
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Evaluation, Rating and Critical Review of Custom Keto Diet

Custom Keto Diet

Product name : Custom Keto Diet

Brand : CustomKetoDiet

Responsible : Mrs. Rachel Roberts

Official Website :

Language : English

Tiny description : Personalized keto diet plan.

Price : $37.00

Format : Online member area

Delivery : Instant Access

Guarantee : 60 days (100% money back if not satisfied)

Description of Custom Keto Diet :

“Custom KETO Diet” is a comprehensive 8-week custom keto diet plan that provides a tailored action plan based on your body, lifestyle, goals and taste buds!

Review of Custom Keto Diet :

“Custom KETO Diet” is an 8-week custom keto diet plan specifically designed to help you reach your weight goal in a reasonable amount of time.

The difference between this Custom Keto Diet and another Keto guide is that it is a custom ketogenic meal plan tailored to your situation, body, tastes and goals.

By using a personalized diet, this system guarantees steady weight loss with maximum comfort without a yo-yo effect!

But above all:

What is a KETO, Keto or Ketogenic diet?

A ketogenic diet is a very low-sugar diet in which carbohydrates are replaced with fat (natural fats). The fat, once metabolized, will create a state of nutritional ketosis during which fat becomes the primary material used by the body to create energy.

The burning of body fat in this way leads to rapid slimming!

There is no doubt that the Keto diet is a healthy and very effective way to lose excess weight.

That being said, not everyone achieves incredible results, and the reason is that humans are different, with totally different lifestyles, cravings and habits. The custom keto diet has taken all of these factors into consideration to develop a personalized nutritional plan that is unique to you, ensuring steady and optimal progress through a ketogenic diet tailored to your situation and tastes.

What is this “Custom KETO Diet”

As you can see, “Custom Keto Diet” is a personalized 8-week weight loss method based on the ketogenic diet.

The creator of this method is Rachel Roberts, a fitness expert. She discovered this diet through several research studies and developed it with the help of top chefs, nutritionists and professional personal trainers.

This diet choice includes a natural method for you to lose weight permanently while maintaining your health with easy to make personalized keto recipes.

The diet plan contains many recipes to not only promote body fat burning but also to learn how to eat healthy.

This method also provides you with nutritional advice, portion sizes and steps to follow depending on the goals you want to achieve, according to your food preferences, your current weight and your lifestyle.

It will help to improve your daily routine and get a healthy body!

Comes with plenty of extra material to keep you on the diet even after the 8 weeks are up, “Custom keto diet” includes things like cookbooks and valuable additional information on transitioning to a ketogenic lifestyle.

How it works

With “Custom KETO Diet,” all the work is done for you. You receive an 8-week keto meal plan that is tailored to your specifics.

It all starts with a quick and easy online questionnaire where you select your gender, lifestyle, dietary preferences and body measurements. Then, the program takes all of this into consideration to offer you a personalized approach to weight loss through an 8-week keto meal plan.

Each day you will be provided with a recipe for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks with the correct serving sizes for each specific meal based on your personal preferences and goals that you state at the beginning.

All meals are accompanied by nutritional information that explains why they were selected. This is to help you understand the diet instead of just following it. This makes it easier to form new healthy habits that you can continue long after the 8 weeks are up.

What are the major benefits?

The major benefits of “Custom Keto Diet” are to:

 – Lose weight without regaining the pounds lost at the end of the treatment!
 – Help to obtain and maintain a healthy weight!
 – Stimulate brain function!
 – Help manage or even sometimes reverse diabetes!
 – Reduce the risk of heart disease!
 – Improve mental well-being!
 – Prevent and fight certain types of disease!
 – Improve bowel health and intestinal disorders!
 – Enable fast food eating!
 – Build a healthy lifestyle for a long time!
 – Be simple and easy to follow!

Additional Information:

Custom Keto DietThe personalization of the diet plan is done at the time of registration but can also be adjusted at any time from your member area!

For those who are interested, fast food restaurants have been taken into account. This keto plan allows you to incorporate places like McDonald’s, Subway, Burger King, KFC,…

Intermittent fasting can also be incorporated into the “Custom KETO Diet”!

Disadvantage of Custom Keto Diet :

“Custom KETO Diet” is not a miracle diet that makes you lose weight effortlessly, it is a ketogenic diet that will require effort and sacrifice!

A ketogenic diet is sometimes accompanied by undesirable effects commonly called ‘ketogenic flu’ which can include headaches, a feeling of hunger, a drop in energy or concentration problems… (These problems generally disappear after two weeks.)

Ketogenic diets are not recommended for pregnant or breastfeeding women, people under the age of 18, or people with depression, diabetes, liver problems or kidney disease.

High fat intake can make cardiovascular health problems worse!

If you have any health concerns or doubts, it is important to consult a physician before starting a ketogenic diet.

Reputation of Custom Keto Diet :

Even though it is quite new, “Custom KETO Diet” already has a fairly good reputation in the United States, there are many positive testimonials that refer to a diet that gives results when followed seriously.

Conclusion for Custom Keto Diet :

The “Custom KETO Diet” seems, according to the information gathered on the Internet, to be an effective weight loss method which, not only allows you to lose weight, but should also prevent you from gaining it back once the diet is over!

However, be sure to take note of the above-mentioned drawbacks before embarking on the adventure!

Official Website :

Go to the official website: Custom Keto Diet

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