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Updated on 22 February 2024.
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Probiosin Plus Probiosin Plus is a natural slimming supplement that seems to tackle the problem of weight loss from a different and rather interesting angle. The bottle clearly states: Weight Management and Digestive Support, with a tiny asterisk at the end of the word “Support”. Indeed, the manufacturer of this supplement is counting on digestive comfort to succeed in the slimming process, and we can say they’re right about that.

How do Probiosin Plus capsules intend to live up to their designer’s promises? What makes them so different from other products? Are the latter not aimed at digestive comfort? All these questions, and many more, have been answered in the results of our survey.

Probiosin Plus, to go beyond the stomach…

Probiosin Plus is a capsule solution that essentially promises to deliver its components where they’re supposed to do their job: the intestines.

We all know that our stomachs secrete gastric juice, which breaks down the food we eat and transforms it into the nutrients we need to live. However, along the way, this same juice also disintegrates the envelopes of most drug and dietary supplement capsules. This takes the ingredients carried by these capsules directly into the stomach.

According to many scientists, it’s in the intestines that the absorption of active ingredients must take place. Passing them through the stomach risks considerably damaging their nutritional value, especially in the case of probiotics and enzymes. Probiosin Plus follows this logic, using DR caps™, delayed-release capsules.

DR caps™, to resist gastric juices

DRCaps stands for Delayed Release Capsules. They are simply a special technology that protects the contents of a capsule from stomach secretions. The company behind this innovation is Capsugel.

With conventional gelatin-based capsules, the ingredients are released rapidly on contact with gastric juices. They disintegrate completely within 15 minutes of ingestion. In contrast, DR caps™ begin to release their contents after 52 minutes, on average. They disintegrate completely after 72 minutes.

When it comes to transporting probiotics and enzymes, the use of DR caps™ seems the ideal solution. These nutrients need to arrive whole at intestinal level, to be most effective. The choice of manufacturer for Probiosin Plus takes on a certain importance in our view, when you consider what this innovation promises. To find out more about DR Caps, please consult the following document.

The promise of Probiosin Plus

Key Player, the manufacturer of Probiosin Plus, presents its product as the world’s first weight-loss capsules that not only burn fat, but also demonstrate probiotic activity. The product’s content of good bacteria is said to strengthen the body and immune system, quench the intestines, improve digestion and reduce the absorption of fats and carbohydrates.
Indigestion, constipation, lack of probiotic bacteria… these are all problems that could well be at the root of our weight worries. The right approach would be detoxification and a better supply of probiotics and prebiotics.

Here, then, are the promises of Probiosin Plus, in the words of its manufacturer:

  • Improves digestive system function;
  • reduces appetite ;
  • strengthens the immune system ;
  • protects against indigestion and constipation.

To verify these claims, the best thing to do is check the list of ingredients.


The ingredients of Probiosin Plus

Advanced symbiotic blend

Bacteries ProbiotiquesLactoSpore® probiotic bacteria (Bacillus coagulans) MTCC 5856

  • Normalizes the bacterial flora of the digestive system.
  • Reduces digestive discomfort, constipation and gas (resulting in a flat stomach).
  • Helps relieve indigestion.
  • Reduces problems linked to lactose intolerance (important for people taking protein cocktails with milk to lose weight).
  • Helps with urinary tract infections.
  • Improves immune system function.
  • Stable at room temperature, no need to store in the fridge.
  • Highly resistant to gastric acids, ensuring maximum effectiveness when used with DR caps.Fibres prebiotiques

Prebiotic fiber (FOS) – Inulin with chicory root (Cichorium L.) + Fenumannan® prebiotic fiber – Galactomannan with fenugreek seed (Trigonella foenum – graecum L.)

  • Encourages the development of bacteria beneficial to the body, facilitating weight loss.
  • Improves digestive comfort.
  • Increases digestive system efficiency.
  • Have a positive effect on intestinal pH.

Metabolism activators and lipolytics

Garcinia Cambogia ExtraitGarcinia Cambogia fruit extracts
Reduces appetite. Helps maintain healthy blood sugar levels. Slows down the synthesis and accumulation of fats in the body. Lowers cholesterol levels.

Extrait de feuilles de the vertGreen tea leaf extract

Supports metabolism and fatty acid oxidation. Increases energy levels. Demonstrates proteolytic and diuretic activity.

Extrait de figues OpuntiaOpuntia fig extract

Aids fat metabolism. Helps achieve optimal glucose levels. Reduces appetite.

Extrait de papaye - papainePapain from papaya extract

Aids digestion of micro-nutrients. Antibacterial and anti-inflammatory action. Boosts immune system function.

Extrait de poivre noir - BioperineBioPerine® black pepper extract

Aids digestion and absorption of nutrients. Boosts the body’s physical efficiency. Reinforces the filtering and cleansing functions of the liver.

Chrome nutrimentChromium

Helps maintain ideal blood glucose levels. Regulates blood sugar levels. Involved in macro-element metabolism.

What does science have to say about Probiosin Plus ?

In the absence of brand-specific scientific studies, which are expensive and time-consuming, the manufacturer of Probiosin Plus refers to scientific studies carried out on the ingredients of its product. This is a fairly common practice in the slimming world, and one that holds water, provided that the dosages and combinations of ingredients are justified and validated.

For example, the manufacturer bases its claims on the results of certain studies:

  • Probiotics boost the immune system and facilitate slimming. Source.
  • Well-selected intestinal bacteria can stabilize blood sugar levels, and help burn fat. Source.

The manufacturer also points out that a balanced bacterial flora has many other benefits. For example, probiotics :

  • protect against heart disease ; Source.
  • boost immunity ; Source.
  • . limit inflammation that affects the body and its functioning. Source.

What users of Probiosin Plus

Apart from the examples of testimonials found on the product’s official website, we haven’t found much feedback on health and wellness forums. We believe this is essentially due to the product’s very young age on the market. We’ll be waiting for any further feedback and updating our article accordingly.
If you come across any useful information, please let us know.

How to use Probiosin Plus ?

Take 1 capsule, 2 times a day, 30 minutes before meals. Capsules should be taken with at least 300 ml of water.

Side effects and contraindications of Probiosin Plus

The manufacturer claims that its product contains only natural ingredients, ruling out any possibility of health risks or undesirable effects. However, as with all dietary supplements, Probiosin Plus is not recommended for pregnant or breastfeeding women, or for children under 18.

Of course, if you are allergic to any component of Probiosin Plus, it is not recommended for consumption. As a general rule, it’s always a good idea to talk to your GP before deciding to take a dietary supplement.

Where to buy Probiosin Plus ?

At present, you can only find this product on its official website, at the price of €49 for a bottle of 60 capsules, which corresponds to a one-month supply.

site officiel de Probiosin

An Efficacy and Satisfaction Guarantee is offered: top-quality ingredients of natural origin, no side effects and compliance with efficacy and safety standards.
A 90-day guarantee period is offered, at the end of which the product can be returned and a refund requested.

Our opinion on Probiosin Plus

At this stage, we don’t have enough information to make a final decision on this product. But we intend to shed some light on certain points to help you make up your mind.


  • The philosophy behind this solution makes perfect sense: optimal intestinal flora is one of the keys to successful weight loss;
  • The DR Caps concept caught our attention, especially as it transports interesting ingredients to the intestine.
  • A list of ingredients recognized in the field of weight loss;
  • A 90-day guarantee, giving you enough time to see whether or not the effects will be felt.


  • The price is rather high for a slimming supplement. However, if the formula proves successful, it will justify €49;
  • On the official website, you won’t find the exact dosages of the ingredients. This is a very important element in confirming (or not) a purchasing decision;
  • Lack of testimonials (due to the product’s recent history).

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