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Article by Corinne Kepler

The best slimming pill exists for real!

Updated on 24 November 2023.

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best diet pill IntroductionIs the best diet pill already on the market? Among the multitude of products available in pharmacies and parapharmacies, both physical and online, each pill boasts the most promising virtues, proclaiming itself the N°1 pill. No doubt most of you want to believe it, but it’s not easy.

Almost everyone dreams of losing several kilos at once, and very quickly! But everyone also knows, somewhere inside, that this would be magic, and that a magic cure doesn’t exist.

I’ve just read an editorial in which Dr. OZ begins the latest issue of his magazine “The Good Life” with a question about the best pill for losing weight, among other objectives. If you’d like to know what this famous doctor thinks, I’ll give you a summary in the following article.

The best diet pill is not a…pill!

Dr Oz The Good Life June 2017According to Dr. Mehmet Oz, the best pill for losing weight is a reality that actually exists. It is, again according to this heart surgeon and professor at Columbia University, a pill that will be able to :

  • reduce the risk of heart disease by a third ;
  • improve learning, critical thinking and judgment skills;
  • improve sleep quality;
  • nourish your muscles, including your heart, by generating new blood vessels;
  • reduce the risk of colon and breast cancer;
  • regulate blood pressure, reducing it by 19%;
  • fight depression;
  • maintain a healthy, stable and balanced weight;
  • and finally, add a few years to your life!

Dr. Oz is sure you’d not only be amazed to learn that such a pill exists, but he’s certain you’d want to order a lifetime supply of it! However, …

The best slimming pill really does exist, but in a less “medicated” form: that pill is EXERCISE!

L’exercise is the best pill for losing weight!

You’ve probably heard it said many times: exercise is good for you! But most people would rather use a diet pill than go through the “drudgery” of physical activity.

Many people hate exercising, or just the idea of having to do it. These same people feel guilty as hell if they don’t exercise. Do you know why this happens to you? It’s only because you see this activity as a punishment inflicted on you by a stranger. It’s high time to change your perspective and see exercise in a whole new light!

How to make exercise your best pill for losing weight?

Let’s face it, changing your perspective on an activity you’ve long avoided isn’t easy. But fortunately, specialists like our dear Oz always know how to make it easier for us. Here are five top tips that will make your future physical activity your best weight-loss pill!

Know that “active” means “exercise”!

You don’t have to get into ultra-mouldy spandex to exercise! All you need to do is move more, in a good mood and in the simplest way possible. Swap your car trip to your favorite far-flung mall for a brisk walk to that little store on the corner. Do your laundry while you’re on the phone instead of lying down to chat online with your friends. Long live multitasking, which combines a manual and an “intellectual” activity every time!

Woman short exerciseTake the first step without thinking too much about it!

Don’t wait until you’re inspired to start: for most of us, inspiration comes from starting to do something. Appetite comes with eating, right? Instead of spending a lot of time thinking about the ideal activity to do during the day, just do one! Whatever it is, it will be a small, concrete activity to do that will light the spark of a new habit to adopt. Get started…

Keep it simple!

The ultimate reason why exercise can be boring isn’t the activity itself: it’s the whole hoopla of before and after that surrounds it. Packing your gym bag, taking a second shower in the same day, the long journey to the gym, … All this has to disappear to leave only the essentials. Walking, doing push-ups in front of the TV during commercials, running in the garden with your dog… All this is also exercise.

Find exercise “buddies”!

If you’re on your own, you’re likely to give up very quickly. If you can find at least two other friends who might be tempted to try out the best diet pill, all the better! Running with two is great… running with three or more is even cooler: remember, the more the merrier!

With your friends, you can create a small closed group on your favorite messenger or chat app, where you’ll virtually pat each other on the back whenever you feel the need. Many other smartphone apps, like MyFitnessPal, offer membership to a community of others who aren’t necessarily your friends!

Get dancing!

What are you waiting for to compile your own playlist and let loose? Who really cares who you are or how you look! Exercise isn’t just a chore of athletic moves instilled by a muscular instructor: it’s also a liberated dance, with no choreography whatsoever, but one that celebrates your joie de vivre, and making the most of your best diet pill… for free!

The last word…

Femme Jogging MusicAll in all, it was the best weight-loss pill that we, like Dr. Oz, hope you’ll take in good spirits. Exercise, far from being a stereotype in the imagination of many of us, is not necessarily an arduous activity. It’s also not an activity to be dissociated entirely from what we do during the day: we can move around and enjoy it while indulging in our “serious” lives.

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