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Article by Corinne Kepler

Slimming cream: What you need to know

Updated on 31 October 2023.

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creme-minceurWhat do you think about applying a slimming cream and losing 3 cm around the waist in 4 weeks?

Are the creams we see advertised on TV and all over the net really effective?

Do they really have the magical power to make you lose weight without moving a finger or changing your eating habits?

Is the simple application of a cream really enough?

Can slimming creams make the difference?

We put the question to experts and cosmetics companies, and surprise surprise, it would appear that to lose weight – even using the world’s most effective slimming cream – you don’t have to beat about the bush: you’re still going to have to control your eating habits and move around a bit.

Losing 10 kilos without the slightest effort and without controlling sudden cravings for pastries at 11 a.m. and pizza at 8 p.m. is everyone’s dream. But for now, it’s just a dream. There are no shortcuts, and no matter who you ask, everyone will tell you that you need to eat healthy, exercise regularly and stay properly hydrated.

Celebrity diets and popular programs like Weight Watchers and others are good for losing a little weight, but also for regaining the lost weight and more as soon as they stop. Ultra-restrictive and draconian diets like Cabbage Soup are simply impossible to follow and risk giving you dangerous deficiencies. And finally, you’ve heard of the gym membership that eats up two weekends before ending up at the bottom of a drawer with the resolution to return as soon as possible.

When you’ve been through so many failures and are desperate for a solution, it’s easy to fall for the ads promising quick and easy weight loss. The ads extol the virtues of products that seem perfect for people with stubborn kilos, particularly around the tummy, waist and hips.

Slimming cream explained by experts

The idea of losing weight simply by applying a slimming cream for 4 weeks would appeal to almost anyone. The question is: have these creams really worked for anyone? Are they safe for your health? How should you use them? Do you have to eat less and move more to get results? We’re guessing you’re hoping our experts will say “No!” to that last question.

Alas, experts and cosmetics companies agree that you need to change your lifestyle to lose weight with a slimming cream. One of the directors of L’Oréal, creator of the Biotherm-Celluli slimming cream, clearly told us that these products can only deliver on their promises if applied in conjunction with a specific diet and regular exercise program. In particular, he explained that the molecules contained in the creams have an effect on cellulite and fat cells, but that they cannot act alone.

According to official Brand press releases, Nivea’s My silhouette slimming cream is supposed to do the same thing. They state that slimming creams applied in combination with a healthy diet and sport can result in a slimming effect of up to 3 cm in targeted areas. Nivea’s slimming cream has a herbal formula, including white tea, which should improve fat metabolism and reduce fat storage.

Oriflame also offers a range of slimming creams with special cellulite capsules. One of the Brand’s Marketing Directors told us that regular massage over 14 successive nights can result in a 2cm loss in waist circumference. The effect is explained by the presence of green tea and pea extracts, which improve circulation and inhibit the storage of fat in the blood. These claims are debatable, but then again, even the manufacturers insist that their creams will have no effect without diet and exercise.

The secret of slimming creams

bottle-cream-slimmingTaking all this data into consideration, it becomes legitimate to ask the question: is the effect observed – if any – the result of the slimming cream or the diet/sport?

We’re not sure we’ll get a clear answer to this question, but a closer look at slimming cream formulas quickly reveals that they don’t claim to be particularly powerful.

The way in which a slimming cream is applied is also important. While cream formulas can be effective, massage itself is absolutely useful. Massage improves lymphatic circulation, which helps to burn fat and block the formation of cellulite. As a result, the results achieved by some users can be attributed more to the effect of the massage.

In short, these creams don’t work on their own.

Our opinion on slimming cream

To conclude, let’s be clear: slimming cream is not a miracle product. It won’t make you lose weight without doing anything, and it won’t produce big results quickly.

To see results, you need not only to start dieting and exercising, but also to do the massage properly. After that, you’re not sure whether the result will be attributed to your slimming cream or to your diet and efforts.

In any case, given the formulas currently on the market, slimming cream is not a valuable and exceptional slimming aid. At the moment, there are several much more effective alternatives on the market.

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