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Article by Philippe A.

Bodybuilding products: what to choose!

Updated on 12 December 2023.

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Bodybuilding productsAre you looking for a good bodybuilding product?

Not sure which one to choose from the hundreds of muscle-building products on the market?

We don’t blame you. Choosing the right sports nutrition products isn’t easy, and it’s certainly not for everyone!

To help you see things more clearly and make a choice that matches your expectations and your muscle-building goals, we explain in detail what you should look out for before buying one of these bodybuilding products.

What are bodybuilding products?

Bodybuilding products are generally dietary supplements intended to be taken orally. Their purpose is to strengthen the ability of bodybuilders and other sports enthusiasts to better manage intense muscular activity..

These bodybuilding supplements are used as fat burners, endurance boosters and, of course, to increase muscle volume evenly, but above all, to do so faster than the normal rate of muscle growth. They are sold in the form of protein molecules, vitamins and amino acids.

Most bodybuilding products fall into three broad categories:

– Products for mass gain;

– Drying products;

– Muscular effort stimulants.

Often, as with Testofuel powerful products can fall into one or more categories at once.

For optimum results, it’s very important that as a user of these muscle-building products, you continue to eat properly, adopting nutrient-rich diets, because no product, no matter how good, can replace your diet and training program.

In fact, you need to be aware that these products are dietary supplements to your basic diet, that daily doses depend on your weight and that they are easily digested by your body (this is true for the best products anyway).

Bodybuilding products for mass gain

As their name suggests, these are essential supplements for building and consolidating muscle mass optimally and quickly. They are the most popular bodybuilding products among bodybuilders, athletes and even people who simply want to gain weight fast.

In this category of mass-building products, there are those based on nitric oxide based products that permanently bulk up muscles, products based on protein alone protein and carbohydrate and proteins combined with carbohydrates and various other molecules.

One criticism of these products is that they are “unnatural”, since it’s rare to find products of this type that are 100% natural ingredients and pose no health problems.

Bodybuilding products for drying out

This is the 2nd most popular category. This type of product is used for rapid drying. Products such as PrimeShred for example. Here, drying means burning off the maximum amount of fat surrounding the muscles to make them stand out.

Note, however, that this type of bodybuilding product is not very effective when used on its own. You’ll need to combine it with a fairly low-fat diet to create a caloric deficit, which will (in theory) cause your body to tap into your fat stores and spare the muscles.

Products to stimulate the body

Skinless sports bodyThe aim of this type of bodybuilding supplement is to stimulate the body and enable it to respond favorably to the efforts required of it. Examples include Capsiplex. These products come into their own during intense muscular exercise and various forms of strength training, enhancing the consumer’s performance.

In addition, these muscle products help to improve resistance and power The end result for bodybuilders is improved muscle and muscle mass.

How is this possible? Thanks to the natural substances these products contain, or better still, thanks to the virtues that promote the secretion of testosterone in a natural way.

They are available in pill, capsule or powder form, at prices ranging from twenty to fifty euros.

The most popular products in this range are based on creatine, tribulus, ginseng, fenugreek, etc… Also in this category are amino acids (especially D-form aspartic acid), which play a major role in the muscle-building process.

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