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Article by Corinne Kepler

Slimming pills: tips for choosing the right one

Updated on 31 October 2023.

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medicaments-minceurHow to choose the right slimming drug? It’s a question that comes up all the time in your letters and comments, dear readers.

It has to be said that with the development of the weight loss supplement industry, it has become increasingly difficult to find an effective and safe slimming pill.

We try to give you the most effective tips for making the right choice in our tests and articles, but it’s time to devote a full article to the subject.
What are the criteria for choosing a slimming drug?
How do you know if a diet pill is a scam?

Answer right away!

Beginner’s mistakes when choosing a slimming drug

To get you started, here’s a short list of mistakes you shouldn’t make when choosing your slimming medication:

  • Take the LEAST EXPENSIVE slimming pill on the market. As you’d expect, it will also be the least effective.
  • Take the MOST EXPENSIVE pill on the market. Don’t get ripped off!
  • BELIEVE everything the MAKERS of the weight-loss drug say: lose 12 kilos in a month, no extra effort required, no side effects…
  • BELIEVE THE TESTIMONIALS of users on the official websites. You can make up a name and manipulate a photo!
  • Take a pill that worked FOR A FRIEND. We’ll come back to this later.
  • Order a pill WITHOUT KNOWING exactly what it contains.

Choose the weight-loss drug that’s right for YOU

slimming-medicine-tablets-and-bottlesIt’s a mistake made by thousands and thousands of users who don’t take the time to define their objectives before ordering their slimming pill.

The goal is to lose weight, you say?
Yes, but how?
You could have exercised or gone on a diet to lose weight.

So why do you need a drug to lose weight?
If you answer this question, then you’ve already eliminated at least 2/3 of the products on the market.

This is because slimming pills don’t all work in the same way. Each substance targets a different mechanism and acts on a different point. To give you an example, if you want to take a slimming drug because you don’t have the time (or inclination) to exercise, then you’ll need a supplement to fill this specific gap. In this case, we recommend a powerful fat burner like PhenQ (read test), which is one of the drugs best suited to this specific need.

If you can’t control your appetite, which means you’re always snacking and your food portions are large, then you need an appetite suppressant to help you reduce your calorie intake and lose weight naturally. In this category, we recommend Zotrim (read test), which is both effective and safe.

And if, like many people, you can’t stop eating junk food and your diet is very fatty, then you need a way to prevent that fat from accumulating in your tissues. Fat catchers are perfect for this mission. And we’ll tell you all about it, Silvets (read the test) has produced excellent results in this area. See our survey on this drug for more information.

MORAL OF THE STORY: Choose your weight-loss drug according to your needs. Define your objectives before embarking on your quest for that rare pearl.
In this same context, we invite you to read this excellent article from MayoClinic – a world-renowned American healthcare facility – to find out more. (Source: MayoClinic. “Weight loss: choosing a diet that’s right for you” by Mayo Clinic Staff. 29 April 2015).

Learn more about the weight-loss drug before you buy it

Reading user testimonials on the product’s official website is in no way an idea about “intelligence”. Don’t forget that the only purpose of the official website is to sell the product in question. You’ll find nothing but benefits and claims designed to get you to buy the slimming pill.

We’re not saying you shouldn’t look at the official sites – they’re still your main source of information. Just make a real tour of the site and research everything you find.

  • Is the name of a doctor, an organization, an association, a clinical study mentioned? Type the name into Google and see what it tells you! You’ll be able to eliminate many of the diet pills on the market.
  • Have you found the list of ingredients in the pill? Do some in-depth research on each substance. You’re not a botanical expert, and some complicated names actually correspond to commonplace products. Others, on the other hand, are dangerous and should be avoided.

There’s nothing to guide you towards safe, effective weight-loss products like a list of ingredients. We won’t go into detail here, but always try to opt for natural products. In the best-case scenario, it’ll work for you, but in the worst-case scenario, you’ll have lost your money but won’t have exposed yourself to dangerous substances.

Choose your source of information on weight-loss products

You’ve already figured it out: don’t put all your trust in official websites. But it doesn’t stop there. Many websites and blogs are paid to promote certain products and denigrate others.

To unmask these sites, take a look at the archives. Read reviews of other products. If all the other products are systematically denigrated and devalued without convincing you, then there’s probably something wrong.

Another sign of such blogs is the recurrent comparisons between their flagship product and any other weight-loss drug. And every time, the other drugs are worthless!

As a general rule, prefer serious tests and surveys to far-fetched testimonials on forums and sponsored blogs. We’ve created this site specifically to meet that need. You’ll find objective surveys and tests of every (or almost every) weight-loss drug sold anywhere on the net.

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