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Updated on 2 June 2023.
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Evaluation, Rating and Critical Review of Amber Patches

Amber Patches

Product name : Amber Patches

Brand : Amber Patches

Tiny description : Foot wellness patch.

Author : UAB BeWell EU

Official Website : amber-patches.com

Language : English

Product Format : Package of 10 patches

Delivery : Standard with order tracking

Price : $17.95

Guarantee : 30 days right of withdrawal.

Description of Amber Patches :

“Amber Patches” is a detox solution capable of reducing stress, fatigue and bad moods in order to leave more room for spirituality and harmony in your life!

Review of Amber Patches :

The COVID, the European tensions and the cost of living which does not cease climbing, it does not take more to make climb the stress, and the bad mood.

The product that we are going to analyze today, “Amber Patches”, is precisely a solution to all these negative waves that disturb our daily life in the shade.

It is a detox patch that would be, according to its manufacturer, able to balance the body, soul and mind in order to eliminate negativity and bring more serenity!

But, is this really the case!

Let’s take a look at it together without delay…

“Amber Patches”, what is it?

“Amber Patches” is a self-adhesive dermal device that diffuses an energy solution to purify, de-stress and harmonize spiritual and natural balance.

Sold as a self-adhesive patch, it is to be stuck on the feet. The active formula contained in the patches will, according to the manufacturer, act to remove toxins from the body and spread a well-being and invigorating energy!

The original name of the product that can be read on the packaging is “Deep Cleansing Amber Dust” which translates to “Deep Cleansing Amber Dust”. The manufacturer, UAB BeWell EU, is based in Lithuania.

A 100% natural alternative solution, these amber patches are designed to increase vital and spiritual energy and thus improve daily well being!

How “Amber Patches” work:

Amber Patches contain a series of components known in Chinese medicine to have many benefits on the body.

For example, Amber dust, which is the main component of the wellness plasters, has absorbed over millions of years a very large amount of energy. It is able, according to the manufacturer, to heal and balance the body and mind.

The combination of all the ingredients that go into the substance soaked in the patches will work to eliminate toxins, improve the immune system, strengthen the liver and kidneys, promote a good level of oxygen in the blood and harmonize body and spiritual energy levels!

What are the ingredients in the formula?

The formula contained in “Amber Patches” contains only natural ingredients with medicinal properties well known in traditional Chinese medicine and Taoist medicine.

 – Amber

Amber that is often mistaken for a gem, is actually resin fossilized millions of years ago. Massively charged with positive energy, it is known for its powerful energetic properties. Thus, it has the ability to improve well-being, reduce stress and promote restful sleep.

 – Dextrin

Dextrin is a fiber that promotes the extraction of toxins present in the body. In addition, it maintains and enhances the benefits of the other ingredients in amber patches.

 – Houttuynia Cordata Thunb

Houttuynia Cordata Thunb is also called Chinese Pepper or Pepperweed. This plant has the ability to stimulate the immune system. It therefore fights viruses and other bacteria. In addition, it protects the liver and promotes weight loss.

 – Anion

Anion is a powder of negatively charged ions. It promotes optimal oxygen levels in the blood and maintains a healthy pH level!

 – Tourmaline

Tourmaline is a precious mineral. It is filled with positive energy. It promotes protection, tranquility as well as joy of living. It has detoxification properties and also neutralizes negative energies!

 – Wood Vinegar

Wood vinegar will fight against bacteria. It will eliminate bad odors and absorb moisture as well as sweat waste!

 – Vitamin C

Vitamin C a powerful and recognized antioxidant. It’s the perfect ingredient to get your immune system in tip-top shape!

 – Loquat Leaf

Loquat leaf is also called Japanese medlar leaf or bibacier leaf. It is a floral plant of the rosaceae family. It has important antiodorant virtues and a powerful antibacterial power!

All of these ingredients of course provide the ability to detoxify the body and improve well-being but not only, in fact, the synergy of the components contained in “amber patches” will reduce excess stress, reduce fatigue, block negative energy, improve mood, promote motivation and boost spiritual balance!

Mode of use of “Amber Patches”:

The application of the product is very easy and requires no special knowledge.

It can be summarized in four simple steps:

    1: Place the soft side of the patch against the skin in the center of the foot.

    2: A second patch can be used on the other foot or on any other part of the body you wish to detoxify.

    3: Leave on for six to eight hours, preferably while you sleep.

    4: Remove the patches and wash the areas where the patches were placed.

There are no age or time restrictions on use. You can use “Amber Patches” whenever you feel the need.

What are the benefits of the product?

As mentioned right above, “Amber” patches have many benefits!

Let’s take a look at the full list of benefits that this product provides:

 – Eliminates toxic substances from the body!
 – Reduces the level of stress and anxiety!
 – Stops the waves and negative energies!
 – Fights negative emotions and bad mood!
 – Satisfies the needs of the body and calms the mind!
 – Improves sleep and sleepiness!
 – Increases motivation, courage and inspiration!
 – Supports mental and spiritual balance!
 – Consists only of natural ingredients!
 – Simple to use!

Additional Information:

Amber PatchesThe sales site states that this wellness device complies with the current EU legislation guidelines.

Orders are accompanied by a 30-day withdrawal guarantee!

Online payments are protected with a 256-bit SSL data encryption protocol.

Authorized payment methods are Visa, Mastercard and PayPal.

Standard delivery with order tracking anywhere in the world. Delivery time varies from 5 to 28 business days depending on the destination country!

Customer support is available from the official website via an online form or by phone at +1 (443) 214-3192

Disadvantage of Amber Patches :

A blatant lack of transparency on the manufacturing of “Amber Patches” is to be deplored!

No reliable source confirms the fact that these patches have any detoxifying or beneficial effect!


The 30-day withdrawal guarantee has an important condition to know. Indeed, know that the full refund of the purchase will only be possible within 14 days! After 14 days, a 15% restocking fee will be deducted from the refund amount!

 – Precautions for use

It is advisable to carefully study the complete list of ingredients that make up the formula of “AMBER” patches in order to assess their effects according to your condition and allergies.

It is important to follow the manufacturer’s recommendations listed on the product packaging.

If you are unwell, pregnant, under medication or if you have the slightest doubt, it is imperative to consult your doctor to verify if this product can be used safely.

 – Side effects

At the time of writing this article, no side effects have been reported yet. If, however, you should notice any adverse effects following the use of “Amber Patches”, it is imperative to stop the treatment and consult your doctor if the symptoms persist.

Reputation of Amber Patches :

The reputation of “Amber Patches” is almost nil, the only testimonials we have found are positive but not very trustworthy as they come from sites that promote the product!

However, as we have already done an article on a +/- similar product (Nuubu Detox Patch) offered by the same people in charge of this product, and which has, as for him, a significant number of testimonials to its credit, we are able, relying on this base, to corroborate a sketch of reputation and to announce that it is rather mixed.

In short, there are those who believe, and those who do not. Those who believe actively testify to the effectiveness of the patches. They feel the numerous benefits and are extremely satisfied with the product. As for the others, they do not feel any effect and qualify this product as a pure and simple scam.

Conclusion for Amber Patches :

In view of all the above mentioned elements and putting our own doubts aside, it is difficult for us to recommend or not to recommend “Amber Patches”. Therefore, taking into account all the information given in this analysis, everyone will make his own opinion according to his philosophy and beliefs…


This product is no longer for sale, links have been disabled!

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Consumer Reviews and Testimonials

1 testimonial for “Amber Patches”

Avatar de Jim GuntherJim Gunther says :

The most telling part of the description of this product listed above is “No reliable source confirms the fact that these patches have any detoxifying or beneficial effect.” I responded to a previous request for information about detox foot pads with information that I will provide here. I am not expressing a personal opinion about the value (or lack thereof) of detox food pads. I do not use them and never will. But I feel the information I provide here will be of much greater value than a personal opinion.

On January 27, 2009, in U.S. District Court for the District of New Jersey, civil action number 09-CV-0399, the Federal Trade Commission charged Kinoki Foot Pads with deceptive advertising, including claims that use of foot pads would remove toxins from the body, treat high blood pressure and other medical conditions. The Court ruled that the foot detox claims were either false or did not have evidence to support them. Kinoki was fined $14.5 million. Sites like Webmd.com agree with this legal decision, stating that there is no scientific evidence to proof that detox through the feet is possible.

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