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Article by Corinne Kepler

Hunger suppressant foods: our top 10

Updated on 15 November 2023.

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appetite suppressantsWhy use an appetite suppressant and why look for natural appetite suppressants? Simply because, if there’s one factor that can really make your weight loss efforts even harder to bear, it’s the unbearable feeling of hunger!

As soon as you start to lose weight, your body starts to fight the depletion of its fat reserves by increasing the sensation of hunger. This happens via a complex process involving two main hormones: the Leptin and Ghrelin.

Fortunately, nature also has some pleasant surprises in store for us, such as natural appetite suppressants. If you choose the right natural appetite suppressant foods, you’ll be able to control a little of the hunger that ruins your day when you’re dieting.

Here’s our selection of the 10 most effective appetite suppressants.

Appetite suppressant food N°10: Apples

The best-known of all natural appetite suppressants, apples are an inexhaustible source of goodness.

One apple provides around 5g of fiber, which fills the stomach for a good while. What’s more, the sugars found in apples have no effect on blood sugar levels (the concentration of carbohydrates in the blood), unlike the hydrocarbons found in pastries, for example. This means that when you eat an apple, your body will not experience a glycemic peak.

Appetite suppressant food N°9: Flaxseeds

Flaxseeds have become increasingly popular as sources of essential fatty acids. But they also contain a good dose of soluble fiber, which is very useful for your diet.

You can sprinkle flaxseeds over your yoghurt or fromage frais. You’ll be giving your body good, hard-to-digest fats and a healthy dose of protein.

Appetite suppressant food N°8: Caffeine

Caffeine is practically part of everyone’s life. However, many of us don’t realize caffeine’s appetite-suppressant properties.

This stimulant is best known for its energizing effect. Who among us hasn’t swallowed a good cup of coffee to survive an early morning meeting or a night of revision! When consumed in moderate doses, caffeine also tends to reduce appetite.

Many of the dietary supplements we have tested contain caffeine. To consult them in full, simply type the word “caffeine” in our search bar at the top of this page.
caffeine-source-caffeine-seeds, one of the best-known appetite-suppressant foods

Appetite-suppressant food N°7: Water

Good hydration is the key to a successful diet.
It’s also an effective way of preventing sudden hunger and snacking. Be aware that we often confuse hunger with thirst, especially as when your body is dehydrated, you’ll feel tired and hungry. If you’re really tired, your body will secrete a hormone that makes you feel hungry.

Hunger suppressant N°6: Hoodia

Hoodia is a supplement that many people use to fight hunger. Hoodia is a plant native to Africa and has been used since time immemorial by hunters who were away from home for long periods and needed a natural appetite suppressant to help them continue their expedition.

If you want to take it, make sure you get a supplement that contains the real hoodia.

Appetite suppressant N°5: Vegetable and chicken soup

By starting your meal with this soup, you’ll curb your appetite. Warm liquids generally tend to reduce feelings of hunger, and as this soup is very low in calories, you can consume a good portion to fill your stomach.

Vegetable and chicken soup is an excellent diet ally, as the small amount of protein in the chicken will help keep your hunger at bay, while the vegetables will give you an instant feeling of satiety.
chicken-and-vegetable-soup-is-an-easy-to-prepare appetite-suppressant

Appetite suppressant food N°4: Wasabi

Eating spicy food helps control your appetite. So next time you’re having sushi or fish, try adding wasabi to tame your appetite.

For the record, wasabi is known to help fight cancer and provide anti-inflammatory effects.
wasabi-is-one-of-nature's appetite-suppressant-foods

Appetite suppressant food N°3: Oatmeal porridge

If you start your day with this unsweetened oatmeal porridge, you’re sure to get through the morning without any sudden hunger pangs.

Oatmeal porridge contains more fiber than any other cereal. It’s also very low in sugar. You can add cinnamon or maple syrup to vary the taste.
oatmeal-one-of-nature's appetite-suppressant-foods

Appetite-suppressant foods N°2: Salmon

Salmon may well reduce your appetite, as it contains good fats.

Protein-rich foods have great, almost immediate satiating power, but it’s the fats that keep you feeling full all day long. By eating salmon, you get the best of both.
salmon-an appetite suppressant

Appetite-suppressant food #1: Almonds

Finally, almonds are an excellent source of good fats and are ideal as a snack between meals, if you eat them in moderation of course.

Bear in mind that the hunger-suppressing effect of almonds is felt after at least 30 minutes. So don’t wait until you’re absolutely starving before eating them!

Your hunger supplements

A quick word on appetite suppressant supplements before concluding. If you’re thinking of taking a pill to control your appetite, we recommend you take a look at our tests and surveys on the most popular appetite suppressants on the market. If you can’t find a test for the drug you’re thinking of taking, feel free to suggest it to us and we’ll test it for you.

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