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Article by Corinne Kepler

Luxopuncture, lose weight with light!

Updated on 6 November 2023.

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LuxopunctureHave you heard of LUXOPUNCTURE?
Well, if you want to lose weight sustainably, this article may be of interest to you.

Luxopuncture is one of the reflexotherapies, just like acupuncture or cranial massage.
Still little-known in France, this gentle, non-invasive method is used for smoking cessation, stress relief and – and this is the subject of our article – sustainable weight loss!

Let’s take a closer look at luxopuncture, this promising new slimming method.

Definition and origin of Luxopuncture

femme-traitee-par-la-luxopunctureLiterally, the term luxopuncture refers to “the application of light to reflex points”..

Luxopuncture, classified as alternative medicine, gently acts on reflex points on the body. These points correspond to the hormone production functions of the endocrine system.
Luxopuncture is similar to acupuncture in that it activates reflex points located along the meridians, the energy channels that regulate organ functions and the overall state of the body.

It has its origins in traditional Chinese medicine, renowned for thousands of years for its gentle, holistic approach to the individual.
You could say that luxopuncture is a modernized version of acupuncture with a number of specific features:

  • It uses an infra-red beam (not needles like acupuncture);
  • Each reflex point is stimulated in isolation for 20 to 40 seconds;
  • The action of the infra-red beam is limited to a few square millimeters. It is therefore more likely to reach the area to be treated than a very fine acupuncture needle.

Luxopuncture acts on hormonal balance, which is often at the root of a multitude of disorders, such as sleep disorders, stress or eating disorders.

Hormonal balance, at the heart of our eating habits

Our mental and physical equilibrium is highly dependent on our endocrine system. It produces 3 essential hormones: endorphin, serotonin and dopamine.

A disturbance in the production of these hormones is very often the cause of eating disorders, compulsions and weight gain.

What role do these 3 hormones play in our eating behavior?

1. Endorphin:
This is secreted in response to intense stimuli, whether pleasant or unpleasant, such as major stress, intense sporting activity or physical pain.
Endorphins have significant pain-relieving properties, and provide a feeling of well-being. It is the hormone commonly referred to as the “happy hormone”. The consumption of sugars, fats or chocolate is known to contribute to endorphin production.
2. Serotonin:
Serotonin is involved in a number of mechanisms, and 95% of its production takes place in the intestine. It is involved in thermoregulatory functions, as well as in the regulation of eating behavior and appetite.
A lack of serotonin leads to an increase in appetite, with food consumption exceeding the body’s physiological needs, and resulting in weight gain.

Studies have shown that eating sugar or chocolate increases serotonin levels in the body. This explains the compulsion to eat these foods in times of stress, and the creation of a food addiction.
3. Dopamine :
A catecholamine neurotransmitter, dopamine, like serotonin, is involved in modulating food intake, the body’s response to physical activity, and general mood. Dopamine also helps regulate serotonin and endorphin levels.
A dopamine deficiency will trigger compulsions, or irrepressible cravings for sweet or fatty foods, to boost serotonin and endorphin levels and restore a state of well-being.
This trio of hormones plays a vital role in combating stress, which is a major factor in weight gain. Hormonal imbalances can lead to disordered eating patterns, with cravings, overeating and compulsions.

Luxopuncture acts gently on hormonal balance, and re-harmonizes eating behaviors by restoring proper endocrine functioning.

Luxopuncture – how does it work?

Luxopuncture is performed using a medical device that generates infrared radiation, stimulating very specific skin zones or reflex points.

ITS OBJECTIVE: to bring about a profound and lasting change in dietary intake, in order to achieve a healthy weight at a rate of around 3 to 4 kg per month, and then stabilize and maintain it.

How a luxopuncture session works

A luxopuncture treatment always begins with a personalized assessment specific to each client.
On this basis, the practitioner defines the number of sessions required, depending on the objective to be achieved.

As part of a weight-loss protocol, sessions are held once a week. They have several objectives:

  • Regulate appetite;
  • Suppress food cravings (nibbling, sweet or fatty foods, etc.);
  • Rediscover satiety;
  • Reduce the sensation of hunger.

During treatment, the patient sits on a treatment table. After cleaning the medical silicone tip with an antiseptic wipe, the practitioner stimulates around 30 reflex points targeting the hormonal, digestive and/or lymphatic systems.
A luxopuncture session lasts around 30 minutes.

During this first phase of treatment, a second session is performed on average three days after the first, and then once a week thereafter.

As luxopuncture is a global method, the practitioner also offers a complete follow-up for each person, to help them achieve their weight-loss goal.

Personalized luxopuncture follow-up: what’s it for?

The assessment carried out by the practitioner at the start of each treatment is designed to determine the profile of each patient, to enable personalized follow-up.
Not only will it help determine the number of sessions needed to achieve the desired weight loss, but it will also enable precise dietary advice to be recommended, based on individual eating habits and tastes.

The luxopuncture treatment is combined with a dietary guide, which gives numerous tips on how to rebalance your diet and learn how to manage any deviations. It describes the various phases to be followed, and is based on a simple diet, with no dietary supplements. The suggested calorie intake is 1600 kcal/day during the weight loss phase. Then comes the stabilization phase.

This guide is an essential but not sufficient basis, since the relationship with the practitioner remains indispensable, since it is he who decides and determines the dietary program adapted to each person’s profile.

The guide is divided into different phases designed to suit all profiles:

  • A detox phase lasting around 9 days, with soup and detox drinks;
  • A phase known as hyper-protein days, with lean dairy products, lean meat, fish, eggs, etc;
  • A “starch-free” phase;
  • and a phase known as “mixed food” days.

Effects and results of luxopuncture

From the 2th -3th session, the treated subject begins to observe a reduction in appetite, a decrease or even total disappearance of compulsions, and a reduced appetite for fatty and sweet foods. There is also a marked improvement in sleep and transit, and a reduction in anxiety and fluid retention.

A study carried out in 2007 on 291 people showed a 95.6% satisfaction rate with the weight loss recorded, which ranged from 2 to 36kg, depending on the respective objectives set.

Duration of effects of luxopuncture treatment over time:

Results showed that the effects of luxopuncture lasted an average of 6 months.
The vast majority of treated patients maintained their healthy weight throughout this period.
In addition, a significant number of people were able to stabilize their weight over several years, thanks to regular long-term follow-up.

In the event of a resurgence of symptoms, follow-up treatment is recommended at the rate of 3 sessions, one week apart, every 6 months or so, for 3 to 4 years depending on the case.

Luxopuncture: how much does it cost?

Prices for luxopuncture sessions do not correspond to a predefined standard.
Prices can vary considerably from one region to another, or from one country to another.
On average, in France, the price of a luxopuncture session can vary between between €40 and €60.
Depending on the desired weight-loss objective, you should allow between 3 and 20 sessions.

The diet guide associated with this method costs 15€.

Risks and side effects of luxopuncture

Luxopuncture is a totally painless method that poses no health risks.

As a precautionary measure, however, it is not recommended for pregnant women, people suffering from serious illnesses or epilepsy, or those undergoing specific medical treatment.

Opinions of luxopuncture users

Testimonials from people who have tried to lose weight with luxopuncture are unanimous: this method is highly effective!

Here are a few comments from patients:

BENEFITS of Luxopuncture :

  • Top morale ;
  • Very easy;
  • No cravings or frustration;
  • Significant weight loss ;
  • Significant cm loss (hips, waist…) ;
  • No temptation ;
  • Quick feeling of fullness ;
  • No feeling of being on a diet;
  • Improves sleep and mood.

There is also unanimous agreement when it comes to the DISADVANTAGES of this method:

  • The high cost of major weight loss ;
  • The length of the treatment, which becomes longer depending on the number of kilos to be lost.

In conclusion, you’ll want to go straight to a luxopuncture practitioner!

This method seems to have everyone’s approval: non-invasive, gentle, effective and long-lasting, everything we love!

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