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Article by René Ronse

Which autoresponder to choose

Updated on 23 October 2023.

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auto-repondeurIf you’re here, you know that an autoresponder is the most effective way to develop your business (sales) and build customer loyalty.

But with all the different offers available on the market, it’s sometimes difficult to make the right choice!

Here are the most important points to consider when choosing an e-mail autoresponder:

The most important criteria for choosing the right autoresponder.

Choosing the right autoresponder!

1. Quality of autoresponder service :

The autoresponder must provide a reliable, consistent and flexible email answering service to meet your every need.

2. Essential autoresponder tools:

The autoresponder must provide you with the necessary and indispensable tools, such as statistics analysis, automatic data backup and optimized delivery so that your e-mails don’t end up directly in the spam folder.

3. A French autoresponder:

Not everyone is perfectly bilingual, so for most of us it’s important to choose an autoresponder in French to be able to use the autoresponder to 100% of its potential and have customer service in French.

4. Clear, detailed explanations:

The autoresponder must offer clear training so that you can start using it without difficulty and learn to use all the features it offers.

5. Affordable price:

The price of the autoresponder must be competitive and reasonable in relation to what’s on offer.

6. Quality of customer service:

The autoresponder needs to provide fast, efficient technical service, so that you don’t have to deal with problems for longer than necessary.

Who do we recommend?

There are many reliable autoresponders on the Internet that fulfill all the points listed above, but there’s 1 that outshines all the rest:


This is a French autoresponder that offers quality service at a very attractive price.
The autoresponder is constantly evolving, and the technical support is responsive and efficient.
SG Autoresponder is our 1st choice!

Click here to see SG Autorepondeur’s offer!


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