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Article by Jean-Marie Besnard

Increase sperm count: 5 techniques that work!

Updated on 4 November 2023.

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a sperm entering an eggSperm isn’t there to cap off a successful sexual encounter. It’s there in the first place to procreate.

Now, it’s true that most men would like to increase the volume of their semen and have intense, abundant ejaculations to increase their sensations during orgasm and also to impress their partner. Of course, if they want to ejaculate on the outside, that’s much more impressive too, with more flow!

But now let’s talk about young couples who want to have children, those who do everything they can to make the most of fertile days. Did you know, gentlemen, that there are many things you can do to improve the quality and quantity of your sperm?

A woman can only get pregnant for a few days each month. Mating during these fertile days can lead to pregnancy. But there are couples who have tried everything to have a baby, and have been unsuccessful for months or years.

So here, in what follows, are some techniques for increasing the size and fertile value of sperm during your ejaculations.

How to increase sperm and improve fertility?

Even if both partners are in good health, a man can still do better and improve his fertility through a few simple and accessible techniques.

In short, whether for pleasure or for procreation, the following tips will benefit everyone!

1  Avoid overheated testicles!

To produce more sperm, the testicles must not be exposed to heat: medicine teaches us that they must maintain an average temperature of 35° Celsius. Therefore, if a man wants to improve his fertility, he should avoid tight clothing such as jeans or sticky underwear.

Laptop use is very dangerous for the testicles. Men, especially those of reproductive age, have the unfortunate habit of resting their laptops on their knees or stomachs, which encourages the transfer of heat produced by the laptop to their whole body, and of course to their genitals, causing scrotal hyperthermia.

Another bad habit to avoid, and one that contributes to the decline and weakening of male fertility, is sitting in a chair for long hours on end.

Don’t think that the slight rise in temperature caused by these bad habits is negligible. Any upward variation in temperature can have adverse effects on the health of your sperm and your fertility in general.

2  Quit smoking to produce more!

What’s good for one is good for the other: smoking reduces fertility. Studies have shown that the sperm of a man who smokes, when compared to that of a non-smoker, loses in terms of agility and the number of sperm contained in the male semen.

3  Control your weight!

It is scientifically and medically recognized that very thin men have poorer sperm counts than men of normal weight. Therefore, men who want to improve their fertility and have more sperm should – depending on their starting weight – try to be in good shape and at a fairly normal weight.

4  Eat a healthy diet and exercise!

Diet plays a crucial role in sperm composition. Men who consume more vitamins, drink very little alcohol and move around frequently generally produce more sperm and can therefore conceive children more easily without complications.
Special attention should also be paid to the consumption of soy-based products. These products have a negative effect on fertility. Alcohol should also be consumed in moderation. As a general rule, avoid excess!

5  Make love regularly!

In addition to its known benefits for the immune system and mental state, regular intercourse improves sperm quality. Couples who have decided to have a child should therefore make love regularly, and especially during the woman’s fertile days. Don’t worry, it’ll work out in the end.

Boost it with natural solutions

There’s no shortage of sperm-boosting solutions. The trick is to find the ones that best suit your profile. Don’t hesitate to opt for the ones that seem most effective, and you’ll surely end up boosting not only your sperm production but also your self-confidence.

In the Virility Solutions section of the site, you’ll find products that we’ve carefully evaluated. We regularly publish new products and information. Take a look, you won’t be disappointed…

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