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Updated on 18 January 2022.
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Evaluation, Rating and Critical Review of Membership Manifesto

Product name : Membership Manifesto

Tiny description : How to make membership site with WordPress.

Author : NAME

Official Website : www.membershipmanifesto.com

Language : English

Product Format : PDF

Price : $37.00

Guarantee : 60 days (100% money back if not satisfied)

Description of Membership Manifesto :

Membership Manifesto is an all in one system to help business owners and online entrepreneurs start their own membership website.

Review of Membership Manifesto :

Membership sites are the best way to build a business with constant income, a membership site is a continuity program, he provides your clients and customers consistent value in exchange for a weekly, monthly or yearly fee.

Membership Manifesto is you’re all in one training course, it’s the right tool to set up a complete membership site system, all is done to help you build your membership business website.

Membership Manifesto is build to show you how to build monthly residual income with any business idea or current business venture, it is build in 6 different modules, step by step to make it as clear as possible and very easy to understand.

Membership Manifesto Module 1:

Building ‘Fail Safe’ Success into your business.

The first module is designed to help you better understand what continuity programs do and how they can be integrated with your current business model.
It will also help those who do not have a business but want to build a business based on the ideas of continuity.


Membership Manifesto Module 2:

Building Your Continuity Program.

The second module will provide a Step-By-Step guide to building your membership website for your continuity program.
It will show you how to build a beautiful membership site that will reduce refund rate, and retain customers.



Membership Manifesto Module 3:

Tools to build your system.

The third module will give you a Step-By-Step guide to setting up free and premium membership plugins for your WordPress website.
It will go through each set of settings for both Wishlist and s2Member, two of the most popular membership plugins.



Membership Manifesto Module 4:

Selling Your System Via Landing Pages.

The fourth module will show you how to create a landing page for your membership page, providing you with the tools and templates you need to build a successful landing page.
It also goes through how to integrate your membership site with your current website.



Membership Manifesto Module 5:

Capturing & Developing Content.

The fifth module is all about how to make content for your membership area, finding out what your customers truly want.
It will go over the tools you can use to develop content, along with where you can get pre made content for free or for cheap.



Membership Manifesto Module 6:

Growing Your Membership Base.

The sixth module is about how to find members for your continuity program.
Using simple techniques this module will draw on both your current customer base and future customers to build your continuity program.



Also Included:

The Landing Page Blueprint.

Step by step guide to building out your landing page- just fill out the form and you’re page will be done!



Also Included:

Continuity Calculator.

Use this software to calculate your monthly income, the number of members you’ll need to get, and what growth rates you’ll need.



Also Included:

Membership Site Checklist | Step by Step Guide.

Use this checklist along with the video training to make sure you have everything completed for your membership site.




All the Membership Manifesto Modules are in digital format, they are very well presented and can be watched from any device

The following business tools are also included as Special Membership Manifesto Bonus:

– Webinar Training 101 – $197 value.
– First Page of Google (3 Videos) – $197 value.
– WordPress 101 (25 Video Series) – $47 value.
– Clickbank 101 – $97 value.
– PLR Powerhouse – $47 value.
– Personal Branded Blog – $47 value.
– cPanel Advanced Training – $47 value.
– Social Media Boot Camp – $388 value.

+ You also have a resource section full of helpful information’s and tools:

+ The Membership Manifesto Website Wizard! – $4,500 value!

Easy, Affordable, Live and Automated Membership Sites – No Software Install, No HTML, No Hassle, No Kidding…!

The System Includes:

– Hosting for your membership website
– Pre configured Sales Page
– Built in video modules (just add your content!)
– Built in tech support (bye bye zendesk!)
– Pre configured membership settings – just add your Paypal address!
– Pre configured BLOG, ABOUT, and CONTACT pages!
– Easier than WordPress backend – with all the same power
– Built in squeeze pages (think AppSumo pages)
– Configure your sites look and feel, add your branding.
– Built in setup training
– S2Member Pro by default
– Wishlist member easy setup!
– And much more!

The Membership Manifesto Site Wizard + Membership Manifesto training platform is the perfect combination for your business.

Disadvantage of Membership Manifesto :

I didn’t find any disadvantage for ‘Membership Manifesto’ the ebook of NAME.

Reputation of Membership Manifesto :

The Membership Manifesto is a new product and don’t have any reputation yet.

Conclusion for Membership Manifesto :

All I can say is that Membership Manifesto look like a very good product and because it come with a 100% money back guarantee of 60 days I highly recommend you to try it.

Official Website : www.membershipmanifesto.com

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