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Article by Dimitri Michel

Where to find the best dog training book?

Updated on 24 October 2023.

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There’s really no such thing as the best dog training book. Dogs are not all the same, and training methods vary enormously according to breed, environment and expectations. The best book should therefore cover all breeds of dog and take into account the factors of the environment in which the dog will evolve.

So it’s only natural that we always recommend finding out about your dog’s breed before you start training him. It’s even better to find out before you buy your dog, because even the way dogs are welcomed and settled differs greatly from breed to breed.

However, there are some practical training tips that apply to all dogs.

Training your dog: an important stage in his life

The aim of training your dog is to let him know who is the master and who obeys. He needs to know that the owner is the boss and that he must follow what he says.

This is not only our need, it’s also natural, because this animal is domestic and needs a master.

Your little fleabag certainly needs to be pampered, but he also needs to be trained so that he can be and act as “man’s best friend”.

Training your dog will lead to two results, the first being that he behaves well at home so that there’s always a good relationship between you and him.

The second is that, after training, he’ll be able to guard your home and belongings, and keep you safe.

Mistakes not to make

Matching your dog’s training to your human nature is not easy. There are techniques to be adopted to perfect the job, and training courses exist for this.

If you prefer, you can also have your own personal trainer. And your little protégé is likely to behave badly if you do it yourself, without consulting an expert.

On the other hand, you shouldn’t train canines without taking precautions. Especially if the animal has just arrived, it must first tame its new environment.

This means showing the dog where to eat, where to relieve itself and when to play with it, walking it on a leash and demonstrating obedience…

Violent techniques are not effective, because dogs, like humans, have feelings. As they are highly intelligent, they can sometimes turn against their master. Not to mention that these practices are cruel!

How do you find the best training book for your dog?

First of all, find out about your dog! You need to know its breed and origin. Then pick up a book specific to your dog. You’ll find advice and methods that take into account your dog’s characteristics. Be aware that dogs have different moods and react differently to the various stimuli they may encounter. For example, one method may work quickly and easily for a German Shepherd, while a Staff may show resistance, and vice versa.

Most people believe that there is a single method used by professional trainers to teach all commands to dogs. But in reality, professional trainers begin their training by knowing, learning and assimilating the differences between breeds and the types of reactions that each of the animals they will be dealing with might present.

Where can I find a good dog training book?

Certainly not in a small, unknown forum, as a free PDF download. If you’re looking for a good dog training book, then you’re going to have to put in a bit more effort. First of all, the book should be on a website specialized in dog training.

Even if it costs a bit of money, make sure it’s worth it – you don’t want to get ripped off. So take the time to browse the site, and read the various articles and advice given to web users who have questions just like you.

Sometimes it takes at least 5 minutes to realize that the advice is repetitive, that it seems to have been written by a robot because it’s so lacking in personalization, or that it’s unfounded. And then sometimes, when you’re lucky, you come across a dog training article that looks like it was written especially for you.

Who can write a good dog training book?

Don’t fall for flashy websites and giant marketing banners that claim you’ve stumbled upon the best of the best dog training books. Once you’ve got past the welcome gimmicks, find out who wrote the book. Again, if you’re told he’s one of the best dog trainers in the world, it’s not necessarily true. A lot of scams exist in this market, and it’s best to find out before you’re tempted!

But how can you be sure? Google is your friend! Type in the author’s name and see what you get. You’ll easily be able to tell the difference between a true professional and an impostor out to make a buck off information-hungry new dog owners.

One last piece of advice for the road: training your dog, whatever its breed, depends above all on the affection you show it. You can read the best training book in the world and still get nowhere if you don’t take the time to love your new friend.

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