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Updated on 26 March 2024.
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Evaluation, Rating and Critical Review of Flawless


Product name : Flawless

Brand : Flawless

Responsible : Finishing Touch

Official Website :

Language : English

Tiny description : an anti-hair removal stick for face.

Price : $19.99

Format : Facial care device

Delivery : depending on the seller

Guarantee : /

Description of Flawless :

“Flawless – USB Rechargeable Anti-Defect Stick” is a stylish, convenient and discreet shaver capable of removing facial hair and fuzz instantly and painlessly!

Review of Flawless :

The Finishing Touch Flawless Stick is a small, discreet and stylish facial shaver.

It is an effective device specifically designed to put an immediate and painless end to small fuzz on the upper lip and cheeks, as well as unruly eyebrow hair!

The “Flawless” facial shaver in more detail:

The touch finishing razor features a discreet, portable design that promises to be convenient and easy to use whether you’re at home or on the go!

In fact, barely larger than a tube of lipstick, the fuzz stick is super convenient and can be taken anywhere.

The elegant and luxurious design of the device combines pearly white with 18-carat gold plating.
This precious metal is not only for decoration, it is also hypoallergenic and more suitable for sensitive skin.

Cordless, this facial device is equipped with a rechargeable battery and comes with a USB charging cable.

An LED light is also built in so you can use it with great precision, even in low light conditions!

Quick and easy, this anti-hair loss stick leaves skin immediately smooth, with no pain or redness, nicks, cuts or irritation regularly associated with waxing.

How to use the “Finishing Touch Flawless” epilator?

This device is really easy to use:

1/ Remove the cap.
2/ Slide the power button on the side of the unit to ON to put the device into action.
3/ Place the mechanical head of the unit flat against your skin and gently work in a circular motion to remove the hair.

This unit can be used on the cheeks, upper lip and temples.
It can also be used to clean the shape of your eyebrows or correct your hairline.
It can also be used on arms and legs but since the head of the device is small, this will only be useful on small areas.

The cleaning of the unit is done after each use as follows:

1/ Turn the unit off.
2/ Turn the rotating head counterclockwise and lift it up.
3/ Remove hair residue with the included small brush.
4/ Replace the rotating head by aligning the grooves on the cap with those on the unit and turn clockwise.

Package contents:

 – 1 FLAWLESS – USB Rechargeable Anti-Defect Stick.
 – 2 spare heads.
 – 1 Cleaning brush.
 – 1 USB Charger.

Additional Information:

FlawlessThe device must be fully charged before first use!
A full charge of the battery takes approximately 3 hours.
A red LED is lit during charging, it goes out when the battery is fully charged.

Replacement of the rotating head is done as soon as you feel a loss of performance, which usually takes +/- 6 months.

Use only on dry skin!

Disadvantage of Flawless :

 – The “USB Rechargeable Hair Removal Stick” is actually a shaver for down and not an epilator as you can read on many websites!

 – The device only works on down and fine hair!


Keep out of reach of children and do not use on children!
Not recommended for people with dermatological problems!
Not recommended for people with irritated, inflamed, infected skin or open wounds!
Do not use under water or on wet skin!

Reputation of Flawless :

The reputation of the Finishing Touch “FLAWLESS” razor is quite good with a majority of positive testimonials especially focused on the discreet, practical and efficient aspect of this facial shaver!

Conclusion for Flawless :

According to the reviews and testimonies of Internet users, everything seems to indicate that this small facial razor offers a simple, painless, practical and effective solution to remove the fuzz that is found on different parts of the face.

I therefore recommend the “FlawLess” anti-hair loss stick!

Still, note that you can find this device at a lower price on

“Flawless” on Amazon:

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