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Article by Corinne Kepler

Good resolutions to lose weight this year!

Updated on 31 October 2023.

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Good resolutions to lose weightGood resolutions for the New Year… Here’s a headline that’s often found on the pages of magazines and other daily newspapers, as January 1st approaches each year! I know, you’re going to tell me that it’s already January 2nd and that I’ve certainly forgotten my resolutions from yesterday! Well, I haven’t…

If you’re the kind of person who makes New Year’s resolutions, I really hope you succeed. But how should you live up to your “good” resolutions? How can you avoid making bad ones? What weight loss and slimming resolutions should I make? I’ve decided (and resolved!) to talk to you today about good resolutions for the New Year.

New Year’s resolutions for a new year, are they necessary?

According to WikiPedia a custom of Western civilization which consists of making one or more commitments to oneself to improve one’s behavior, habit or lifestyle over the coming year, on the occasion of the transition to the New Year on January 1.

The occasional nature of this custom means that most people feel obliged to wait until this time of year to make one. Many sociological researchers believe that resolutions don’t have to be associated with the New Year. By the way, I completely agree with them too. Changing habits or lifestyle can happen at any time of the year: you just have to believe in it and fight for it.

At the top of the good resolutionslose weight…

Good resolutions to lose weightLosing weight seems to be one of the most popular resolutions every year. According to the U.S. government’s official website, losing weight is part of the list of much-desired goals for improving physical well-being, which already includes, among other things: eating healthily, quitting smoking, drinking less alcohol, getting back into shape, … Other improvements that come later, on the same list, concern mental well-being, finances and social involvement.

In addition to the indulgences we indulge in during the holiday season, the poor eating habits we put our bodies through on a daily basis will have resulted in excess weight that impacts both physical health and body aesthetics. January 1st each year kicks off a race to slim down, with the first day of summer as the deadline. Almost everyone wants to lose weight quickly and…miraculously! Only it doesn’t always work…

Making a success of your good resolutionsis hard…but not impossible!

According to a study in the University of Scranton’s Journal of Clinical Psychology, only 8% of people successfully keep their resolutions. The rest are divided between those who fail to keep their resolutions every year and those who sometimes succeed.

If you do it right, you could be one of those 8%! Many people, despite their good will and the means at their disposal, fail to achieve their goals. If you want to have any chance of success, you’ll need to :

  • make your resolutions when you feel ready. Forget about the end of the year, when you do it out of a reflex of imitation or fashion!
  • set realistic goals. There’s no pressure to raise the bar because you don’t have to prove anything to anyone: it’s all about you!
  • capitalize on your past successes, no matter how small. This will be your own fuel to reach and maintain your cruising speed!
  • Identify procrastination as the worst enemy of your resolutions. What you have to do, you’re going to do, and at the right time!
  • Finally, make your resolutions “public”, with someone close to you who will be both your confidant and your witness, whether you succeed or fail!

Some good resolutions to lose weight this year…

Good resolutions Bloc-NotesLosing weight… is no mean feat. It’s part of a process of change that we don’t easily accept. In fact, it’s not so easy to change our habits. Over time, our bodies and minds will have internalized many mechanisms that are now deeply rooted in our innermost selves. These habits stem from a long learning process based on reward (positive and negative reinforcement). This process is stored in the most basic nervous system, and it takes real hard work to change it.

So here’s a short list of slimming resolutions to help you make the most of your chances of achieving a few goals in the New Year:

Don’t miss breakfast for any reason!

If you start the day with the right foods and in the right quantities, your body won’t store fat in anticipation of other missed meals! Remember, our bodies are intelligent and will do anything to survive.

Reduce your portions at all costs!

To do this, change your dishes by bringing in smaller plates: it’s a trick that works! As long as we eat a lot, fat sets in. You can also multiply your snacks by dividing your day’s food into smaller portions that your body can quickly metabolize. Finally, avoid eating after 7pm. After this time, the metabolism slows down, and the chances of additional food being “burned” are very slim!

Choose natural fibers!

Vegetables and fruit should be the mainstay of your diet. Proteins and other vitamins aren’t just found in meats, sandwiches and sweets. Nature hides many other equally beneficial sources that you should seek out!

Don’t deprive yourself 100%!

Yes, you are entitled to one “cheat” meal a week. Depriving yourself doesn’t really solve the weight problem, because the aberration caused by deprivation can have detrimental effects on a weight loss process. The 80%-20% rule means that a person can afford to go a little over 20% if they have already achieved 80% of their slimming objectives. A little glass of wine at the weekend won’t ruin everything! Moderation…

Happy New Year! And Good Resolutions to lose weight!

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