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The Survive the End Days, Reviews, Advice & Pitfalls, We reveal everything !

Updated on 16 May 2015.
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Evaluation, Rating and Critical Review of The Survive the End Days

The Survive the End Days

Product name : The Survive the End Days

Tiny description : The biblical solution to the coming end of days.

Author : Nathan Shepard

Official Website : www.survivetheenddays.com

Language : English

Product Format : PDF

Price : $37.00

Guarantee : 60 days (100% money back if not satisfied)

Description of The Survive the End Days :

Review of The Survive the End Days :

“The Survive the End Days” ebook has numerous comparisons and Biblical discussions with real life together with the purpose of highlighting how close we are to the end of days.

He discusses about problems like Syria, the lack of the US in the Bible, Obama’s leadership and events in the Middle East among other things for granted the common person would take.

In “The Survive the End Days”, you will discover some of the best facts being woven together to form so many connections that could spook even the most firm nonbeliever.

It is nevertheless not only a story for your entertainment or to horrify you!

The author provides several Christian teachings that can assist the believer to survive during and following the war!

The thing that is fascinating here is the fact that the guide is clearly composed from a Christian point of view, but it will not talk about trusting the Lord or putting your life down and looking forward to the resurrection; no, “The Survive the End Days” guide offers teachings on the best way to keep your supplies up preventing spoilage, even the best way to live via a poisonous gas assault and the best way to protect your electronic equipment from EMP.

It is not less on the side of military science in the art of survival in a war!

“Survive the End Days” guide has several benefits as an item that you might need to get.

The writer will not shy in the worst-case scenarios that you might need to face in the case of a war that is real, he discusses options just like a failure in all electronic devices, insufficient medication and food, and insufficient law enforcement among other things.

From a rational standpoint, these are potential scenarios that don’t need to coincide with the End of Days. The advice here is so clear and quite simple to digest in the event that you ever get in a negative scenario, and perhaps execute.

It provide necessary information that equips everyone around the world with the days to come.

It is also quite sharp on imparting the reader with survival techniques that will find you through a few extremely tough circumstances.

You could value that a few people can survive gasoline strikes by following a few of the insights that this publication is provided in by Nathan.

What this means is that he understands what he is talking about and so his lessons on survival skills are not unworthy of your focus.

You might find yourself in a scenario where the sole solution to live will be an actual survivor with sufficient skills in the most bizarre of circumstances even in the event the world will not end in 2017.

“The Survive the End Days” serves as a guide and a manual that shows man, women and child how to survive worst case war scenarios, it teach survival techniques as it reveals why family needs to be prepared for the end of days.

Disadvantage of The Survive the End Days :

The “Survive the End Days” guide is rather terrifying in a few cases, in other words, what Nathan Shepard claims to be coming our way is nothing short of fearful, the book claims that disaster is coming this way and if the survival tips are not taken seriously, it could spell disaster for whole family.

Reputation of The Survive the End Days :

Nathan Shepard has spent more than thirty years studying the Bible and trying to interpret the idea of the Second Coming of Jesus with the goal of creating a potential date of the closing day in the world; his reputation is very good.

“The Survive the End Days” by Nathan Shepard seems a very useful program that offers very effective survival techniques!

Conclusion for The Survive the End Days :

“Survive the End Days” by Nathan Shepard is an excellent guide with very specific ideas on the end of the world.

The guide looks like some really crude joke, but it also has several helpful suggestions and tips that you may find invaluable if you find yourself in a very difficult situation.

This guide is mainly for you in the event you are seeking to get some serious survival skills.
This ebook comes with a 100% money back guarantee of 60 days.

Official Website : www.survivetheenddays.com

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The Survive the End Days

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Consumer Reviews and Testimonials

1 testimonial for “The Survive the End Days”

Avatar de William CraigWilliam Craig says :

After watching the promotion video, my interest was spiked, so I purchased the book on PDF. Survivalist training in this book is excellent. I think it is vital, to prepare yourself and your family for any worst case scenario. The only problem I have, and this is not just for Nathan Shepherd, but for any religious teacher that predicts the exact time that the end of days starts. In Scripture it is the beginning of the 7 years of Tribulation, where the Anti-Christ will rise to power, and the apocalypse is unleashed on the world. As it states in 1 Thessalonians 5:2-3 For you yourselves know full well that the day of the Lord will come just like a thief in the night. While they are saying, “Peace and safety!” then destruction will come upon them suddenly like labor pains upon a woman with child, and they will not escape.…Also in 2 Peter 3:10 it states: But the day of the Lord will come like a thief, in which the heavens will pass away with a roar and the elements will be destroyed with intense heat, and the earth and its works will be burned up. Since all these things are to be destroyed in this way, what sort of people ought you to be in holy conduct and godliness,… now that does not sound like an EMP type weapon launched by the USSR. No one knows when the 2nd coming is going to happen, or when the tribulation will start. To say it is going to happen in January 2017 is reckless, and can lead to heresy. What happens when or if January 2017 passes, and nothing happens? Just like the Jehovah Witness and the Watchtower. They predicted the exact day the 2nd coming would occur, and there followers sold all they had, went to the mountain top to await the return of the Lord. Well, guess what, it didn’t happen. Also, just like Hal Lindsey and The Late Great Planet Earth, he started making defining prophecies about the day the Lord would return, and when it didn’t happen, his credibility was totally destroyed. This is what I’m afraid will happen to Nathan Shepherd when or if January 2017 passes, and nothing happens. The information in his book is very helpful for survivalist training, but he will loose all credibility when or if his prediction doesn’t come to pass. Also, if the entire United States was plunged into the dark ages by some EMP weapon, the entire free world would also be plunged into the dark ages. Even Russia!! Our economies are so intertwined, that if our economy was totally destroyed, so would the economy’s of the European Common Market, Japan, China, USSR and most third world countries. All monetary markets would collapse, and that would just be the beginning. Also, don’t forget that, at least in my learning, that the Rapture of the Church will happen before any of this comes to pass. These are just a few of my thoughts.

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