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Updated on 26 March 2024.
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Evaluation, Rating and Critical Review of Wrinkle Power

Wrinkle Power

Product name : Wrinkle Power Filling

Responsible : 9tails

Official Website :

Language : English

Tiny description : Immediate-effect anti-aging serum.

Price : $26.77

Format : 6ml syringe

Delivery : Fast and secure

Guarantee : 60 days (100% money back if not satisfied)

Description of Wrinkle Power :

“Wrinkle Power” is a serum that improves wrinkles instantly and over the long term to keep skin young and smooth!

Review of Wrinkle Power :

“Wrinkle Power” is a new anti-aging cosmetic product. Born from an innovative and patented formula that comes straight from Korea, this care product is inspired by a medical technique called mesotherapy and promises a fast and long term effect!

Let’s discover the characteristics, properties and effects of this new anti-aging serum!

So, what exactly is “Wrinkle Power”?

“Wrinkle Power” is an anti-wrinkle cream offered by the Korean brand “9tails”.

It is an anti-aging serum that provides instant rejuvenation in 90 seconds!

The formula used in the manufacture of this product is inspired by mesotherapy. It is a medical technique developed by the French physician Michel Pistor. It consists of injecting medication by micro-injections into the dermis.

The product contains spicules from a sea sponge that create microchannels in the epidermis. Thanks to their action, the anti-aging active ingredients contained in the cream can penetrate the skin. In other words, they will not only act on the surface, but above all in depth, making them much more effective.

The active ingredients will moisturize the skin and optimize its elasticity. “Wrinkle Power” is very powerful, because a single drop can give a remarkable effect in less than two minutes.

The components of “Wrinkle Power”.

This serum is a synergy composed of 17 amino acids, 7 peptides and plant extracts known for their anti-wrinkle effects. It is the combination of these elements that gives this serum its formidable effect.

Let’s discover its main components:

 – Biotide

The function of this component is to stimulate collagen production at the fibroblast level and to optimize their mass.

 – Amino acids

This anti-aging cream also contains amino acids including Serine, Glycine and Arginine among others. They have the effect of promoting the synthesis of collagen.

 – Plant extracts

Plant extracts known for their anti-aging virtues are also part of the composition of this serum. This is the case of Aloe vera and purslane. These two ingredients have a moisturizing effect.

The effects of “Wrinkle Power”.

Wrinkle PowerTo verify the effectiveness of “Wrinkle Power Filling”, tests were carried out on 24 people for 4 weeks. As you can see below, the results are quite remarkable.

 – Immediate effects

After the application of the serum, the bags under the eyes of the test participants decreased by up to – 81.40%. The wrinkles on the crow’s feet were also reduced by up to 28.75%.

 – Long-term effects

Test participants also saw their eye contour wrinkles decrease in volume by up to 65.32% over the 4 weeks of use. It is also worth mentioning the attenuation of up to 25.31% of wrinkles in crow’s feet.

Instructions for use of the product

To enjoy the beneficial effects of “Wrinkle Power”, a good use is essential. There is indeed a ritual of care to be applied. First of all, it is necessary to clean and rinse the face, then take care to dry it well with a clean and dry towel. The next step is to apply a very small amount of the serum (the equivalent of a grain of rice) to the dry skin.

Spread it over the dermis following the direction of the wrinkle. Next, you should lightly tap your skin with your fingertips. These gestures should be repeated until the product is completely absorbed. Caution! It is important to cover the area to be treated well. Now, you must let the product act for 90 seconds.

During this time, it is strongly advised not to talk, laugh or frown. To promote the penetration of the active ingredients, do not hesitate to fan your face for faster drying.

Once absorption and drying is complete, you can apply your skincare cream and makeup.

The feeling of tiredness of your skin will disappear in about 5 minutes.

 – Application tips

Make sure not to apply too much product because, for best results, it must be fully absorbed.

Additional Information:

“Wrinkle Power” is sold in a 6 ml syringe format.

The long-term effect should already be visible in only 2 weeks.

Disadvantage of Wrinkle Power :

Normally, Wrinkle Power is suitable for all skin types. However, in order to avoid problems, it is best to try it on a small area before applying the product to the face.

Reputation of Wrinkle Power :

According to testimonials from users who took the time to post their experience, the reputation of “Wrinkle Power” is negative.

Conclusion for Wrinkle Power :

It seems that this product is ineffective and does not give the anti-aging results announced!

Therefore, we do not recommend purchasing “Wrinkle Power”!

Instead, you can take a look at this natural anti-aging cream that, without being a miracle product, fights and reverses the signs of premature aging of the skin effectively to lift, firm and smooth the skin to visibly reduce wrinkles!

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