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Article by Dimitri Michel

Puppy training

Updated on 31 October 2023.

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The situation is as follows: you’ve just received your beautiful little puppy, he’s all cute and you’re starting to play with him. But for the dog to fulfill his role, he has to obey his master. It has to be said that when we first bring this little ball of fur into the house, we tend to pamper him and hand over everything to him. We generally forget that learning can start as early as the first few months.

But puppies are fragile and require a lot of attention and love!

For best results, it’s important to get to know your puppy’s mentality and then adapt your training to it, taking into account all the aspects linked to its young age.

Puppy training is certainly not easy, but with the right techniques it can be done.

But where do you start with your puppy’s dog obedience?

The very first thing you need to do is help your puppy find his space. He’ll start to venture out into your house and garden, but if there are places he can’t go, it’s time to forbid them directly. Similarly, you need to clearly show him where his bed is, and take him to his basket as soon as he shows signs of sleeping.

If you’ve bought him a few toys, put them in his basket too. Don’t forget to keep a close eye on your dog and forbid him to climb into the armchairs.

Once your dog has identified his obstacles, he’ll need to know where to go to relieve himself. And as long as you don’t show him clearly, your puppy won’t be able to guess!

So, if you’re making the effort to teach him to do his business in the garden, why not be even more specific and show him a specific spot in it (it’ll be much easier to pick up the poop later).

You need to keep a constant eye on your puppy and take him out regularly to relieve himself where you want him to. As soon as he does it there, pet him and give him a treat. If he does it in the house, catch him in the act and take him to the desired place, to show him that this is where you want him to relieve himself.

After that, the next steps in dog obedience consist mainly of a series of basic commands: sit, come back, lie down… Obviously, start with the easiest commands, in a very quiet place, before gradually moving on to more difficult commands in noisier surroundings.

Finally, don’t forget that it’s important for your dog to “drill” you, i.e. to repeat at regular intervals the different commands he has already learned, so that he doesn’t forget them…

Practical tactics for successful puppy training

A dog’s lifespan is around 15 years. When adopting a dog, you need to think long-term and choose him carefully, because he’ll be a loyal friend for all those years. Knowing his age, the puppy is still in a period when he needs tenderness, consideration and affection.

He seems to behave like a child who often attracts his parents’ attention. As a result, he has an instinct for initiation and familiarization with his masters and his environment.

So it’s important to learn the basics by following the appropriate rules, taking into account his young age. The most important thing is to help him discover different places, objects, people and noises.

Once he’s back home, you’ll need to teach him to be toilet trained. Every week, you should try to take this little creature out to at least three different places. This helps him to develop self-confidence and learn the way home.

It’s by giving commands that you can really get to grips with dog training. From an early age, you can teach your dog to sit or stay. There are commands such as “sit”, “down” and “heel”.

You need to be patient: by repeating the exercises several times, the master will achieve his objectives. At the same time, you need to know how to say no, so that he learns to obey. The command not to move is also an important point in training a well-trained dog.

Knowing the puppy’s mentality and adapting training to it

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Knowing a puppy’s mentality is useful for understanding his character and behavior. By understanding this, the owner can achieve good results.

And, by really knowing what the dog is capable of, he can adapt the methods to be applied.

Then, gradually, his character will evolve over time. You’ll need to be patient, but also pay close attention to the gestures and habits of this young pet.

The best way to successfully train a puppy is to adapt the technique to his mentality, and to be gentle, patient and understanding.

But you mustn’t forget to reward him when he makes progress, and punish him when he does something that’s considered nonsense.

It’s by paying special attention that you can maintain a good relationship and make your dog understand who’s the master.

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