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Article by Dimitri Michel

Dog training: what not to do

Updated on 31 October 2023.

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the dog who walks his master
The education of the canine species is not to be taken lightly, for a dog is first and foremost a living being to be respected and cherished.

Dogs have feelings and can react like humans. You need to avoid certain mistakes and do everything you can to ensure that the learning process goes smoothly.

Here are a few mistakes you should never make!

Mistakes to avoid when training your dog

Don’t think that dogs, however intelligent they may be, have their own way of doing things!

It’s true that not everything is true, but in reality, this pet’s reactions depend on those of its owner. So you must always take your pet’s instincts into consideration.

Never over-scold a canine species, for fear of it turning against you. If you shout at the animal, there will be no response, and it certainly won’t obey.

Dog training should be done gradually, with patience. Don’t force him to do something if he hasn’t yet learned how to do it.

Then you have to be positive and persevering. And never forget to reward him for actions that have been successfully carried out, in order to motivate him.

Difficulties in raising man’s best friend

French Bulldog grouped and attentive
It’s when the owner doesn’t understand his dog that difficulties arise. And it’s generally when it comes to using the leash, respecting cleanliness or refusing commands that training poses the most problems.

The most important thing is to repeat the exercises several times, to ensure consistency. Training should not be taken lightly by the owner, who should be well informed or, if necessary, call on the services of a professional dog trainer.

The consequences of poor training

There are always risks to be feared when you decide not to train your pet. If poorly trained, your pet may display uncontrolled reactions and annoying behaviors.

But they can also turn against their owners if they don’t really know them. In other words, instead of providing companionship, it can become a danger to the owner.

Practical advice for training your dog

Dog training can be difficult if you don’t have the right methods. The most important thing is to control the animal, taming it so that it obeys rules and commands.

Here’s some basic advice:

– Pets should be fed after family meals, and should not be given food by hand while you are eating.

– Pets should sleep in their own place, not in their master’s bed, so that they know not to climb onto armchairs.

– Petting is allowed, but it must be limited.

– When you’re talking to your dog, you have to know how to impose yourself and dominate him. This means being firm and knowing how to say “no”.

– You need to teach your dog to distinguish between right and wrong: reward him in the former case and scold him in the latter.

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