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Article by Philippe A.

How to build muscle without too much effort?

Updated on 26 October 2023.

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MuscularHow can you get muscles without too much effort?

It’s the dream of so many people that to say it’s technically possible would be sacrilege for some top athletes, and yet…

With a little logic, a little know-how and a few tips, building muscle has never been so easy!

Interested? Here are some tips and tricks just for you!

Sleep, or how to build muscle in your sleep

Sleep is an important factor in your muscle-building project.

Training is all very well, but while you’re asleep, your body takes care of strengthening you so that you’re ready for the next day’s training session and so on.

That’s why you should get 8 hours’ sleep a day, so that your muscles can grow and strengthen.

Impeccable food hygiene

As you can probably imagine, the most important thing when it comes to building muscle is to first gain weight and then shape it.

If you didn’t know, you now do?

Try to eat a variety of meals several times a day, so that you can benefit from different proteins.

The most important meal is definitely the one before training (about two hours before).

If you can, fall back on proteins and carbohydrates.

Work on quality, not quantity

How can you build muscle without tiring yourself… unnecessarily?

It’s important to get tired, but not in vain.

Try to do several exercises at once so you don’t tire yourself out for nothing.

It’s better to train intelligently 3 times a week than to tire yourself out all week doing exercises that aren’t adapted to your level or specific needs.

Stay zen, don’t kill yourself!

Relaxed weight trainingOnce you’ve started training, take it easy!

Killing yourself won’t do you much good other than injure or tire you unnecessarily. In other words, try work with serenity, because you’ve got everything to gain!. What’s more, you’ll feel better about yourself.

If it helps you relax during your workout, put on some music. Music has a tendency to relax us, allowing us to work better. In fact, research has shown that music during sport can improve performance by 30% compared to training without music.

Water: the source of life, but above all of muscles

Doctors all agree that drinking water is good for the human body.

Water plays a vital role in helping you build muscle.

The properties of water help to swell your muscles, but that’s not all. Water also enables muscles to repair themselves after a sports session. It restores the strength of the muscles and makes them stronger and more solid.

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