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Article by Corinne Kepler

8 tips to lose weight quickly and easily before summer!

Updated on 4 November 2023.

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8-Tips-for-slimming-before-summerSummer is fast approaching and you’re not quite sure you’re ready to put on that gorgeous bikini you’ve been dreaming of?

When you start thinking about the beach, golden sands, sunbathing and lounging, it’s easy to feel a little anxious if you’re carrying a few extra pounds…

So you’re ready to make every imaginable effort to lose weight fast, so you can stroll along the beach full of confidence and proud of your body!

It’s possible to lose weight fast, and it doesn’t have to mean extreme frustration, total deprivation or random dieting!

So, as you head into the home stretch before the vacations, how can you lose those last superfluous curves quickly and easily?

Discover the rules you need to follow to lose weight fast, while respecting your body’s needs and enjoying life to the full!

1. To lose weight quickly and easily before summer, unmask false slimming friends!

a-woman-in-a-beach-after-successfully-slimming-before-summerSome foods are deceptive, and the errors and pitfalls to be avoided are sometimes hard to spot in a world where foods are increasingly complex! Take a close look at labels, and track down foods that are bursting with sugar without appearing to be so.

Bottled fruit juices contain a very high proportion of sugar if they are not labelled 100% pure juice, and are an excellent example of a fake slimming food. Prefer homemade fruit juices, consumed in moderation, and opt instead for whole fruit, full of fiber that’s excellent for your transit and satiety!

Breakfast cereals are also a good example of a food that is a false ally of weight loss. These products are often very sweet and not very satisfying. Opt instead for oatmeal or wholemeal bread, foods that will give you the fuel you need to get your day off to a good start.

And don’t be fooled, because there are many other products that are false friends when it comes to losing a few kilos quickly before summer, such as low-fat products, smoothies, sandwich bread, frozen vegetable fritters and vegetable potato chips.

2. Base your diet on foods with a low glycemic index

Foods with a low glycemic index, such as rye bread, wholemeal bread or wholegrain cereals (rice, quinoa, etc.), keep your blood sugar levels stable and balanced, while nourishing your brain and muscles.

As a result, you’ll avoid fatigue and hunger pangs, and make it through 11 a.m. proudly, without suffering the notorious energy crash that drives you to snack on often fatty and sugary snacks, and without finding yourself starving by the time you start your midday meal.

3. Think protein!

To avoid hunger and fatigue during your diet, remember to eat enough protein. Protein promotes muscle growth (it’s the perfect complement to your physical activity program), helps elimination and is highly satiating.

At every meal, choose lean meat (chicken, ham) or low-fat fish to compose your slimming meals.

4. Get active!

Losing weight fast is great, but combining weight loss with shaping your figure is even better for beach-readiness!

Cardio-type activity, such as running, cycling or swimming, 3 times a week, ideally combined with weight-training sessions, will enable you, in just a few weeks, to boost your weight loss while sculpting and toning your body.

5. Limit fatty and sugary foods

It goes without saying that consuming cookies, potato chips, pastries, soda and other fat- and sugar-laden products on a too regular basis jeopardizes your rapid weight loss.

To help you shed those few extra kilos, turn instead to green vegetables, rich in vitamins, minerals and fiber; pulses, very satiating; sprouted seeds, full of life and good for your digestion; and oilseeds, sources of minerals and good fats. For a slimming snack, take a handful of dried fruit and a piece of fresh fruit, for example. You’ll feel light and full of energy!

6. Start eating fruit and vegetables!

If you want to get back into shape before the vacations, forget about eating starchy foods with bread and sauce!

Eat fruit and vegetables without moderation for their many virtues! They’re rich in fiber, so they’re good for elimination, they help prevent hunger pangs by making you feel full, they help your body free itself of toxins (like fat!) and they’re delicious!

Enjoy fruit salads for breakfast, for example, or seasonal vegetables such as asparagus, early zucchini or artichokes!

7. Favour fat-burning foods

Certain foods naturally help to eliminate unhealthy fats, preventing them from being absorbed into the body, while providing your body with the “anti-kilos” minerals you need.

A daily intake of lemon, cider vinegar, spices, herbs or green tea is the perfect accompaniment to your slimming process.

8. Reduce your salt intake!

Did you know that too much salt makes you bloat? By reducing your salt intake, you can avoid water retention, and therefore swelling of the legs or stomach, for example. Certain foods are rich in salt and should be avoided during your diet, and eaten in moderation afterwards. These include cheese, cold meats and ready-made meals.

TesteurPilules.com_Bonus IconThanks to these 8 easy-to-implement tips, you can start taking steps now to lose the pounds you’ve been carrying around for the next few weeks!

Want to lose weight even faster, and maximize your efforts? Here’s one last tip to help you achieve your weight loss goals.

Bonus tip: slimming aids!

Why not accompany your diet with a slimming product that will help you eliminate more fat, burn more fat and promote satiety? Certain products, such as meal replacements (for your busiest days), appetite suppressants or fat-burning products, can be of great help.

Don’t hesitate to ask about the best products on the market to find the one that best suits your needs and weight loss goals.

Consult our advice to choose the right weight-loss pill to get you started…

Now you’re ready to shed those last few pounds! With our slimming tips, you’ll be able to enjoy a lighter summer!

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