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Article by Philippe A.

Is there a better muscle-building protein?

Updated on 31 October 2023.

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Men using protein supplementsTo find the best bodybuilding protein, you first need to know its biological value, a parameter that defines how it will be assimilated by your body.

This parameter means that some bodybuilding proteins are better than others, and therefore have a different effect on the muscle-building process.

Here’s a quick overview:

Composition of the best bodybuilding protein

For the human body to assimilate proteins properly, and for them to play their various vital roles, including muscle building, it is essential that their essential amino acid composition is optimal.

Essential amino acids are those which the body does not produce itself, and which must therefore be supplied by the diet.

So, to say that a protein is the best bodybuilding protein should largely depend on its amino acid profile, also known as its aminogram.

A protein product with an excellent aminogram benefits apriori from an additional guarantee of its effectiveness, which is why the aminogram is often visible on the packaging of the product to be purchased.

This is in theory, but in reality, the interpretation of an aminogram for bodybuilding is strictly useless: two proteins can have identical aminograms and, for various reasons, one will be anabolic while the other will have almost no positive effect.

So don’t put too much faith in them!

The biological value of the best bodybuilding protein

Biological value can be defined as the richness and harmonious proportions of the various Amino Acids in a protein.

Eggs, for example, have an excellent biological value of 100. This is the historical reference value, since for many years they were the foodstuff that provided the most protein with a high biological value.

Casein, a protein substance that makes up the bulk of milk components, has a good biological value of 80.

But since the mid-90s, whey protein, with a biological value of 120, has become very popular. It should be noted, however, that this whey protein craze has been more or less orchestrated by the communications agencies working for the big multinationals that produce it.

What makes a protein good?

Protein powderThe quality of a muscle-building protein depends essentially on the quality of the raw materials used: the extraction and filtration process, storage conditions, the time elapsed between production and marketing, its biological qualities, etc… All these factors play a part in determining protein quality.

Another important point to consider is the quality of the composition: the final product should be made up of essential ingredients (the concentrate of the product itself, additives to improve its taste or dilute it, elements that improve its effect, etc.) and at the same time not contain ingredients with no real effect on muscle building, which in most cases are those that increase the price!

The question you should be asking yourself now is this:

Do you really need to spend so much money on canned protein when you could be buying REAL protein, 100% natural, and for so much less?!

It’s up to you…

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