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Updated on 1 March 2024.
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Evaluation, Rating and Critical Review of Saxenda


Product name : Saxenda


Responsible : Novo Nordisk Inc.

Official Website :

Language : English

Tiny description : Weight loss treatment in the form of a slimming pen.

Price : £66.06

Format : 18mg liraglutide pen

Delivery : UPS

Guarantee : 60 days (100% money back if not satisfied)

Description of Saxenda :

SAXENDA is a solution against obesity which acts on the blood sugar level and would thus allow to associate weight loss with diabetes stability.

Review of Saxenda :

SAXENDA, is it the ultimate solution to obesity which has become over time a global scourge that threatens more than one society.
The causes are multiple, the most important: our way of life which favors comfort and pushes to passivity and non-action. This phenomenon even affects children.

Treatments resulting from scientific research are multiplying and new ones are emerging every moment.

Saxenda is a new treatment for obesity. Let’s take a tour of this new hope for obesity.

A new hope for treating obesity

pack-saxendra-for-lossThe problem of obesity and related diseases is now posing real challenges for the medical profession, which is increasingly offering drugs to combat excess weight.

Overweight is no longer considered as a cosmetic or social image problem, but as a real health concern as it is the cause of several serious chronic diseases, including the following:

  • Type 2 diabetes;
  • Metabolic disorders;
  • Dyslipidemia: excess cholesterol and triglycerides in the blood;
  • Oarthritis problems;
  • Liver problems;
  • High blood pressure;
  • Certain cancers;

From more and more drugs on the market…

In this context, several drugs are prescribed by doctors to help their patients lose weight and consequently relieve the weight of these associated diseases.
However, in the majority of cases, these drugs either turn out to be dangerous due to their side effects, or not really effective and end up being withdrawn from the market.

But hope remains and research is moving forward to find new and especially better treatments!

enseigne-Novo-Nordisk-LabsRecently, a drug has been proposed specifically for weight loss. It enjoys the reputation and the seriousness of its manufacturer laboratory.
Indeed, it is the Danish laboratory Novo Nordisk, world leader in diabetes products, which has obtained the authorization of the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) to market its new creation Saxenda as a treatment for obesity.

This new drug, subject to prescription and available only by prescription, is actually a higher-dose version of the active ingredient than another drug called Victoza and indicated for the treatment of type 2 diabetes.

Getting back to Saxenda, we have conducted research to provide you with the necessary information in case you want to discuss it with your doctor as part of your quest to lose weight. Right away, the Saxenda test…

What is Saxenda?

The active ingredient in Saxenda is called Liraglutide.

Liraglutide is a synthetic molecule that resembles a hormone produced by the body called Incretin.
Incretin is synthesized by the gut and causes the pancreas to produce more insulin when the body receives food. This action helps to control blood sugar levels.

The Incretin hormone has one major drawback. It degrades quickly and is eliminated from the bloodstream within minutes. Therefore, its action lasts only a very short time.
It is Liraglutide that remedies this situation: it takes the same action as Incretin, while ensuring an effect lasts all day.

pen-SaxendaTo put it simply: the Liraglutide allows for additional insulin secretion when food is ingested and its action lasts 24 hours.
This is what stabilizes blood sugar levels, which is why the Liraglutide molecule is used to treat type 2 diabetes that causes decreased insulin secretion.

In patients using Liraglutide therapy, weight loss associated with stabilization of diabetes has been noted.

For a weight loss endpoint, the recommended dose of Liraglutide is 3 mg.

This inspired the manufacturer laboratory to offer a form designed specifically for weight loss, called Saxenda.
It contains a higher dose of the active ingredient and has already undergone the necessary studies to prove its effectiveness on weight loss.

In December 2014, Saxenda received approval from the FDA in the US to be marketed as a treatment for obesity.

Indications for Saxenda

Saxenda is indicated as a weight loss treatment for obese adults and overweight adults with type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure or high cholesterol.

In Europe, Saxenda is currently under review by European health authorities for its effects on weight loss.

The evidence of effectiveness of Saxenda for weight loss

Saxenda has a so-called “glucose -dependent” action. That is, when sugar is present in the blood, this medication stimulates insulin secretion.
By lowering blood sugar, insulin slows down gastric emptying, thus reducing the feeling of hunger and giving a feeling of satiety.
Result: no more desire to snack. Weight loss is a natural consequence of reduced caloric intake.

A study concluded the effectiveness of Liraglutide for weight loss, and its results showed that three-quarters of the patients who were subjects of the study, and who had a daily dose of Liraglutide, lost more than 5% of their initial weight.

What are the conditions for use of Saxenda?

Saxenda is a recent medication indicated for the treatment of obesity and under specific conditions.

It is compulsorily subject to a medical prescription and its intake must be regularly monitored by a confirmed practitioner.

How to use Saxenda?

Saxenda is an injectable solution in the form of a pre-filled pen, dosed at 3 mg of Liraglutide.
This dose is injected subcutaneously, i.e., under the skin, once a day.

This injection method of administration may seem restrictive, but it is what ensures that the product is as effective as possible. In addition, millions of patients around the world use these pens and are comfortable with it since it allows them to control the progression of their disease and live a normal life.

What side effects of Saxenda?

Saxenda is likely to cause significant side effects such as headache, nausea, vomiting, gastrointestinal distress, diarrhea, cramps, heartburn, insomnia, fatigue of heart trouble, fainting, or kidney trouble.

This medication is very new, and it is possible that side effects not yet mentioned may occur over time.
In this case, it is advisable to immediately inform the prescribing physician who will be able to take the appropriate decision.

What are the drawbacks of Saxenda?

Saxenda has 2 disadvantages:

  1. It’s an injectable solution, which may put many off.
    Besides, no one at heart likes injections. But if your doctor deems that this product can help you, the little shot will pass without a problem!
  2. The price is very high and is not systematically reimbursed by social security and mutual health insurance.

Saxenda can represent an effective solution to lose weight in the context of regular monitoring by the attending physician.

As with any product indicated for weight loss, balanced diet and regular physical activity are the best allies to achieve lasting results.
This is especially true in the case of Saxenda, which is already aimed at obese or overweight people who suffer in parallel from other pathologies such as type 2 diabetes, which require the adoption of a healthy lifestyle and a balanced diet.

Caution: Saxenda’s main ingredient (liraglutide) interacts with many other ingredients. So, if you are already on medication, it is imperative that you take advice from your primary care physician before starting injections of this product!

Are there any contraindications?

pack-saxendra-for-lossTaking Saxenda is absolutely prohibited in the following cases :

  • In case of allergy to liraglutide or any other ingredient of the drug;
  • In cases of heart failure;
  • In case of endocrine neoplasia;
  • in case of renal insufficiency;
  • in case of liver problems;
  • to people under 18 years and 75 years or older;
  • to pregnant or nursing women.

Saxenda: our Opinion

Saxenda is a prescription drug and it is not available for sale online. But, for more info you can visit the official website of its manufacturer (in English) by clicking here. For online purchase, it’s here.

Let’s keep in mind that with the important side effects that can occur with this product, it is essential to be followed by a doctor and to inform him/her as soon as you are confronted with a side effect related to taking “Saxenda”!

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