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How to choose your slimming food supplement?

Updated on 24 November 2023.

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choosing your slimming food supplementAccording to Wikipedia, a dietary supplement is a foodstuff designed to provide the body with additional nutrients or substances with a nutritional or physiological effect (minerals, vitamins, acids, etc.) to make up for the lack or insufficiency of these substances in an individual’s normal diet.

A slimming dietary supplement is, as its name suggests, a dietary supplement for slimming.

Weight-loss supplements can be found in pharmacies, drugstores and over-the-counter on the Internet.

But what are they really? How do they work? And do we really need them?

What are slimming food supplements?

slimming-food-complementSlimming supplements play an important and growing role in the large market for dietary supplements.

A slimming food supplement is a supplement designed to help you lose weight.

Everyone is on the lookout for that famous effective supplement. But, as you probably know, weight is determined by other factors.

First, there’s diet.

Secondly, there’s physical activity.

And only in third place comes the slimming food supplement.

From this order of importance, it should be understood that slimming supplements are only a complementary solution to other measures already taken.

That said, it can in no way remedy an unbalanced lifestyle (uncontrolled diet or total lack of physical activity).

An effective slimming food supplement is largely inspired by the virtues of medicinal plants found in nature.

That’s why phrases like “100% natural formula”, “natural ingredients”, etc. are often used.

Depending on the origin of the ingredients used, there are two types: an organic supplement and one made from substances synthesized in scientific laboratories.

Please note that a slimming supplement should not be used as a substitute for a balanced and varied diet.

Why use a slimming supplement?

slimming-and-emotional-hunger-food-complementA slimming food supplement should be considered and used as a food supplement.

It’s not a solution to a health problem, but a supplement designed to make up for a dietary shortfall or deficiency.
In other words, it’s a slimming aid that can be effective depending on its composition.

Slimming supplements are an invaluable aid for people who break down during a diet, who have difficulty maintaining an active lifestyle, who can’t control themselves, who give in easily to temptation, or who want to boost and accelerate their weight loss.

In short, for anyone who needs an external boost to maintain and succeed in their weight loss journey.

The results of using a slimming food supplement are very different from one person to another.

The choice must be made on a case-by-case basis.

This choice must be determined according to each person’s current profile, state of health and desired weight-loss objectives, while taking into consideration the causes that led to the excess weight.

Once again, it’s important to remember that slimming supplements are intended to provide external assistance as part of an overall weight-loss program.

What are the categories of slimming supplements?

To cater for all tastes and needs, each slimming food supplement falls into a category.

This classification differentiates supplements according to their mode of action and composition.

Some slimming supplements fall into several categories at once: these are known as multi-action products.

We can classify slimming supplements into the following (broad) categories:

– Fat burner

trois-flacons-ph-375This slimming supplement is based on the concept of burning fat already stored in the body.

The majority of slimming supplements in this family act on the body’s thermogenesis (temperature).

The principle is simple: raise body temperature using one or more ingredients (such as chilli or pepper, for example).

The body then reacts directly, stimulating energy expenditure.

In other words, to cope with this “abnormal” situation, the body reacts to maintain its temperature at a stable, normal level, expending more energy and therefore more calories and fat.

Fat burners speed up the fat-burning process.

This mode of action involves a phenomenon known as lipolysis. Also known as adipolysis, this is the process by which the human body breaks down lipids into fatty acids and thus energy.

A fat burner helps to improve this process and aids fat destocking.

– Fat captor / Fat blocker

citrithermA fat catcher is supposed to act on newly consumed fat, not on that already present in the body.

To do this, it acts on the fat contained in freshly consumed food.

Based on natural substances found in many foods, such as citrus fruits, a fat catcher works by neutralizing the fat in the food by combining with it.

The new “fat catcher/food” mixture resulting from this combination becomes difficult for the body to digest and is eliminated through natural channels.

– Appetite reducer

bottle-unique-hoodiaAppetite reducer, also known as appetite suppressant, appetite suppressant or appetite suppressant, is a slimming supplement which, as its name suggests, acts on the appetite.

Although appetite is a natural biological phenomenon, it is a complex one, involving several organs of the body (brain, hormones, stomach, etc.).

As a result, the mode of action of each supplement differs according to manufacturer, composition and target area.

In the appetite reducer family, there are three sub-categories:

1. Mechanical appetite reducer

This so-called mechanical appetite reducer acts on the stomach.

Made up largely of soluble fibers that swell in the stomach, this slimming supplement creates a feeling of satiety.

When the fibers in question come into contact with the stomach, their volume increases.

The sensation of swelling in the stomach transmits a satiety message to the brain.

As a result, the latter automatically acts on the appetite and thus eliminates any desire to eat.

Nopal and Konjac are among the plants best known for their swelling effect.

2. Cerebral appetite reducer

Cerebral appetite reducer addresses the brain, acting more specifically on serotonin levels.

Serotonin is a neurotransmitter or neuromediator. In other words, it is a messenger that transmits nerve impulses between neurons.

It acts at the level of the central nervous system, influencing, among other things, emotionality, mood, eating and sexual behavior.

By stimulating serotonin production, the body feels full and the sensation of hunger disappears.

3. Cellular appetite reducer

The action of this supplement targets two cellular substances: leptin and adiponectin, two hormones which help balance body weight and regulate energy expenditure.

Leptin is the satiety hormone. It signals the brain when it’s time to stop eating. Too low a level of this hormone leads to a permanent desire to eat and a lasting feeling of insatiability.

A cellular appetite reducer will act by increasing the level of this hormone in the body, thereby considerably reducing the sensation of hunger and curbing appetite.

Adiponectin is a hormone produced by adipose tissue. It plays a very important role in maintaining a healthy weight and normal metabolism. It also influences insulin sensitivity. Low levels of this hormone can lead to increased body fat, insulin resistance, type 2 diabetes, hypertension and cardiovascular disease.

Adiponectin increases fat oxidation and inhibits glucose production.

A cellular appetite reducer is supposed to act on the level of this hormone in the body.

– Metabolism booster (or gas pedal)

phenqMetabolism is the set of chemical reactions that keep an organism alive.

Basic metabolism varies from one person to another.

This difference is most apparent in relation to age, gender, diet, lifestyle,….

Women have a lower metabolism than men, which is why they tend to store more fat.

A metabolism-boosting dietary supplement should boost your metabolism’s activity and accelerate its pace.

The fat burners already mentioned above are among the metabolism boosters, since they accelerate fat combustion.

Other products that act on thermogenesis can also speed up metabolism.

The bottom line: a faster metabolism means faster, more accelerated fat burning.

– Drainer

This slimming supplement stimulates the process of elimination and evacuation of toxins and waste from the body.

This type of product is recommended for people who suffer from water retention or fat accumulation in specific areas of their body.

There are many different compositions, but the main aim of drainers is to alleviate the metabolic disorders behind the phenomenon of water retention.

There are many plants in nature that can be used as drainers: meadowsweet, rockweed, green tea, birch bark, fennel, dandelion, artichoke, horsetail, etc.

Drainers are classified as follows:

1. Diuretic drainers

These diuretic drainers act on the kidneys. They enable the elimination of water, nitrogenous waste and some mineral salts.

Overuse of these products can lead to dehydration.

These products are designed primarily for lower-body weight loss.

2. Cholagogue and liver drainers

These products activate the liver and gallbladder. Toxins are eliminated by the bile.

This type of drainer is used to treat water retention problems accompanied by digestive disorders.

These drainers are prescribed for abdominal weight gain and bloating.

3. Pancreatic-activating drainers

For weight loss targeting the upper body, these slimming supplements promote digestion, especially of fats.

4. Mild laxative drainers

These drainers promote and improve intestinal transit.

– Meal replacements

These are not really slimming supplements, but a kind of pre-designed diet containing menu plans.

Their aim is to enable you to eat to your heart’s content without putting on weight.

Advantage: they are made up of well-researched nutritional values.

Disadvantage: they should not be used long-term because of the deficiencies they can cause.

These substitutes generally consist of ready-to-eat meals, drinks and even desserts.

How to choose a slimming food supplement?

slimming-food-complement-ingredientsNow that you’ve familiarized yourself with the different categories of slimming food supplements that exist, you’re in a position to determine which category corresponds to your objective.

This is the first step.

Secondly, you should make a choice based on the composition you’re interested in, the manufacturer, the sales and delivery process, …

We’ve tried to help you succeed in this step by providing you with tests of some of the slimming food supplements available on the world and European markets.

Each test contains all the information you need to make your choice. Links to trusted purchasing sites are also provided.

For other products that represent a security risk or a scam, we clearly warn our readers.

Our advice: take the time to read each test carefully before placing your order.

How do I use a slimming food supplement?

A slimming food supplement is a complementary aid. It should be used in conjunction with a healthy, balanced diet and a minimum of physical activity.

Hydration is a prerequisite for successful weight loss. So remember to drink plenty of water.

Weight-loss supplements containing stimulants such as caffeine should not be taken after 5 p.m. The presence of stimulants can disrupt the body’s ability to lose weight. The presence of stimulants could disturb your sleep.

Carefully read the detailed composition of each slimming food supplement to determine in advance whether you represent an allergy or intolerance to any of its components.

For example, seaweed-based supplements are not recommended for people with thyroid problems.

Where can I buy a slimming food supplement?

Weight-loss supplements are available in pharmacies (without prescription) and drugstores.

They are also available over the counter on manufacturers’ official websites, in specialist stores or from independent retailers.

If you want to buy your slimming food supplement online, make sure you’re on the official site to avoid price increases, and don’t forget to observe the safety rules.

And never order a product that offers an invitation to a free trial.

Does a slimming food supplement work for everyone?

No, a slimming food supplement is not effective for everyone. There’s no proof that it does or will.

Each person’s body reacts very differently. Take the example of the basic metabolism we mentioned earlier.

This metabolism is not the same for everyone, and this is what makes some people eat without gaining an ounce, while others gain weight without overeating.

This is just one example of how the human body reacts differently to external substances.

Who can use a slimming food supplement?

A slimming food supplement is a temporary solution to fill a gap or deficiency in the normal daily diet.

The composition of each supplement can have advantages and disadvantages.

If you’ve embarked on a real weight-loss programme and need a helping hand to maintain or accelerate results, or to boost your willpower, then a slimming supplement may be just the thing for you.

The use of slimming supplements and dietary supplements in general is not recommended for pregnant women, women who are breastfeeding, people under 18 and people with health problems requiring medical supervision.

What are the risks of using a slimming food supplement?

The biggest risk in using a slimming food supplement is probably the uncertainty of its effectiveness in your particular case.

There’s no guarantee in advance that it will work for you, and ultimately, the only way to know for sure is to test it.

Generally speaking, slimming supplements are made from natural plants, which reduces any health risk to zero.

However, there may be exceptions.

That’s why it’s important to find out as much as possible about a supplement before using it: where it comes from, who makes it, where it’s manufactured…

All this information is taken into account and detailed in all our articles.

All you have to do is consult them in the appropriate category: Fat BlockerMetabolism BoosterFat BurnerAppetite suppressantDrainer.

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