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Updated on 27 June 2023.
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Evaluation, Rating and Critical Review of SumUp


Product name : SumUp

Responsible : SumUp Payments Limited

Official Website :

Language : English

Tiny description : Mobile payment terminal.

Price : $69.00 in US / £29 in UK.

Format : Payment terminal

Delivery : Fast, Secure and Free.

Guarantee : 30 days (100% money back if not satisfied)

Description of SumUp :

“SumUp” is a credit card reader that turns smartphones and tablets into mobile payment terminals!

Review of SumUp :

“SumUp” is a company that offers an affordable and efficient solution for entrepreneurs, traders and freelancers wishing to accept credit card payments.

Its contactless Air card reader is, according to our research, recommended for companies whose monthly card transaction volume is less than $8,000.
With the latest technologies in terms of chip, PIN code and contactless technology it becomes an interesting alternative to conventional payment terminals.

But above all, how does it work?

With “SumUp Air”, the payment process itself is simple: you first enter the amount of the transaction in the application. Then, the customer inserts his card into the reader and confirms the payment with his PIN, or, for small amounts, touches his contactless card or his mobile phone (Apple Pay or Google Pay) on the top of the payment terminal.

Once the payment is made, an acknowledgment of receipt can be sent to the customer by e-mail or SMS.
(Some small wireless printers are also supported by “Sumup” if you absolutely need to print receipts for your customers.)

In addition to Visa, V PAY, Maestro and Mastercard, “SumUp” also accepts American Express. You can accept international cards, as long as they belong to the Visa, Mastercard or American Express brands.

The mobile device accepts contactless cards, so your customer can pay up to € 20 without entering a PIN. The terminal also accepts Apple Pay and Google Pay.

“SumUp” sends payments to your bank account every day and it takes 2-3 business days for payments to be credited to your account.

the mobile card reader runs on battery power and can accept up to 500 payments in one charge, so be comfortable even if you work outdoors!

Is “SumUp” suited to my needs?

The “SumUp” payment terminal is a great option for independent merchants, small businesses, clubs and corporations that only need one mobile card reader.

For traders and lower-volume companies, the fixed costs of “sumup” are very competitive: 2.65% for United States and 1.68% for United.

For people who travel for business reasons, this Air terminal offers perfect flexibility of use. For foreign countries, an arrangement is available in all countries where “SumUp” offers services but it will be necessary to make arrangements with the customer service.

“SumUp” also offers a complete point of sale solution (TPV Cash Management Application), more suitable for small retailers, as well as restaurants, drinking places, …. However, if you choose to use this particular solution, you will have to pay a recurring monthly fee.

Be aware, however, that certain types of businesses are not supported by “Sum-Up”, such as tiered marketing, any type of adult entertainment, home sales and unlicensed consulting services such as tips financial, marriage or abuse. It is important to be aware of these restrictions, as some of the negative comments we have seen come from people who have traded in one of these restricted areas.

Management features:

The online dashboard offered by “SumUp” is a nice feature for management and business decisions. It allows you to access sales data and export either your complete sales history or the history of a particular day, week, or month to an Excel file.

It also allows you to pre-define products so you can click on the products in the app to speed up the payment process.

And if you need more than one person accepting card payments, it is possible to link more than one card reader to the main account.

It is also possible to create a multiuser account where users can log in using their personal data allowing you to control the history of their respective sales.

What pricing?

The official selling price of the “SumUp” Air card reader is $69.00 in the United States and £29 in the United Kingdom, there are no ongoing or monthly fees – you only pay a flat rate per transaction.

Here are the costs per country:

– 2.65% for United States.
There are no differences between the different card schemes (MasterCard, Visa, American Express).

– 1.68% for United Kindom.
Per “Virtual Terminal” transaction the fee is 2.95% + £0.25.

Transaction fees are technically very interesting in the mobile card reader market as there is no additional subscription or fee.

According to our research, if your company generates less than 8,000 dollars per month in card payments, “Sum Up” is an interesting option.

What about customer service?

The official site of “Sumup” offers an online support center that will answer most of your questions.
If you have a question that remains unanswered, you can contact customer service via email via the contact page or by telephone during opening hours.

What do we need to start?

You need a smartphone or tablet with Bluetooth compatible with “SumUp” (to check on the official website) and download the free payment application on an iOS or Android device.

All you have to do is register online.

Once registration is complete, the card reader will be delivered to you by mail and you should receive it within five business days.

Once in possession of SumUp’s Wireless Air Card Reader, it will connect to your mobile device via Bluetooth and you’re ready to start!

The payment terminal “SumUp” is an effective and affordable solution that could suit freelancers, merchants and small businesses looking for an alternative to conventional payment terminals!

Disadvantage of SumUp :

“SumUp” does not offer telephone support in the evenings and on Sundays which can be very annoying for people who work in the evening or on Sundays!

Some users also complained about the site’s installation instructions, which they said were too vague.

Finally, as already noted in the above assessment, companies that have a high transaction volume should find more advantage from the competition!

Reputation of SumUp :

“SumUp” enjoys an excellent reputation on the Internet, created in 2012, this company has today hundreds of thousands of users around the world and continues to grow with a presence in already more from 30 countries.

Testimonials generally refer to a simple, practical and economical tool that is perfect for most small businesses, communities or associations!

Conclusion for SumUp :

It seems, according to user reviews, that the payment terminal “SumUp Air” is an effective, simple and inexpensive solution to allow your business to accept credit card payments.

The card reader is also accompanied by a 30-day money back guarantee!

Official Website :

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