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Article by Sylvie Martin

9 physical exercises that don’t burn as many calories as you think

Updated on 12 January 2024.

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Calorie-burning golfIt’s always a good idea to exercise whenever you can.

But if your goal is to lose weight, you need to realize that some of your favorite exercises don’t burn calories, at least not as much as you thought.

Here are a few examples…

– Most yoga postures don’t burn calories en masse

Yoga is good for the body and mind, but it doesn’t involve a lot of movement.

Holding a pose for a set period of time may challenge your muscles. However, it doesn’t burn many calories.

To maximize your weight-loss results, target certain postures instead, such as Vinyasa or dynamic yoga, which involves more movement than other postures.

This type of yoga will increase your heart rate better than the Hatha posture, for example.

But that’s no reason to stop practicing yoga. There’s no need to remind you of its many other health benefits.

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– Stretching is a pre-workout exercise

Stretching can help improve flexibility and ease movement. It can also help prevent injury.

However, it won’t help you burn calories.

Stretching is a pre-workout exercise designed to prepare your body for the exercises that follow.

However, you can add cardio exercises between two stretching positions, for example. This routine will raise your heart rate and increase the number of calories burned.

– Pilates, ideal for fitness but not for burning calories in large numbers

Pilates offers excellent training exercises that improve flexibility and joint mobility.

And while they’re ideal for recovery and pose little risk of injury, Pilates doesn’t burn many calories.

To boost your results, try Cardio-Pilates. This concept combines traditional Pilates exercises with Cardio exercises, such as skipping rope.

– Spinning exercise

Despite its intensity, this fitness and endurance exercise does not burn a large number of calories.

Its use of leg muscles alone, in a seated position, doesn’t burn the same number of calories as an ordinary bike.

To remedy this, it’s advisable to increase the speed and adjustable tension to burn more calories.

You can also alternate between a high-intensity rhythm and a low-intensity rhythm to recover.

This practice, known as HIIT, will help you burn more calories over an extended period.

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– Walking, easy to do but doesn’t promise to burn calories in large quantities

Walking is a very practical form of physical exercise.

But because it’s not very intense, you’ll need to do it for a long time to burn any significant number of calories.

However, walking at a fast, steady pace offers more relevant results in a shorter period of time.

If you can’t maintain a high pace for the duration of your walk, you can choose landmarks from which to pick up the pace, such as a road sign, a tree, …

You can also opt for a route with more gradients.

– Strength training

strength trainingAlthough bodybuilding workouts have a visible impact on muscle formation and development, they don’t ensure significant calorie burning.

Just setting up on a machine at the gym, going through the motions and then recovering, doesn’t burn many calories.

Unless you’re working with fairly heavy weights or working several muscles at once, your heart rate during strength training won’t reach levels that will speed up your metabolism.

What’s more, sitting still during recovery breaks further reduces the intensity of the effort.

It is therefore advisable to reduce your rest time. It’s also best to opt for compound movements to burn more calories. In this way, your muscle will burn more energy and therefore more fat. As a result, your strength will increase and your metabolism will accelerate.

– Jogging

There’s no doubt that jogging increases your heart rate, but if you do it at a regular pace, you won’t burn much fat.

So try to do it in intense intervals. This will enable you to burn extra calories for a long time after the end of your session, thanks to the effect of post-exercise oxygen consumption.

Don’t forget to add a minute of sprints to these high-intensity intervals.

– Sit-ups

sit-upsAlthough this exercise is renowned for its ability to firm the waist and abdominal muscles, many professional trainers consider it an ineffective calorie-burning exercise.

And while this core strength training is essential, it’s considered a poor way to burn calories.

Instead of just doing Sit-ups, try including them at regular intervals during your cardio workout.

You can also do them as an active resting exercise between your more intense workouts.

– And golf, that exercise that doesn’t help you burn calories

A day at the golf course might be fun, but your body won’t get much out of it.

Golf is more of a leisure activity than a workout. Plus, it’s hard to find a course that doesn’t have a cart.

Walking between holes will be more beneficial and will burn calories.

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