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Article by Philippe A.

Bodybuilding and mass gain: the secrets of champions

Updated on 31 October 2023.

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Secrets of champions for mass gainThere’s a secret to bodybuilding and weight gain that champions know very well: you need rigor and drastic training that will force you to push your physical and mental capacities to the limit, and maybe even beyond.

Champions, beyond the glitz and glamour, have a precise work methodology that they’ve spent years developing in order to claim to be the best. So if you want to bulk up like a champion, follow our advice…

It won’t happen in a matter of hours or days, but if you stick with it, you’ll see that the results won’t take forever either.

Here are just a few of the ways in which you can get organized and aspire to become a champion bodybuilder. If you follow these ABCs of bodybuilding, you’ll be amazed at the progress you’ll make.

Slowly in the morning, not too fast at night!

To build muscle mass, you need to know how to dose your training. If you keep your workouts too short, your body won’t be well enough broken in to grow and put on mass.

On the contrary, if you over-train and overdo it, you run the risk of tearing your muscles, which could prove painful if not fatal to your bodybuilding career. So take it easy in the morning, not too fast in the evening?

Don’t be too lax about your training, but don’t go all out the first time you do it.

Food supplements

Certain dietary supplements are essential for building muscle mass quickly and effectively.

Use creatine and protein powder, reinforced by a good natural testosterone trigger such as Testolan.

Creatine is widely used by bodybuilders to gain and maintain weight. Creatine enables cell reinforcement (water retention), which can help you shed a few kilos, which in turn can be useful for your musculature.

Protein powder provides consumers with the protein levels lacking in standard snacks. Food doesn’t always offer the quantity or quality of protein needed for weight gain. Protein powder can therefore be a great help in achieving your goal.

The Testolana product based on natural nutrients, awakens the natural testosterone production machine within you. Thanks in particular to its exceptionally nutrient-rich composition, your body will produce much more testosterone, the hormone essential for building pure, hard muscle.

The best training is rest.

You may think you’ve read this wrong, but you’ve read it right. It’s vital that you rest so as to give your muscles time to repair, build up and achieve the muscle mass you want.

So listen to your body, develop an intimate relationship with it, learn to stop when you need to, and take a rest.

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