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Updated on 18 January 2022.
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Evaluation, Rating and Critical Review of ManoMano


Product name : ManoMano

Tiny description : Online purchase of do-it-yourself equipment.

Author : Colibri S.A.S.

Official Website : manomano.co.uk

Language : English

Product Format : various

Delivery : According to the seller

Price : various

Guarantee : Right of withdrawal of 14 days.

Description of ManoMano :

“ManoMano” is a site that offers a very wide range of DIY, Home and Garden products at preferential rates.

Review of ManoMano :

“ManoMano” is an online store specialized in DIY, decoration and gardening equipment.

It is in fact more exactly a marketplace that will act as an intermediary between you and the merchant!

“ManoMano” does not hold any stock nor does it make any delivery, its role is to find the best merchants and to negotiate the prices!

That’s why the merchants with whom this website works are selected according to strict criteria in order to guarantee you the most seriousness possible in terms of quality but also delivery and after-sales service!

And, for even more security, “manomano” keeps the amount of your purchases on an ‘escrow account’ at BNP Paribas until you have been delivered and satisfied with your purchase, only then is the amount released and the payment made to the merchant.

The advantageous rates offered are only possible because of the large volume of sales generated on the website!

The operation of the site is very simple and does not require any specific step on your part, you order, you make the payment and you receive your order at home.

It is the site “ManoMano” that takes care of securing the process for you as follows:
1/ You place your order on the website www.manomano.fr.
2/ “ManoMano” blocks your payment and transmits your order to the merchant.
3/ The merchant sends your order.
4/ You receive your order.
5/ If everything goes smoothly, “ManoMano” unblocks your payment and pays the merchant.

With more than 300.000 articles and more than 1.000 brands, you will have a much larger choice than in any other DIY store and will be able to find products of recognized brands reserved for professionals as well as entry-level products for less demanding occasional use!

Not to mention that you will have access, in ‘live chat’, to a competent team specialized in DIY at any time during your visits on the site!

Always ready to answer your questions and to make your purchases pleasant, the technical service is also very reactive, friendly and competent!

“ManoMano” is a very serious online store specialized in DIY, decoration and gardening articles of brands and qualities at a very good price!

Disadvantage of ManoMano :

Even if the problems are quite rare compared to the number of sales made each day, it seems according to the testimonies that the after-sales service is not always up to the mark and that, in case of problem, Manomano and the seller pass the buck without solving anything.

Reputation of ManoMano :

Present in France, Belgium, Germany, Spain, Italy and the United Kingdom, “ManoMano” is one of the biggest DIY sales sites!

By searching on the Internet, you will quickly find a lot of negative comments but you have to put them into perspective, because considering the number of transactions made, these negative comments are in fact only a small percentage and do not represent the majority who are on the contrary satisfied with the service provided by “ManoMano”.

Conclusion for ManoMano :

“ManoMano” is a serious site that offers a very wide range of quality products of recognized brands at competitive prices!

Beware however of the customer service which is not always very efficient.

I still recommend this online store!

Official Website : manomano.co.uk

Go to the official website: ManoMano

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Consumer Reviews and Testimonials

1 testimonial for “ManoMano”

Avatar de PaulPaul says :

I ordered a wildlife camera. It is completely useless and does not work at all. Trying to get a refund or replacement is also useless as their site just sends you round in circles or comes up with a fault message. No E-mails answered. Item came from China and impossible to contact them as address is not punctuated, so guess work is needed to work out the address. Steer clear of this company as they are only after your money and you will not get anything back for the uselees items they supply.

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