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The Power4Home System, Reviews, Advice & Pitfalls, We reveal everything !

Updated on 18 January 2022.
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Evaluation, Rating and Critical Review of The Power4Home System

Product name : The Power4Home System

Tiny description : How to generate your own electricity.

Author : John Russel

Official Website : www.power4home.com

Language : English

Product Format : Ebooks + Vidéos

Price : $49.97

Guarantee : 60 days (100% money back if not satisfied)

Description of The Power4Home System :

Power 4 Home is a complete system that teaches you how to generate your own electricity using renewable resources.

Review of The Power4Home System :

Power 4 home is a complete alternative energy generator system for making your own electricity using renewable resources for your home.

With all the information included in Power4Home, you will discover how to build your own energy from the sun and the wind yourself just like the large companies do but on smaller scale and for a lot less money!

With Power4Home, you can begin to build your own system for less than $200.00 and begin to lower your power bill.
By multiplying your efforts you could finally completely eliminate your power bill.

After observation of the instructions and the videos, I noticed that the system was indeed easy to follow and within the reach of whomever.
With these instructions, it will be possible to you to build your own system in approximately a weekend.

John shows you how to obtain your batteries free of charge or at a very reduced price and also offer a supplier’s list and IRS tax rebate forms.

Because Power4Home was written and conceived by a real electrician and not a handyman, you will learn exactly how your system must be designed, installed and maintained in a safest and most effective way possible.

What’s included with the Power 4 Home system :

1. How to Build A High Power Wind Generator :

This is a wind generator workbook, everything you need to know to build a high power wind generator is in this ebook.





2. How to Build Easily Build Your Own Super Efficient Solar Panels :

This is a solar panel workbook, everything you need to know to build a high power solar panel is in this ebook.





3. How to Install The Power4Home System & Save $1000’s :

This is the Power4Home installation workbook, everything you need to know to install the system into your home is in this ebook.





4. Power4Home System DVD :

This is the Power4Home step-by-step DVD, a complete, step-by-step video instructions that will take you by the hand and walk you through building your very own home energy system.





5. Advanced Power Saving Technologies :

This is the Advanced Power Savings, this is in fact supplemental technologies to integrate with wind or solar systems.





6. Solar Water Heater :

This is the solar water heater, save even more money hamessing the power of the sun to heat all your water.





7. Build Your Own Solar Furnace :

This is the solar furnace, heat your home all year long for free.






8. Tax Rebate Forms :

This is the tax rebate forms and information’s.





Disadvantage of The Power4Home System :

Much of the information within Power4Home to build your own power system can be found for free on the Internet if you have the time and the patience to make the researches but Power4Home will take you by hand from start to finish with guides, plans, videos and sources materials.

Reputation of The Power4Home System :

John Russel, the creator of Power4Home is a professional electrician and home energy expert.
His reputation as the reputation of Power4Home is not very good, of course I found a lot of good reviews and good commentaries but I also found severals very bad commentaries and complaints, and these negative opinions tell us that not all the materials was delivered and that nobody reply to email sent to the support centre.

Now with over than 100.000 people all over the world already using the power system of John Russel to reduce their power bill I don’t know what to think.

Conclusion for The Power4Home System :

If and only if I would not have taken into account the bad commentaries, I would honestly have been able to believe that this system is a fantastic deal at the $49 price and I would highly recommend it but because of those bad opinions and all the complaints,
I cannot recommend Power4Home.


You still have to know that in the worst case you still have a 100% money back guarantee of 60 days from the platform used for placing the orders so if you really are interested in this product, you have nothing to lose except your time perhaps.

Official Website : www.power4home.com This product is no longer for sale!

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Consumer Reviews and Testimonials

8 testimonials for “The Power4Home System”

Avatar de ronald robertsronald roberts says :

i ordered your power 4 home system all i recevied was 1 dvd iwould like to get the rest of the material so i could get started on my project i feel like ihave been took for 57 bucks

Avatar de SimonSimon says :

Hi Ronald,

Thank you for your message, please check your email, i just send you information’s.


Avatar de EmanueleEmanuele says :

thank you for this energy saving “how to books”. i was very interested in having solar power at my home but do not know how or where to begin on a limited budget. now i can start building my own solar panel.
thank you.

Avatar de manivasenmanivasen says :

Do you have these books and video available in South Africa

Avatar de SimonSimon says :

Hi manivasen,
Power4home is available all over the world.

Avatar de FrancisFrancis says :

I haven’t received my product and a reply to my requests for a refund or resend havenot been received. Please leave me contact information as soon as possible.

Avatar de SimonSimon says :

Hi Francis,

Please contact me with your order info by using our contact form, be sure that I will make everything possible to help you get your money back.


Avatar de powerpower says :

Thank you, i have now an answer to my questions about the Power4Home system.

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