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Article by Dimitri Michel

How to love your dog

Updated on 31 October 2023.

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All dog owners feel affection for their pets. However, new dog owners can be confused and don’t know how to express their love for their new companion.

There are so many choices and so much misinformation on the subject, that we end up acting on intuition. You may think it’s a simple task: food, water and shelter are all he needs to be happy.

This is not entirely true. Dogs need to know that “their family” loves them unconditionally.

Here are some simple and effective ways to show your beloved dog that you love him.

How to love your dog

Exercise your dog

When your dog needs to get out and get some fresh air, don’t hesitate to take him for a walk outside. You’ll know he wants to go out when he gives you pleading looks, stands by the door, etc. Sometimes he may start crying. Sometimes he may whine, scratch and bark to show you that he needs outdoor exercise.

Pet your dog

If he puts his head in your lap, scratch behind his ears. Dogs just want to be loved. They love neck and belly scratching. Dog massage is one of the best ways to show your affection for your dog.

Reward your dog

Many dogs, like Goldens and Shelties in particular, exist to please their owners, and they will. You need to reward them. Give them healthy treats made especially for dogs. You don’t have to buy the treats; you can make excellent dog cookies at home.

Talk to your dog

Dogs love it when you talk to them. You’ll develop your own Language and share lots of intimate moments. Plus, your dog will never tell you to stop telling him about your bad day at the office.

Spend time with your dog

Your dog loves attention. Set aside some time just for him. Even if you spend it together in front of the TV, stroking his ears, he’ll appreciate the attention you give him.

Make your dog a priority

Set regular times for feeding and walking your dog. Your dog will love you because he’ll feel that you’re interested in his well-being. Look after your dog at the same time every day, so that he gets into the habit of expecting you.

Cherish your dog

Always respect your dog and the love he has brought home. Be kind, considerate and thoughtful in the way you treat your dog. Simply think of your dog as a member of the family.

Give your dog a comfortable, clean place to sleep

Your dog’s sleeping area should belong to him alone. It shouldn’t be shared with piles of laundry or storage boxes. Make sure it’s out of the way of people and other sources of disturbance.

Discipline your dog

Just like with a child, if you don’t discipline your dog, it means you don’t love him enough. When your dog does something wrong, discipline him! You can do this by being firm and reminding him of the rules.

Tips for loving your dog the way he deserves

– Use the same words when teaching your dog right from wrong. This way, your dog will begin to understand what you expect of him.

– Remember, you don’t have to be rich to love your dog.

– You need to be firm but not hurtful to discipline your dog. Keep eye contact and remember to forgive them quickly.

– Although specific commands are important, speak to your dog in simple French using these short commands. Your speech is full of inflections and patterns that your dog will retain, even if he doesn’t understand the details of what you’re saying.

– Turn to the right sources to find out how to love your dog. Don’t believe everything you read on the Internet, or what other dog owners tell you. Use common sense!

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